Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/18/2011 Hermana Christensen


I'll just get right to it.

We had stake conference this week. see ya later. vanessa diaz, our recent convert, bore her testimony and it was the most solid thing ever. there was a little confusion with the language--we'd helped her translate it, but ended up doing it in spanish at the last minute so we found a translator... anyway. it was just amazing to see vanessa following the spirit because even though EVERYONE there (well, besides our little branch and a handful of rms in the other wards) speaks english... except irma. family, for the first and only time this transfer we had an investigator at CHURCH! i don't know what it is about some hispanics... they seems to think church actually starts at 9 at night i swear! my goodness. we make rounds to everyone's house saturday AND sunday morning yet they still don't come. but irma DID this sunday and we were THRILLED. she got there late and so i don't think she was able to get a translation device to understand all the english... aka vanessa's testimony in spanish was all she could understand. and it was POWERFUL. she has such a strong testimony and she even says that it's just bursting out of her and that she wants to share it with everyone!! we're already preparing for her mormon.org in spanish. she's going to change the world. it's amazing to see the worth of souls in action. really. all the work that has gone in to this transfer and all the preceding transfers for vanessa... wow. so worth it! seeing her up there speaking in front of tons of people was amazing. if vanessa and diego were the only ones baptized on my mission, it would be okay because of how truly converted they are.

we were at irma and lesli's house on saturday and we had an amazing experience that literally made me stammer. we were talking to lesli and her friend myra (i love you jean!!!) about the book of mormon, and lesli (who's 17 mind you) just interrupted us and told us that the FIRST time she even SAW the book of mormon, she told her mom (irma) that she knew it was true. irma was like, "what? how?" and lesli just said she felt it inside of her. unbelievable. we'll be inviting her to be baptized again. i mean inviting her again, not to be baptized again. ha ha.

this morning--another miracle. we were sitting in the car studying while the laundry was rollin, and two elders knocked on the window to ask about a guy named joe. a few weeks ago at the grocery story i said hello to an older gent in a wheelchair. he asked how we knew each other. i told him we didn't. he told me that he knew me from somewhere, that i was his nurse and that i'd taken care of him. we laughed about it, i told him i'dlove to help him (to secure his salvation!!), and got allllll his informaion...right down to his zip code! he didn't hold anything back! so i called in the referral to the mission office and just--whatev, kept going, and the elders in that area received the referral info. they told me this morning he committed to be baptized. there are NO WORDS to describe this this this time! these feelings i feel! there are NO WORDS. i am just so inexplicably grateful. we are all and will all ALWAYS be missionaries. let us never forget that. even when we're in the grocery store on our preparation days!!!!!

well family, this is it. i really feel like i was just emailing you telling you'd i'd been transferred from chula and that my heart hurt. now it's transfers again and my heart is THROBBING. i cannot contain this much LOVE and this much gratitude and this much... ah. it's just so much it's bursting out of me. please keep praying for your little one in san diego.

this past week i was told i had a southern accent. question mark? (in ingles) english i mean

last week i was told i had an accent from spain (in spanish)

the week before i was told i had an accent from argentina (in spanish)

so i don't really know what's going on.

listen to me. the precious pareja stutz's left today. don't worry, part of my heart is with them. i loved what gma wrote to me about last week--about how part of her and gpa's hearts are in mauritius and kenya and virginia. on a much smaller scale, i feel the same way. anyway, they're going home. in a few days give them a call and find out when their homecoming will be. you won't want to miss it. they are my heroes. (it won't be for a couple weeks though.) karen and steven stutz:8018156868

Bro and Sister Stutz
 well, i must go. thank you for your boundless love and graciousness on my behalf. i have the best family in the cosmos and we all know it's true. game over.

la hermana christensen

PAPASITA FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TE AMO MUCHO!!

another milagro. we went and visited a family on saturday that's less active and ALWAYS says they'll do stuff and NEVER do... and the mom said that she had just been thinking about us and how we'd probably given up on her because they wouldn't change... and we knocked RIGHT THEN. we'd had other plans but we felt like we should go visit her. so simple but SO AMAZING!!!

the district (bro, look closely!!!!!!!!!!)