Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/4/2011 Hermana Christensen

random party at the mobat and we found plastic babies in our bread... it's a mexican tradition.....
SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay.. a few things first of all:

what in the world!! Christmas just keeps on GIVING!! thank you thank you THANK YOU for all the LOVE, treats, thoughfulness and candy! hahaha you guys must think i'm hungry or something! :) seriously, thank you so much! and wow that was fast on the paquete! gracias por mandarme mi libro de mormon. :) estoy bien emocionada leerlo. thanks so much for sending it! and i need you to know something: i had a GREAT christmas!!!! kristen, you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the locket? i am.. wow. i love it. so much! it's perfect! everything was just perfect and i am so thankful! so so so so thankful!

i've been thinking about you all a lot this week. i'm not sure why. it hasn't been a distracted kind of thinking about you, i just.. am. everything seems to remind me of you all. and i am SO HAPPY. i can't even get over it! especially today, i just feel so happy--like i'm bursting with all this happiness! we got to go to the temple today--beautiful. we serve on the grounds often, but--as you all know-- there's just nothing better than going inside. we purposely did our companion study, laundry and cleaning beforehand so we wouldnt' be stressed for time inside. we did 10 names in initiatories before the 11 sesh. ma, i thought endlessly of you and felt the spirit and your love as those sweet ordinance workers did their thing; i love looking into their eyes as they speak, and i just imagined you doing it and how many people you must bless and make so happy as you do that work. i'm so glad that you've had that desire to serve at the temple for so long, and that you serve so early in the morning every week. just know that i was thinknig about you! and the session was just... ah. bliss! it was like i'd never seen it before--yet it was so familiar. there were so many things that stuck out and so many things that clicked together and made sense and just... ah ! i feel like i'm going to explode with happiness. that was the theme of the temple for me today--that we need to just have JOY in the journey! we are meant to have joy in our posterity and learn, grow, and be HAPPY. i feel it! i love you all!

the work is rollin on, you know it! we had a muuuuch better week this week--we found people in their houses! we almost got dropped a few times, but we salvaged it. we're trusting in the lord to help us find new investigadores and help us strengthen those few we have. :) i love our little branch though, they are all so strong and valiant! testimony meeting was the most solid meeting i have ever been a part of; every single person that stood up just threw down solid testimony mingled with doctrine (ahahah not really mingled, you know what's on my mind. testimony and doctrine together) and it was so powerful. EVERY member of that branch knows whats up. its incredible. i'ts a privilege to serve there and to serve them.

merry new years everybody! i hope it was fun. dad, remember that time you freaking lit all those fireworks on the sidewalk and we were just standing there so close? ha, you had to tackle us to get out of the way so we didn't get exploded? i just remember you laughing so hard. way funny. happy new years everyone. i hope it was a party at jude's.

okay, so i've been thinking a lot about commitments. not really like that, but i just have all these things i want you to do!

first: go to lds.org and watch the "look not behind thee" movie. i watchd it thrice last night because i loved it. so much.

second: go to mormon.org and create a profile. haha. but seriously. but since you've ALL ALREADY DONE THAT, on the right hand side there are movies you can watch. i want you to watch jenny hess. if that's the only one you watch then fine. this one makes me cry everytime i watch it. it is so powerful and so moving and i just... love it.

if you want to continue to rock the world, watch byron elton.

then watch colton soelberg

i'm pretty sure his restaurant is called communal and it's on first and center in provo. if that's correct, try it out and tell me if it's delicioso o no!

i lov eyou all. i am so thankful to be a servant of the lord. this is his work. i love being his representative. what a sacred honor and privilegio! i'm thankful for this time i have in this wonderland; i cannot believe how quickly it's going! ah! but i'm happy. estoy bien contenta estar aqui. thank you for your support, your love, your packages haha EVERYTHING. love you so. stay strong and know that heavenly father is aware of us and knows us perfectly. he's involved in the smallest details! i testify of it! he knows our hearts and our desires and our dreams and our fears and our irritations and our frustrations. he KNOWs perfectly. it'll all work out. :) sigan fieles.

hermana christensen

ps consider yourself OFFICIALLY prayed for from the stunning san diego temple!



have such a good week!