Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/2011 Hermana Christensen

I have been excited to write you guys all week! So many incredible things have happened this week, my goodness!

Okay. So the Mitchells! Huh! They just showed up at the temple--that was great to see them! My companion told me that sweet Wendi was taking pictures of me while I was giving the speal, and I realized that I haven't really talked a whole lot about what we do on the temple grounds, which is a perfect segway into the miracle I want to share! The temple is 10 minutes north on the 5 freeway. aka it's reeeeal close and it's STUNNING as you may or may not be aware. (Did I mention that we got to go inside and do a sesh last week? Brilliant!) There isn't a visitor's center there, and TONS of people see the temple and just come to it, wanting to go inside and offer a prayer or something--it's amazing that these people just know that it's something heavenly and they're attracted to it. Anyway, we are assigned to serve there sometimes; we walk around the grounds, carrying these folders with tons of info about the temple, and tell people all about it, kindly explaining we invite everyone to go inside--it just takes some preparation... Last Wednesday we'd traded shifts with another set of sisters as a favor, and I'm sooo glad we did. That day, between 11-5, so many nonmembers came! We received referrals from China, Romania, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, and California--eight in total. It was the most beautiful experience. The moon glistened on the ocean a little as we drove away, listening to "There is a green hill fall away" and I teared up. This work is going ALL throughout the world, and I am so unbelievably filled with gratitude to be a part of it!

Next. Vanessa Diaz is the cute lady who was baptized a little before transfers; she has three kids and has humble circumstances. I've sent a bunch of pictures home of her. She's so solid and so strong! She's already spoken at a spanish fireside and is going to speak at stake conference this weekend! What?! Anyway, she's gotten some help from President Morgan from the branch. Last week we went over to help her translate her talk (she wants to try it in English. What?! who is just that amazing?) and she was all stressed out on the phone. When we got there we saw why: the relief soliety president--Hermana Garcia, amazing lady!--had brought over a ton of food from the storehouse. So we helped Vanessa clear out space in her cupboards and put stuff away... but it didn't all fit. We stood there, in her tiny kitchen, and I was so filled with the spirit. I asked her if she was familiar with the verse in Malachi about trying God and testing him and seeing him bless us with more blessings than we have room to receive. There literally wasn't room for all the food. How dramatically her life has changed since being baptized! Vanessa and I just hugged and cried. It was one of the more special moments on my mission.

Mom, you once asked me if I'd ever like to be transferred away from the mobat. When I first got here, I prayed that Heavenly Father would transfer me out to the desert (where Elder Roney is. I saw him at the temple the other day, too! So good to see him--what a stud!)--which would've meant no mobat. It wasn't that I didn't like it when I first got here, I was just really focused on spanish and on teaching. Anyway, that has long since past, and last week we didn't serve in mobat for a few days, and I literally missed it. I missed the mobat so much! When I'm not here for more than a day, I just... miss it! I absolutely LOVE it here. This is a one of a kind mission--everything about it is so unique and so perfect for me. Especially the people; there's something so heavenly about being around these same people all the time. What lasting friendships we all have! Anyway, to answer your question--NO i would not want to be transferred out of the mobat because i love it TOO DANG MUCH!

view from the mobat of the SUNSET so beautiful!!! sd is gorgeous!

Well this is sufficiently largo, and I must go. But! I did want to say go look up Carol B Thomas on lds.org. She was in the rs general presidency a few years ago.. yeah um she SERVES here now! SICK! Also, I heard a summarized quote from Elder Oaks about missionary service. He said that missionary service will bless the lives of their posterity TEN GENERATIONS both ways. Um! That's incredible. I don't doubt it!

Okay. So for the week's "to do" I need you all to go to lds.org and right side click on "mormon messages", page 2 it's called, "My New Life" and it's about Stephanie Nielsen. You may have seen this already, but I loooove this mormon message and the music and spirit of it all. This is what inspired me to keep blogging, Kristen! Will you all watch it? Yes. Done.

I love you all. I know this is God's work. His hand is in it through and through. He loves His children. He numbers them. He knows them perfectly and will never let them fall through the cracks. I'm definitnely learning that firsthand! I am so grateful to be a missionary to preach the restored gospel that brings us SUCH peace, guidance and direction. I love my family! thank you for everything! Keep on keepin on! all my heart!

us studying
Hermana Christensen

"Consecration is the only surrender which is also a victory." -Neal A Maxwell

ps. those colby/kay pictures are WONDERFUL!

ps. i need everyone to open up their january ensign and read the insert. immediately. mormon.org is real.