Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2/1/2011 Hermana Christensen

Tabitha Rae Young & Aunt Tawny
i literally have no words. for any of you. I AM SO INCREDIBLY THRILLED TO BE AN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUNT!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! WELCOME T-RAE!!!!!!! where can i even BEGIN?!!! nowhere. i am just... wow. so incredibly grateful. so thankful for family. i love you. what a huge understatement that sounds like! sheesh.

what a tm that president donaldson was here that day. no really. he's not here that often AND neither am i (at the same time) AND the battalion was crazy that day AND i just HAPPENED not to be on a tour the day 1200 people came through... and he HAPPENED to answer the phone when i was right there...i mean--what are the odds?!! i tell you they are SLIM! heavenly father is SO AWARE OF US AND THE LITTLE DETAILS OF OUR LIVES!!!!

i really can't think of anything to say. this morning as i was running around in the state park i couldn't help but beam... i seriously just feel so hapy and so grateful. i cannot even express this... this this LOVE that i feel. the gratitude and appreciation i have is absolutely pouring out of me!

this past week we had investigators come to church. what? no you heard me. they came. THREE OF THEM!!!!!!! i know i know i know. like i said. i'm just grateful. we have so much to do and just NOT ENOUGH TIME. haha. wow! i love teaching the gospel. and what a win win that my sins are forgiven as i do so!

the battalion day was INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE. so freaking slammed. we took tours back to back to back absolutely crammed to the BRIM. you would've hated the herd willy!! and spike! mooooo.

i KNOW that this gospel is true. i know it i know it i know it. it is the only thing that heals our hearts and families. it is the only thing that gives us hope. it is the only thing that gives us direction. it is the only thing that is constant--and i am so thankful to be able to share it with others. i feel so contenta to be here. i love la mesa, my companion, the branch, the other missionaries... i'm just so thankful.

i love you. keep me posted with the growth of the little one. :) ah! i love you, family!!!

hermana christensen

i was going to type these out because they're SO pretty in spanish, just go look them up online. :)

2 nefi 33:4,10

jacob 1:7,19


there was a baptism in the branch this past weekend. SOLID.
three people--two of them did it to surprise the boy jaime. it was beautiful!!!

1/31/2011 Elder Christensen

Hey my dearest friends and family!

Lets just start out by saying that the mission is a never ending rollercoaster ride! Every time you start to get comfortable another corkscrew or loopty loop comes around! I have been here for 6 months though so I was expecting this corkscrew ;). I´m heading out of El Conquistador. I´m really content with the situation though! I bet tomorrow when I´m sitting in some place that I don´t know at all I´ll feel a little different but only time will tell! The important thing is that I know that its the Lords will and what I need right now. The changes that we have in this life are for our own personal growth and progression as I´ve mentioned various times in my recent letters. We ALL have these "Mountains" in our lives but with FAITH (Ether 12) we can move the mountains. I was reading in the conference Liahona recently and there is a talk by a guy in the presiding bishopric (of course I forgot his name) that is way good. READ IT. He said that he had never witnessed the moving of a physical mountain before... But that he had seen mountains of grief, despair, and sadness moved and replaced with hope and happiness. This week also I heard a quote about this from a member... We all have heard that faith can move mountains, but WE need to bring the shovel. The shovel represents our acts. Wow... I had a bunch of stuff to say but the internet just flashed and said they are closing in 5 minutes. FREAK. Okay then. Gotta wrap up. The next time I email you I´ll be WHO KNOWS WHERE! I´ll go where you want me to go dear lord!

I hope all is great. I´m so happy to be an UNCLE TOO! Congratulations Kaylynn and Colby! I know the Lord is watching over you! Love all of you!

Ciaoooo! Elder Christensen