Monday, January 3, 2011

1/3/2011 Elder Christensen

New Years Eve Cena (dinner)
Hello friends and family! It´s been such an INTERESTING Christmas and New Year here in Chile... Its RIDICULOUS and very difficult to get any person to take their focus off of their beer and on to the gospel.. We worked hard still though and had a HUGE cena with two families here... We were allowed out until 11 on New Years eve! It was sweet! It´s toooooo weird that it´s just randomly (theres that word!) 2011 now... Hmm.. Okay then!

Like a fourth of the people who live in our sector have all headed to the coast for a month or so... The members told us that every year this happens. Its SUPER hot here so everyone goes to the coast to get some cooler weather and beach time.. The streets are EMPTY like all day... We walk around and I think..... Hmm..: Who can we contact?? That guy 4 football fields that way! So we did like no contacts haha! Needless to say you KNOW we enjoyed the new year here!

We´re preparing a couple of families here for their baptismal dates but they´re SO hard to find in their house. One of the couples has to get married first and thats IT. They´re ready! We´re also trying really hard to find news... Its TOUGH but with the Lords help? We´ll FIND THEM!! Also Elder Garcia and I get along great. Its nice to have a comp who´s just sooooooo relaxed! Sometimes hes TOO relaxed but thats when we kick it into gear! Dad I borrowed a cheese grater to make hashbrowns on Christmas remember? The members who I borrowed it from asked me what I made so I explained it... Now they want to have a family home evening this friday and make them hahaah. So this friday we´re making..... steak, hashbrowns, and eggs... Also we´re gonna make pancakes this week! It´s gonna be tooooo dang good.

I know the church is true!! I could NEVER do this without the Lord... I could NEVER fulfill a two year mission without a powerful personal testimony that what I´m doing isn´t at all for me.. Neither is it my work.... Its for God´s children who would maybe never receive his gospel without me... It´s HIS work... We´re gathering the wheats!! Of course we´re gonna find a ton of tares along the way... But... Thats just the way it is! I´ve gotta go and buy groceries now! I love you all! Take care. Until next week, you´re in my prayers. Much love, Elder Christensen
Elders Crist, Christensen & Monsen!