Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1/31/2011 Elder Christensen

Hey my dearest friends and family!

Lets just start out by saying that the mission is a never ending rollercoaster ride! Every time you start to get comfortable another corkscrew or loopty loop comes around! I have been here for 6 months though so I was expecting this corkscrew ;). I´m heading out of El Conquistador. I´m really content with the situation though! I bet tomorrow when I´m sitting in some place that I don´t know at all I´ll feel a little different but only time will tell! The important thing is that I know that its the Lords will and what I need right now. The changes that we have in this life are for our own personal growth and progression as I´ve mentioned various times in my recent letters. We ALL have these "Mountains" in our lives but with FAITH (Ether 12) we can move the mountains. I was reading in the conference Liahona recently and there is a talk by a guy in the presiding bishopric (of course I forgot his name) that is way good. READ IT. He said that he had never witnessed the moving of a physical mountain before... But that he had seen mountains of grief, despair, and sadness moved and replaced with hope and happiness. This week also I heard a quote about this from a member... We all have heard that faith can move mountains, but WE need to bring the shovel. The shovel represents our acts. Wow... I had a bunch of stuff to say but the internet just flashed and said they are closing in 5 minutes. FREAK. Okay then. Gotta wrap up. The next time I email you I´ll be WHO KNOWS WHERE! I´ll go where you want me to go dear lord!

I hope all is great. I´m so happy to be an UNCLE TOO! Congratulations Kaylynn and Colby! I know the Lord is watching over you! Love all of you!

Ciaoooo! Elder Christensen