Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/25/2011 Hermana Christensen

pioneras-- this week is the 164 anniversary that the battalion got here.
it's a big celebrash and ga's are coming! siiiiiiiiick
i am about to burst with the thought of little mag bag coming! jk i know that's not her name but i can't help it. pita is coming! i am ECSTATIC. i was a little teary in my prayers last night just thinking abuot it. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i invite all men everywhere to purchase special k vanilla almond flavor, to try it in your mouth with skim milk, and then to ask yourself if it is not the best thing you've ever eaten. haha. but seriously! that's probably blasphemous...sorrry.. i love the intro to the bom. i use it a lot. but seriously. GO TRY! it's so good!!!

my committment to you is sweet and actually totally legit. i've been thinking a lot (well, at the start of the new year the spirit was kicking me repeatedly over this) about spiritual gifts. please read in ch 4 of pmg about spiritual gifts, then i want you to ask your spouse (or your comp bro :) ) what they think your gifts are and if they don't say anything--hahahahah just kidding,--but after you do that haah then i want you to pull out your patriarchal blessnig with a posty and a pluma and write down what you find. you all have such beautiful spiritual gifts and i LOVE you for them and for being who you are. as we recognize our gifts we will be able to be better in tune with the spirit to help others live the doctrine of christ. how beautiful. will you all do it? i don't take no for answer. so good.

yes we teach illegal immigrants.

okay so there is minimal time. a few stories. we randomly got the teaching record from another set of elders for a lady named diana. we've passed by her address a couple times with no luck. hermana mendoza and i passed by the other day and we heard someone insdie. EXITO! it was a guy.. he told us she'd moved....right down the hall! que bueno. he was really interested in (hna mendoza) what we do so we talked to him and i said something stupid like, "we're looking for people that speak spanish." idiot. but then he's all, "que bueno que hablo espanol no?" OKAY. so we invited him to church etc--he couldn't come--but he'll get baptized. i know it. there's NO casualidad ahhh como se dice um CHANCE there's no chance in that! heavenly father just led us to this guy and he HAPPENS to speak spanish wow. perfect.

another about talking to everyone: we were looking for another former investigator and there was a family outside moving. we asked them repeatedly if they needed help and they said no. on sunday morning there was a text and a message from them... they want to laern more!! they dont' speak spanish so they're a referral for other missionaires but i KNOW that as we find for others, they'll find for us and we'll be blessed with investigadores!
she's a sweetheart. she LOVES cars willy; we'll be driving and she'll be like "charyer" (charger ahah with her accent) "rojo." red. haah or "yaguar" (jaguar) "negro." haha she loves cars. she's a WONDERFUL teacher, so knowledgeable and everyone just automatically trusts her because she's mexican. and that's not offensive by the way, to say she's mexican. i asked. but yeah. i think i'm actually learning more from her than she is from me, and i am SO grateful for this opportunity. it's so humbling. i LOVE being able to focus on the bare essentials (the fundamentals like the cirriculum they gave us of pmg and the scripts) and FOLLOWING THE SPIRIT. i can be so much better, as always, but i'm so grateful and so happy for this chance.

so yes, to answer your question mom, transfers happened. i'm still in la mesa. after chula vista i came to la mesa with h ermana adams and now i'm with hermana mendoza. all is well. let me know if you have other qs.

things are going well. this is humbling but i am so grateful and happy. life is beautiful. i'll attach pics.

I LOVE YOU! let me know how your spiritual gifts assignment goes. i know it'll be wonderful!

i love you! thank you for all you do! you're in my prayers CONSTANTEMENTE!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mucho amor

hermana christensen

ps FINALLY SAW ELDER RONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a sweet pic huh? all the oremites! GO BABY!! (plus his companion because thats the rule)

Hermanas Mendoza & Christensen