Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/10 Hermana Christensen


hello hello all my wonderful queridas!

Oooooooookay i am so happy to be here writing you all! Thank you--I mean--THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! ...for all of your love, support, packages, prayers... ah! All of it! You are all such unreal supports and I am so grateful! Seriously. Thank you so so much! you wanted me to answer a few questions, let me do it to it.
     a. the strawberries. EXITO! aka SUCCESS! what a win!! Thank you so so much! They were amaaaaaaaaaazing and we ate them all in one sitting.
     b. the red velv. it was gone in one sitting. and a great party favor slash saver because my blasted teacher is leaving, curse him.
     c. everything. i've gotten it all and i'm so grateful.
     d. ma you asked who i can email slash who can email me. anyone can email me but i can only email immediate family. pri-tty ridic. but hey! whatev! they keep telling me these rules set me free! ha. so I can't email mikie or gma--who have both been so wonderful at writing me! will you please send me mikies address? jk. i'll send the letter home and let yall mail it. for accurate postage purposes. but yes, anyone can email me. but, to be honest, i'd maybe even think that it would be better if they just lettered or dear eldered or whatev, just because i've already used ten minutes somehow. time FLIES. so yeah. does that answer your question?
     e. yes! I saw the kings multiple times! they are WONDERFUL. so so so great! they are excited! and sister king says thank you SO much for sending her baby some food. :) she says that was so dang thoughtful of you. and i comopletely agree! i can't wait for bro to be with them! what aweesomes.

okay. enough useless garbo. (ps. see how i keep messing things up? thats because my nails are so long. ha! i am cutting down on bad habits like you wouldn't believe! i'm working on not popping my knucks... maaaa.)

It has been a GOOD week. it has been a HARD week. it has been another week at the mtc. i am happy. i am fortunate. i am blessed. brother bott always said that a mission is like 40 years of church service--the highs are high, the lows are low and the space in between is almost nonexistent. I have been here for freakin minimal weeks and i can already see that truthfulness in that statement. and i'm in the mtc. ha ha.

Last week i was uber discouraged. Sorry about that. My companion is pretty dang amazing; she's studied spanish for seven years. it's been about five for me, not to mention the german, so i know that I shouldn't compare myself to her perfection... but satan weasles his way in wherever he can and he goes CRAZY. teaching in spanish with hermana livingston is challenging. but only when i have THAT kind of an attitude! when i can breathe, be patient, say a couple thousand prayers, be humble and realize that she is an increeeeedible resource--it's alright. last week we taught the mission presidents, more like we taught each other, and i had this experience where the president said something to me that really offended me. i literally started crying as i sat there. i couldn't help it. but i KNEW it was my own pride. I read the talk by bednar about being offended that night because i knew i couldn't go on feeling sad and offended. trillions of tms later, i came around. geeze folks. heavenly father answers our prayers. the gospel is so real and simple and easy and RIGHT. it's amazing. we can be lifted above and beyond our hardships. this was NOTHIGN but i learned a lot from it.

we're into teaching all our lessons in spanish and incorporating the wow. palabra de sabaduria. basicamente, m y teacher was talking to us about it last week and he said we don't even need to go into all the, "it's much better for your body...it's cheaper..you'll live longer../.' etc, because that's not the timportant part. if we have faith in jesus christ, we want to obey him--and ALL his commandments. If we have faith that book fo mormom is true and the prophet joseph was called of god, then we should be filled with the desire to obey any commandment--especially one that is given to our dispensation in specific! It's so simple.

I am falling in LOVE with the scriptures. I cannot get ENOUGH personal study time. everyone says that on a mission, but DANG it is true! i have always thiristed after the word, but this is NOTHING. last night i laid (layed? i hate the verb to lay.) awake until 1230 just giddy about all the new subjects i want to study. it's wonderful! i have a post it by my bed because i seem to have the best ideas laaaaaaaate at night. hma L and i have been INTRIGUIED by Paul. We decided to go in depth into his life and teachings. what an incredible! baaaaaasically he wrote 14 of the books in the nt. he is UNREAL. i can't wait for more study time. please. we're also studying patience as our c hristlike attriburte, which i'm LOVING. basically, can i recommend some scripts? oh, my heart is full!
romans ch 5, 8
philip 4:13
romans 5:14
col. 3:17
dc 103:36
dc 68:6
(the last three i just have written down from last week. i think i already recommended them?)
wow and so many more. i am dying here as i fail to describe all i'm learning and share it.
that is the hardest part about spanish. just not being able to say what i feeeeeeeel and want to say oh so badly! but it'll come. :)

sooooo basically last week we had a fireside with dh oaks. i wasn't a liar, i just had bad timing. ha. he came during the mprez trainging with about...eveyrone. hahah. unreal!
were alllllll there in one meeting. on sunday the prophet got into his car right in front of my building. what is going on? so cool. so blessed.

OKAY i have to share this. rs on sunday was BOMB. susan c jones from the general rs board spoke. it was unreal. she was ADORABLE! i'm pretty sure she's pam's twin--which m ade it all the more enjoyable for me. :) she talked about moses 7:18 and had three different points--becoming a zion missionary, become a holy person, and seeing that there were no poor among us. i felt like it was such an answer to my prayers. she talked about making t6he m ost of our missions--t6hat the time will fly. she said we need to have a mission motto to ensure that we give our all; in that moment, i knew exactly what my motto was. our stake president really came through for me.

the numbers are flashing and my hands are shaking. i hope everyone is happy and well. i hope you all know how much i love you. i cannot say the least part of which i feel! ah! i feel like, no matter how sad or hard or long or whatever a day is, by the time i get into bed, i am so happy i can't stop smiling. I. AM. SO. HAPPY. TO. BE. HERE. this is hard, i won't deny, but i love it. i am so grateful for this opportunity. the the gospel is everyyyyyything. we are so blessed toh ave it! people NEED IT.

i'm sorry this is scattered. i don't do well with timers. just know i love you! thank you for everything!

hermana christensen

dad--yay! the heater is fixed!! i mean ac! haha. love you. hope work is going well. any chance you could get tiffany slash natasha's address?
ps i saw jenny here today!


siga fiel!

6/28/2010 Elder Christensen

Hello to all from freezing cold soccer crazy Santiago Chile. Well everything is closed today. Ridiculous. Stores, half of the metro trains, collectivos, busses, pretty much all the things we need to use haha. We get free Burger King again. Gotta love our investigator Jonathan. He does maintenance for like 50 BKs so thats how we get it free. Its weird to eat greasy flavorful food. Most food here is bland but really good at the same time.... Chileans!

All is going pretty great here. The work is still slow but we have appointments. ITS IMPOSSIBLE to get into a house where there is a soccer game on. I´m not sure why we even leave during a soccer game. You would think that some tradgedy just happened every time there is a game. Horns are honking for 3 hours before the game even starts, then its silent during the game unless of course theres a goal(GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) Haha. Then again after the game.... Horns for hours. Everyones all dressed up. People have flags hanging from their cars that are bigger than their whole cars. Some people drape it over the back window. Makes for safe driving.
Its ridiculous how much american music there is here. EVERYWHERE we go. Nelly furtado has been playing like all day. Its amazing how much the mission makes you forget the world. All these songs are coming on right now in the little net cafe and I can´t remember like 3/4s the artists. Thats not the point though eh? Here to do Christs work no more than that.
Spanish......... Flowing! I´m to the point where I can feel somewhat comfortable just being with someone who speaks spanish. We did divisions yesterday because another latin elder and I are both sick and had to stay home. It went fine and it was a great chance to practice the spanish. Coming coming coming. I find that when I speak all day in spanish its easier when I need it. God can humble us immeadiately thought. One day I get everything the next day my comp has to translate. The Lord makes me rely on him and I DO.
Another song I heard recently was Rock you Like a Hurricane... Of course. Of all the bands in the world, of all the songs by that band, why dont you just pick one of my family´s favorites. Satan is far too good at his job. WOW Dave Matthews just came on. Gah.. He tries so hard to make me lose focus. Satan. Toy Story 3 advertisements are EVERYWHERE. I hope is is good. You can´t ruin Toy Story.... or can you? Oh hey I meant to ask. When I send you guys pics can you save them? Im sure you already are but just figured I´d ask. Well we´re like out of time for the day sad to say. That rhymed. Love you all so much. You´re prayers and thoughts surely are felt. Has it been 3 months already???? Wowwwwwwwwwww. Ridiculous. Before we know it it´ll be Christmas. Welp. Gotta run. CIAOOOOO Love Elder C

Well my pictures are takin forever to download. So I can just finish this little session off by saying I´m thankful to have been born of goodly parents. Youre honestly the best parents and family anyone could ask for. Miss you all so much. Hope all is going well at works, schools, houses haha. I still need freaking info about toy story 3. Kaylynn where art thou?? About two minutes.....hmm........ Also enjoy having cars. The metro is sweet here! like 343 times better than new york city. It doesn´t all smell like urine hahaha. Well I gotta really run now. I love you all so sososososososososo much. Keep truckin in utah. Until next pday.... Elder Christensen..
Okay.... a song by linkin park just came on... Wheeeewwww.... Satan you clever dog.

MY LONG LOST AMIGO ELDER POULSEN!!!!!!!!!!! What a sick balla

6/22/10 Hermana Christensen

It's alright. I'm breathing. Retarded computer notwithstanding. I'm really sorry about this broken computer.. Consider long spaces new paragraphs..and don't worry about all the periods.. it does that on its own.. a scripture: "All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness and prayers of faith.." I found this this morning during a particularly difficult companion study.. I don't know what exactly is going on, but things have been a little rough lately.. I'm struggling to know what to do with it.. I'm trying to be faithful, true, honest, and diligent.. I'm trying to keep all the rules, study hard and follow my plans.. I know that things will get better.. It's been another week.. It's unreal how quickly they go! I'm not opposed to it... Unfortunately the temple is close for the next fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive weeks which will be the death of me.. b ut there's a chance we'll be bussed to timp I suppose? Mother? Do you have knowledge of this? I'd love to know that the rumors are true.. classes are going well.. I've hit a plateau that is killin me.. the spanish that was coming so easily has now entirely halted.. i'm not surprised by this because i know i need to now work increasingly hard for that which i wish to obtain.. I feel like I've gotten things I used to know with things I never knew so now I'm just messing up all over the place.. But! Once again, I'm trying.. Ah.. I am trying to do all I can.. We went to the referral center last week and while everyone was making their calls in English I busted into Spanish mode.. I made a legit fool of myself several times, but I AM TRYING.. ha.. i hate caps but i just.... i feel like that's all i can do.. what do i do? ah.. Anyway.. I talked with a super nice man who realized I was a gringo an took the moment to be extra nice to me.. tm.. my very last call of the day was a woman who sounded like she was dying, and after i said "i've seen" instead of "would you like" (to have the missionaries) she somehow understood and said, "si.. quiero encontrar con los representativos.." so basically the missionaries are going to her.. hopefully she doesn't die before they get there.. that was a definite tm.. I know the lord is blessing me and is pushing me forwards in little ways that i'm not aware of.. i know that he's there, that he loves us.. it's so neat how we have all this knowledge that blesses us in such beautiful ways.. we're so blessed.. mom.. you asked about rober d hales' talk.. it was so great.. honestly, sad to say, but we're seeing sooo many firesides and devotionals that it's kinda hard to keep them all straight.. ha.. but i reviewed my journ and i'll just kind go through that.. h e talked about dc 50:24, about how our light groweth brighter and brighter, and he related that to obedience--when we're obedient, we have more light.. to obey is a sacrifice.. he said, "There is nothing you can give up that is of greater importance than what will come in the next 18 or 24 months." serve with all your corazon, alma, mente y fuerza.. ........ in the vieyard we'll get rejected, but we'll see those who KNOW WHO WE ARE because of the light of christ.. and we'll teach them.. he also talked about how interesting it was that the bible begins with a story of light and dark.. when we study we are filled with light and knowledge.. the brightness of hope is the plan of salvation.. we can go to troubled souls and help dispel the darkness... jesus christ came to give light as we sat in darkness.. he also said, "when you feel it, you teach it.." that was super helpful for me to hear because so many people are telling me that i need to teach with a structured plan--but i don't feel right about that.. we are led by the holy spirit as we teach, according to the needs of our investigators.. he also said that when we bear our testimonies, light enters and darkness dispels.. (under the bible dictionary of faith it says that your'e forgiven of your sins and that your testimony grows as you bear your testimony.. i just thought of that.. basically that's the idea--when you do things of the lord, more light enters and it replaces the darkness..) he went on to talk about the way to christ--baptism, and keeping covenants, in a very useful way. it was a great talk.. ma, i hope that helps with your lesson.. i know teaching in rs can be stressful! ui'll pray for you.. the takl from my first counselor about love was so great, was that what you really wanted? he talked about how the lords fight must be our fight.. he talked about the human soul and its capacity to become like god; psalms 82:6, and acts 17:29.. he went onto say that the world is all about copying eternal truths.. like god's love is infathomable and we only get a taste of that with our own children.. or how the greatest minds in the world make computers and telescopes but they "pale" in the comparion to the human eye.. "of all the evidences of god, the greatest is LOVE.. one of the most important lessons we learn in this life is love.. when you hold a child you're given a telestial capacity to feel celesital love.." how BEAUTIFUL.. and true! my goodness.. i'm sorry this is so scattered.. today is not the best day.. but i know things will be okay--probably even in just a few hours.. i love you all.. Dad, i hope father's day was great! it was a tm to run into kerri so she could deliver that message.. ma'n'a, i loooove the hawaiian skirt, seriously.. and i looove all the goodies.. thank you for your love and support. i'm really feeling blessed.. thanks so much.. sorry again this is lame and scattered.. tengo un testimonio que dios nos ama.. estoy muyyyyyyy agradecida.. siga fiel queridas.. hermana christensen


6/21/2010 Elder Christensen

Well todays been a great day so far. We got up early and went and played basketball. Let me just say right now I cant do any symbols or anything on this computer so thats why this sounds lifeless haha. The latins are.......... not too good at basketball to say the least. It was fun until the ball popped when it hit the ground haha. It was a piece of garbage.
Things are really going great now that Ive got my feet on the ground a little bit. We have SO many cool people that live around us and treat us well. We eat lunch at a members house every single day except mondays. I havent told you like anything about my area yet.

Everything is fenced. Every single house has a fence around it. We dont really knock doors unless we are in an apartment complex. Instead we stand in front of the fence and yell..... ALOOOOOOOO. Kind of a special sounding hello. Haha dad its just like you said. ITS SO OBVIOUS when people are inside and just dont want to let you in. You see them in the windows, they have ALL their lights on, or better yet you see them looking through the peephole. They just dont realize what they are missing. The excuses are usually horrible as well... No Im sweeping right now. No we have guests here. No Im catholic. WOW the other day was my first official door slam. A lady with a walker came to the door. We said... Hola somos misioneros de la iglesia de Jesucristo. IMMEDIATELY she cuts us off and says... You made me get up for this. Then she slammed the door as hard as she could. Sorry I cant use symbols. Its bugging me. Then we had another guy.... We ALWAYS say hi to everyone. Just a simple... Hola. This guy says... WHY ARE YOU SAYING HI TO ME I DONT ****************** KNOW YOU. Im not sure the word that those stars represent but its not a good one haha.

Mom-- To answer your questions about my cases. THEY ARE GONNA BE SWEEEEEEET. The Front of the Bible I got a picture of Jesus holding a little lamb... Then it says.. Behold the lamb of god that taketh away the sins of the world. Then on the back is the Lamb with the Lion for the Millenium with my mission symbol. Its sweet. On the spine... I got Elder Kurtis Christensen, with a snake and a staff. Like Moses. Thats the Bible.... Then the book of mormon case is sweet too. The front is the first vision with the father pointing to the son. The back is Capt Moroni holding a flag. The spine is country of Chile with my name and the names of the books. Im gonna call him today and see if he can put my plaque scripture on the inside. Itll be sweeeeeeeet.

I GOT YOUR SWEET PACKAGE. Wow that stuff is all dank. Chips cookies chocolates and beef jerky hardly exist in this place... If you want chips they have... REGULAR LAYS. Thats it. Those hawaiian chips are really good and way too greasy haha. Sadly to say some hawaiian must have left it in the sun because everything melted together... BUT its all still deliciousª... That A is an exclamation mark okay. Wow beef jerky has never ever ever tasted so good. Like wow.

HEY MOM LISTEN TO THESE SONGS. They are my favorite and you will LOVE THEM. First...... Brother James*s Air.. Mormon tab. SO GOOD. That * is an apostrophe. Second... My heavenly father loves me.... Lyle Hadlock. Youll probably cry knowing that I listen to them every day here. BUT LISTEN TO THOSE HONESTLY they are my very very very favorite. 3 to 4 times daily. they make me think of you guys. Bring tears to my eyes.
Also.. how was fathers day? I sent dad another quote. It says... mi papa es y sera el mejor del mundo. My father is and always will be the best in the world... Hope he doesnt cry at work ahaha
Anyways Im about out of time... I have 15 minutes left but well use that to chat okay. Let everyone know that I love and miss them all so much. This place is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Everyone is going nuts over the world cup... definately makes the work harder. But I gotta run. Ciao Love you all. Elder C
Just gotta send one last email to everyone. I have 4 mins left. I love you all so much. I know I say that a ton but its true. Youre all so awesome. GO See toy story everyone and tell me how it is. I see pictures all day long and its torturous. I also want you to know that your prayers are felt. Love you all. Ciao until next week. Love Elder C

........The closest I´ll get to Toy Story 3.

6/15/10 Hermana Christensen

Hi hi hi!

My dear, sweet family. How are you all doing today? First and foremost--thank you endlessly and unceasingly for your overwhelming love and support! it means more than any worldly description!

I've been feeling a little guilty all week long because my email last week was so... inconsequential. It was just favors and notices and nothing of great import. I'm so sorry! I hope to include something a little more this week.

Story number one. My teacher, Hermano Pope, told us a story of his mish in Montreal. He was a pretty new missionary in a brand new area. One day he and his companion were walking and they came to a red light. Hermano P checked both ways--no cars in sight--and went to cross. His senior comp stopped him, however, saying, in essence, "Elder, what are you doing? We'll wait for the light to turn red. Yeah, it's a small rule, but I need all the small blessings." That little story was uber profound to me. Whether it's waiting until 9:30 to read my mail, being in bed at 10:15, or only eating hard candy in the classroom, I intend to keep all the little rules I can because I so badly desire all the little blessings the Lord graciously gives those who obey Him.

Next story. On Sunday, my a leader from my branch spoke. He spoke on one of my favorite topics ever--evidences of God's love for us. He took it in quite a different spin though; normally I'm an Alma 30:44 type gal, who loves seeing the beauty of the earth, noting God's obvious love for us in everything around us. However; he said, "The most obvious and inspirng evidence of His love for us is the capacity to love." He went on to speak of the small glimpse of the love our Heavenly Father feels for us when we get to hold a small child. He told two stories of families who lost their children, and my mind went immediately to Chase. He said, "These families... they will never stop mourning. But they will never stop loving." It was beautiful. It was so incredibly profound. It rang so true to my heart. I know that there is a plan for each of us. I know that God loves us--ah!--He loves us so much! The capacity we have to love one another is a small fraction of the love He feels for us. But if we feel this beautiful, deep, desparate, longing, eternal love for one another, imagine what He feels for us!

I didn't relay that very well. I'm sorry. But it was honestly one of the highlights of my life. People ask me all the time why I'm here. I give other answers besides the real one because it's difficult to relay a reason when it's still so sore and so tender and so near to the surface: I am here because of what Chase Landon Jesperson taught me. How do people cope without the knowledge of the plan of salvation? How do people move on in their lives without the atonement of Jesus Christ to heal them and to give them hope for a better life? How? I will never know. I hope to bring my knowledge of this better life to others who desperately need it. Because we all desperately need it.

I'm so sorry for how rushed, grammatically incorrect, and scattered this message is. I will never know how time passes so quickly. I just told bro that time is not on the side of the missionary. no way jose.

Know that I'm well. I'm happy. I'm so happy. I'm so blessed. Things are gong well. Spanish is rough but I have hope. I loooove bieng able to study all day, and to feel the spirit like never before.

Thank you for your love and support! Know I that I love you all so much! I hope you have a beeeeeeeautiful day!

Hermana Christensen

ps. thanks for all the packages. be sure to put my full name (including tawny) because there's another t christensen here who's intercepted some of it. jk. i've gotten all of it!!! LOVE YOU! THANKS SO MUCH!

I love the skirt!

6/14/2010 Elder Christensen

Dear Family and Friends! How is the life in Utah?? Man it sure is different here in South America! Imagine someone taking your life... and just flipping it upside down. Its awesome and I love it but wow what an adjustment! The money system? Straight Crazy status. Pesos are crazy. When I go to an atm I have to enter that I want 50,000 dollars. Its only pesos ya but still what a trip. There is tons of wacky things. Yogurt comes in bags. Milk is not refrigerated. All of you better take a long look at the cereal aisle and realize how blessed you are haha. Pretty much... here they have frosted flakes and cheerios. The rest is trash.
The language is okay actually. I´m speaking most the day in spanish but my comp is from Utah so we have some english as well.
Its cold and rainy here. Freezing. Haha I wake up like every single night at 2 then 5I can´t figure out why. Even with melatonin I still wake up. I don´t get it. The mornings are really garbage here. Freezing. I get like morning sickness. But its great. We have tons of people we´re teaching, I got some great pics, I´m getting more comfortable. I´m slowly learning. I wish I could be smarter and learn faster! But I can read my scrips in spanish and understand almost all of it.
Mom and Dad. There are reminders of you guys everywhere. The main thing is music. Scorpions posters everywhere. Not to mention the american influence here is very strong. Half the music is from america. Like nelly furtado, shakira, that garbage. But lately I´ve heard a lot of Journey and the Eagles. Wow. That made me want to be sitting in the focus with you both listening to it. Music has never sounded so good. Hotel California?? WOW. SO good. Also Seperate Ways I hear alot and I know thats one of your favs mom.
Bottom line. Things are extremely hard here. The people are for the most part very nice. There are some mean people and gangstas who have some Karma coming their way... Or they´ll just be burned when the second coming happens. Haha. Sorry but Joke. I know I´m sorry I put out that depressed vibe but its hard not too.... But its fine I´m adjusting. Pretty soon my mission will all be over and I¨ll be looking back saying... HuH!?!?! Where did that time go. Weird. OH I REMEMBERED SOMETHING. Can you get those stickers with the mission address and my name? I will use that address I gave you last week for my whole mission unless pres king changes the mail system which I doubt. So don´t make a ton just like 50 or something. Incase it changes and they are worthless.
The depression is good though mom. Don´t worry. It just makes me love you all and home that much more. When I return I´ll be a changed person. Heck I´m already a changed person. I have seen things I never would have seen otherwise had I just stayed home and played halo. I´m about to send pics too.
But I´m out of time now. We´re about to go shoppin. Man its freezingggggggggg. I love you all. Stay thankful for what you have and know that this church is true. I see families EVERY SINGLE DAY that are destroyed. Things like Chastity, the word of wisdom, eternal families. This stuff doesn´t exist here. Everyone just smokes drinks and sins. Definately a change from good Ol Orem ut. I love you all and will talk to you next monday. Ciao. Elder Christensen
P.S Me in the TINY shower. I can touch my head to the ceiling with slight tippy toes. Haha. The tag was a funny bonus.

Me standing on the balcony of our apartment. Look at those beautiful mountains! Wooo! Reminds me of UTAH!!

6/8/10 Hermana Christensen


hello hello my dear family!

okay so this pday is MUCH better. i'm not spending a third of my minutes logging on! :) yay.

but hi everyone! can i just say WOW and thank you soooo soo osooooo much for all the love? all the PACKAGES? all the prayers? all the support?! my goodnes. i am so incredibly blessed to have you all behind me on this! it is unreal. my words fall so short!

i'm sorry i have no time in the world, so i'm just going to have to combine emails here. please know that i REALLY appreciate you and your emails individually!


HOW WAS HAWAII?!!! ahhh such a blasty blast? jealous. but so happy for you! especially the hammock and book part. my goodness.
lake powell: GET REAL! i'm so happy that is happening! please feel my love and my spirit there with you all! and be safe.
thank you for telling me about nicole. mom, did you happen to get her the journal, note, and sunglasses i left for her on the floor? i hope she got those. that poor poor girl. i hope she can get things sorted out. i will ABSOLUTELY keep her in my prayers. i'm so glad that brent and stacie are taking this leap of faith. ah. wow. please give stac and brent a huge hug from me. things will work out. things HAVE to work out!
how are things looking with at&t? do you need my missionary booklet thing? let me know!
father, you asked about my car preferences. ha ha, to be honest, that is a generous question we can address in maybe like twelve months. i'm not entirely certain. i was totally gungho for the subaru outback, but i don't love the body of the new models, and i'm mostly opposed to getting a used car. i am sincerely interested in something a little more gas friendly, aka a natural gas car perchance, but i need to do a TON of research when i get home on that because i'm just not really sure how legit that is. you know.
okay so can i request a few things from home? 1. perfume. i thought it was verboten but it's not! can i possibly get the clinique stuff on my dresser? it's happy or something? not the rose stuff. i just can't handle that right now. 2. in my middle drawer i belieeeeeeve i have a white shade tank top. heavens! i need it! 3. earplugs perchance? i'm sleeping in the same room as a bunch of natives and they don't worry about snorin, no they do not! 4. can you please print out the second to last post on my blog for me? i've had multiple people tell me it made them cry... i'd like to reference that real fastlike.
mom, any luck with the blog? ask kels! she's great. also allie, talley's allie, is a computer GENIUS. get her to come around and i'm sure she'd solve anyyyy problem you have.
father, my goodness. the pen? don't even apologize because "everyone" else is giving me a pen. yours is wayyyy different from the others i've gotten and it's PERFECT. i keep it hooked onto my journal because it's small enough to do so, and it's black. and i take my journal everywhere, so basically.... it's very useful. i love it. i couldn't have asked for anythhing better and i promise that!
can i perchance request white choco mac nut cookies? but only a small portion. maybe use carol's recipe and make some choco chips ones for those sickos who like those. i've had a craving!
THANK YOU FOR THE INCREDIBLY AMOUNTS OF GENEROSITY WITH THE PACKAGES! i am so so so so so appreciateive. but i also don't want to become gorda so be sparing. :)
you asked about a grey turtleneck that i left. i left it on purpose. no need to send that! thanks though.
oh hey, mom, will you please tell stacie that i wear the necklace she gave me for my birthday EVERYDAY? i literally wear it everywhere. and i feel like it is quiiiiite appropriate because it's v for virtue. :)


get out. you two. honestly?! that package was UNREAL. did i mention that i needed flip flops or did you just do that? seriously, what was suuuuch a godsend. did i mention that i literally cried the first night when i went in the bathroom to shower? ha ha. true story. the flip flips are perrrrrrrrrfect. the purple is perfect. it is exactly as i would've chosen. :) thank you so much for the goodies, the goodness and the thoughtfulness! it means a lot.
kaylynn! you're outta school! how's swim?
colb, your email just made me tear up a little bit. seriously, thank you for those kind, generous words. en serio. i kinda felt like my setting apart was possibly slightly generic (don't worry, i know it wasn't!), but it's really neat to hear that it stood out to you for some reason. i think i needed to hear that to answer some of my own questions. so thank you. and hey, would it be too much to ask you to print that out and maybe send it to me? i would be ever grateful seen as how printers here are about as easy to locate as is thirty minutes and a dang computer to email the family. thanks ever so much!
i'm so excited for your hawaiian adventure. i expect fotografias OR ELSE! beware of my wrath. i don't sleep.
kaylynn, can i ask a HUUUGE favor of you? will you please get onto my stupid facebook and become a fan of me? jk. ha ha. but will you seriously get on it (i left alllll my password info on a lined paper on my desk!) and sign in on my thing and change my address? i'm box # 95 now CA-SD 0727. so i depart july 27th. if you do this maybe i'll send you somethign SICK for your bday from sanD. cross your fingers. thank you! also, will you tell katie pannelley...peterson? that i am SO sorry i never called her! i totally ran out of time to be her model, but i would looooove to in 18 months. seriously. i love that girl.

well, my time is nonexistent. sorry this is lame and SCATTERED! but i'd like to say a few things..

i love my new district. i freakin miss my old one like nutsos--we got so close that first week--but i know this is right. i'm being challengbed. i'm being humbled. i'm working. i'm memorizing scriptures like it aint no biznass. i'm speakin spanish like a nutso and i'm teaching lessons on the daily. it's way hard, but it's my life for the next 18 months. i know its right.

i am in the right place. that is hard to take it, considering the level of difficulty, but i know it.

i have a testimony. wow. i want to share it with the world. i know, without a shadow of a doubt that this is the true church. it is the only true church. god is our loving heavenly father and he sent his only begotten son to live, die, and live again so we can return to him. there is a PLAN. we need to that plan. we can have peace i knowing that we are known. we are numbered. i know the book of mormon is true. i know that joseph smith is a prophet of god, and that we have a prophet on the earth today. i love the temple and am so grateful for the ennabling ordinances we take part in there. there is a way. it's jesus christ! i say this in His name, amen.

i'm sorry this is so crazy! i have two seconds. know that i love you. wow. i love you alll soooooo much! and i hope you're happy and healthy and doing well. :) feel my love!

hermana christensen
My new district!!!

6/7/2010 Elder Christensen

Wow... what another week that has gone by... Its SO hard to be away from you all. I find myself thinking about you ALL the time. Which I know is a very bad thing. I´m trying to let go of home and not be homesick. There are just reminders everywhere. For instance. We´re sitting in a members house who is playing an english radio station. Hahah this made me laugh. The song from Ace Ventura came on the radio. Its the part where he is naked in the shower and burning his clothes. HHahaahah. I LOLed all over the place. (Laughed out Loud for those of you who don´t know.)
Seeing all these troubled people here makes me want to cry. Its not like Utah. EVERYONE has problems. EVERYONE. Some are really bad. Like one lady´s husband pulled a gun on her because he´s a psycho. People just love to sin as well. Drinking and smoking are ridiculous as well as chastity. I´m so thankful to have grown up in a good loving GOSPEL environment. Who knows where I would be without it.
Colby I think of you often here because I can only imagine the struggles with learning Korean. I am dying here. Every day it is so hard to be in a destroyed environment. I am struggling so hard with this language!! I have been told by some including ammon that I will struggle for the first 3 to 4 months with listening and understanding. Which stinks. But I´m gonna do this. I don´t care if juan john and his family all laugh at me. Our country has heating and theirs doesn´t so I´ve been laughing at them for the last 19 years without knowing it. In another two years I´ll yet again be laughing at them when I´m sitting in the warmth of our house. Especially if the AC is broken. Bummer.
I have no time left at all. I have to run. I just wanted to say that in the two weeks I´ve been here, the things I¨ve already seen, have made me love each and every one of you so much. I have truely come to appreciate and be grateful for you all. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. This mission is what I need to grow. I´ve aleady seen the changes in my mind and actions that I¨ve made. Its a growing process. Jeffrey R Holland said that if you only get one convert on your mission it had better be you. This is comforting. Half the time when I look at my numbers I feel like a failure. ANd its stinky. But who cares as long as I´m converted. As long as I¨m trying my best, numbers don´t matter.
As for right now, I´ll continue to struggle. I´ll continue to get laughed at. I´ll continue to shake my head and say yes when I have no idea what the people are saying. I know it will come. Heavenly father hasn´t deserted me, he is just trying me. I can do this. I will do this. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and want you to know that. Keep me in your prayers... Ciao. Elder Christensen
I have no time now for real. I will be sending you two pictures. One of me and my companion last week with our pizza from dominos. Thats our Pday tradition. THE OTHER OF ME IN MY SUIT WITH A TIE ON WAS TAKEN AN HOUR AGO. Look for the pictures I will be sending within the next ten minutes. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH KNOW THAT. I AM WORKING FOR THESE PEOPLE; YOU AND THE LORD!! Family is part of what keeps me going. Although it gets me sad and homesick it pushes me at the same time. Gotta run. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Keep me in your prayers, I´ll talk with you all next monday. Ciao! Your Chile Elder Christensen.. MOM can you send my english hymn book? I believe I sent it home.Just put it in my next care package. Love ya all.

6/2/10 Hermana Christensen

what do you even say at a moment like this?!

i just about started crying as i struggled for minutes trying to get onto my email as the clock ticked. i have 23 minutes. what the judd.

BUT FAMILY! QUERIDAS! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! i bring words of my existence from the mtc! i. am. ALIVE. and it's been a week! unreal. i don't even know what to say or where to begin.

first day first day--was there any emotion that wasn't felt? that goodbye was a little rough. my goodness. but you guys are so strong! (i'm having it beaten into me not to say "guys"; "THERE ARE NO GUYS HERE--ONLY ELDERS AND SISTERS." ha. they're strict on that rule.) anyway. okay okay ahhh so I met my companera, Sister Megan Lee--what a wonder! I knew her from Rhonda; I went with her a couple time to set pieces or assist conventions in Boise, and Hermana Lee was there! It took us forever to figure out how we knew each other. Anyyyway. She and the two other sisters in our district are going to the California San Diego mish as well. TM much?

This place is amazing. Talley once said it nicely: "It is a spiritual pressure cooker." My goodness, madre mia, si! At the end of that first day, my face hurt from smiling so much. I feel so blesssssssssed to be here, to be able to study the gospel ALL DAY LONG. It is unreal! it is so incredibly draining, but yet I am then unable to sleep at night. I wake up every morning at 6:26 (thanks for setting my alarma, j!), feeling tired, but there's just no time to feel tired. You get up and you get going and there's not a spare second to BREATHE let alone dream about your bed. So that's good--especially for me, someone who falls asleep anytime, anywhere.

So wow, what can I tell you? Okay. My district. They are unreal. There are four elders headed to Barthelona, four to Anaheim and then four sisters headed to San Diego. Spanish is beautiful. I'd like just share a little tm real fast. It's been five years since I've spoken Spanish. It's been so mezclado en mi cabeza because of the Deutsch, but I have seen MIRACLES as it has come back to me. Honestly, miracles. I kneel to pray and the words just flow. I made the goal my first day here to pray solo en espanol, and MADRE MIA--has it been increible. I feel such a love for the language. I understand it in such a way that I can't even explain it to people...does that make sense? Certain difficult concepts have already been made clear in my mind. I just feel so. so. so. BLESSED. so blessed. My teacher took my to test out of my class on Saturday; they offered to put me into advanced and have me out of here in a week, but we felt a little uneasy about that, so I'm most likely moving to the intermedio distrito. i'll still be here the same amount of time, but my comp, district, zona, everything will change. including my address. and my pday. so i'll keep you posted. :) seriously? I just feel so blessed.

Another tm--one of those sundays we went to mission prep in our homeward, taylor talked about feeling and knowing how the spirit spoke to him with such certainty. do you remember this? it made me want that soo bad. this spiritual pressure cooker is unreal. I've found that i feel the spirit like chills, but i know it's not chills because i'm not cold. it goes up and down my body and it is indescribably beautiful. i looooove being able to feel the spirit, to pray to feel the spirit, and to understand the spirit! i have a loooong way to go, but i'm glad i know. the warm bosom spoken of in dc 9 is only to oliver cowdery--not everyone feels the spirit that way. it's so important that we come to know how the spirit speaks to us!

my goodness ten minutes.

what else can i tell you? oh oh oh so much! just know that my heart and prayers are with you. especialmente con elder christensen, what a STUD. bro! you're going to make it through this! you will! we are all praying for you! last night, as i knelt on my prayer rug, i was so overcome with emotion... tears streamed down my face as I thought of bro struggling, padres struggling--wanting to aid in the struggle, ... all of us just struggling! life is such a struggle, but we are there for one another! and that is such a beautiful thing! i consider myself sooo blessed. thank you. wow. bro, you'll make it though. keep going. paciencia. ten fe!

i am struggling so much to write this! sorry i'm so scattered! eight minutes! hahaha.

let me just answer your questions: we wake up at 6:30, get ready by 7, get sack breakfasts, and normally go to class then. then it's one hour personal study, one hour comp study, one hour language study, 50 minutes gym, and 6-7 hours of spanish/gospel. the sched varies every day. everyday at 9 pm, we sit, pray, and plan for 25 minutes. if we dont' take 25 minutes we've done something wrong. we're to our residence by 930, and then i have one hour to.... a) shower, b) write in my journal, c) pray with my comp, d) read all my letters. so... as you can see, THERE IS NO TIME IN THE WORLD. ha! it has been a rough transition to have so little time to unwind/do what my heart needs to do, but i know it's for an inspired reason.

thank you ENDLESSLY for your love and support. i love you more than spanish or english words can say. i feel your love and prayers, and i hope you feel mine. i yearn to hear your words and know what you are doing. know that i am thinking of you, my loved ones, and that i am just so unbelievably grateful. this is sooooo hard, but somehow so right. it's funny how life works that way.

i love you all. so much. until next time, whenever that may be. siga fiel!

con amor,
hermana christensen

5/31/2010 Elder Christensen

Well my first week in Chile..... Its been extremely difficult.. Lets start from the airport in Dallas. Our flight was longgggggggggg to say the least. I slept very little and what I got was garbage. They gave us a little bit of food on there but for the most part it was snacks. We arrived here in Santiago around 730am. Customs was a breeze and my luggage was all there as well. We then met Pres and Sis Jones. They are way too cool . The nicest people ever. They took us to the top of a mountain pretty much and let us look down at the city. It was pretty incredible. The view was breathtaking.
After that they took us to the mission home. They let us take about an hour nap and we ate some pan y manjar. Its like Pantrucas bread with this caramel stuff on it and its way too good. Then we had a little bit of training in the house. They just told us how we are to contact. We are to try to get inside of peoples houses so that we can bless the house and hopefully get a return appointment. Then they gave us a folder of mission info and study materials, a journal, a little shoulder bag, and we did some visa and finance business. After that we had lunch. Bread, salad with deviled eggs, lasagna, and cheescake. We ate with all of our trainers. My companions name is Elder Stoddard. He is awesome. We get along great.
After lunch............ We traveled straight to our sector, dropped off my stuff, and went out to proscelyte the rest of the night. I was really scared. Here I am sitting in these little barren houses with these people that I can´t understand at all. I´m having some struggles to say the least. Its been 6 days and for the most part they have been fine. I just can´t understand anything. The Chilean dialect is ridiculous. They cut off everything, they slur, they speak so fast. I´m studying and praying as hard as I can but I am progressing so slow with my understanding of these people.
Our apartment is decent. We have no insulation and no heating so its freeeeeeeezing at night and in the morning. I´m already sick. Garbage. We have two other elders in our apartment who are from Mexico and El Salvador. Their names are Elder Pedraza and Elder Acevedo. They are cool guys but they have add I swear. Too much energy all the time. We all sleep in a tiny room. Two bunkbeds with a very little space to walk through in between them. We have two tiny bathrooms. I can touch my head on the cealing while showering. The whole thing is probably a fourth the size of your walk in closet... Rough estimate. Our study room is like the biggest room in the apt. Thats where we are all morning long. We eat frosted flakes every morning pretty much.
To say the least I´m having a good time I´m just in a little bit of a rut and its making me homesick. I feel like if I could just learn to speak and understand I would have no problem. I haven´t been at all homesick until now and its only because I don´t know how to communicate. I get along great with elder stoddard, I love the people, I get along fine in a tiny freezing apartment. Those arent at all the problem. I just feel like I study study study study and I don´t learn anything. I can´t apply it. I can´t understand or speak anything. I don´t have time to study half the time. I´m not even unpacked yet if that tells you how little time we have. Despite all this I´m still trying to stay positive. I know this is where I need to be and what I need to be doing. Its just so hard to get by when nobody speaks anything that I can understand. I know that there are thousands of other Elders going through the exact same barriers and that I am no exception to any rule. Everyone faces language barriers. I know that I will only be blessed after the trial of my faith... But how long is that?? How long do I have to get laughed at or not understand the language before I get some help? Its been 6 days..... Very little time. I know that with the Lords help I can do this. I can be fluent. I can convert these people and help them change. I can last two years. But I´ve never felt so weak in my whole life. I´m literally broken down to nothing right now. President Holland spoke to us in the MTC and told us that it is not up to us to ruin the salvation of others by going home. Don´t think that I´m gonna come home becuse that´s not even in the cards. But I need help here. I need to gain some knowledge and learn to understand this crazy dialect. Once I can do that I´ll be 100% fine. I´m just trying to stay happy and positive and its very difficult.
I feel very alone. It´s so difficult to get anything done. We work all day. We´re always late home at night from working overtime. I don´t know what more I can do to achieve that ability to understand. Like I said its been 6 days. I just have to work through this struggle......
Now that I´ve poured out my whole soul how is hawaii? Sweet? How is everyone doing? Anything new at home / work?
I have two things to tell you. First.. The address to my mission home on the cards you made was changed. Making them half worthless. This is the other address that you should give people and where I can receive packages.

Elder Christensen
Misión Chile Santiago Oeste
Correos Casilla 149
Chacabuco 166
Maipú, Chile

President and sister Jones told me to tell you these things..... ONLY send packages through USPS. Not ups, fedex, dhl, or any other mail service. USPS is the only one you can use. They also said.. be vague or be robbed. If you have to write what is in the package just write Missionary Supplies or something vague. They also said to put a picture of Jesus or the Virgin mary on the box. For some reason that prevents theft. I don´t know if and when you will send anything but if you do that is the information that you need!
Get this, I can get dear elders here! I only get them once every week or every other week even. Just go to dear elder and find my mission.... You just have to figure it out... But yes! So just do one or two dear elders a week and they´ll get to me eventually.

Well I have to wrap up.. I love you all so much and miss you a ton. Homesickness isn´t very fun. Neither is immersing yourself in a language you don´t know. But this is where I need to be and I know that nobody would have in any other way. This is what its all about. I just need to have faith. Next week I´ll send you pictures. We´ve taken hardly any so far. Pray for me please.. I need all the help I can get here. If I can learn I will be amazing. Like I said. After my trial of faith. I´ve seen tons of people who were unprepared go before me and do fine. I´m prepared.... So I can do this. I know I can. I just gotta put my shoulder to the wheel and humble myself. All will work out. I¨ll talk to you all about this same time again next week. Love you lots. --Elder Christensen--

P.S. Let my puppies know I love them. Also tell Tawny the same when you Dear Elder her. I want to know how she is doing. I miss you all and love you so much.

Monday, June 28, 2010

05/26/10 Hermana Christensen's in the MTC!

Hermana Christensen was taken to the MTC at 12:45 pm. Her entire dropoff took less than a minute. It was rediculous!  This picture was of her last minute technology spree!

5/26/2010 Elder Christensen "I'm Here!"

Hey everyone! I´m safe and sound in Chile at the mission home. Its about noon here and we´re getting ready to eat lunch. We´re going to have a small meeting, receive some things, and be off to proscilyte!!! Wow its an insane feeling. I know that Tawny leaves today tell her I love her and good luck one more time!
Other than that my new Pday is Monday. So this isn´t my real email this is just a little... Hey I´m here safely email. Its going to be a great adventure!!! Its awfully cold in Santiago today but it´ll be a blast. Our trainers are coming to get us here shortly. Love you all so much. Adios. Necesito ir ahorita. Talk to you all Monday. Ciao.
Elder Kurtis Christensen.

5/23/2010 Hermana Christensen's Farewell Address

Good afternoon; thank you all for coming. I feel so blessed and so supported and so loved, and I thank you for that.
Both my mother and my father told me separately and singly that when I get nervous, I talk really fast so if I start talking too fast, give me a thumbs down; I might need it.
I’ve been asked to speak today on the Restoration of the Priesthood; I have to admit this is a little daunting to me; I’m not very familiar with much about the priesthood, so I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to study and learn more about the priesthood, which is so fundamental to our Gospel.
LeGrand Richards once said: “Could there be any subject more important to our understanding than the meaning and purpose of the priesthood of God and how it is obtained to hold the keys and rights to officiate in His name and to administer unto His children the saving ordinances of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
And in Doctrine and Covenants section 121 verse 36, it reads: “the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness.”
Many are surprised to learn that when Jesus Christ was upon the earth, he established a church. We learn in Ephesians chapter 4 verses 11-12: “And he gave some apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” He held his hands upon their heads and conferred upon them the authority to act in his name. However after the death, the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ, Peter became the chief apostle, the prophet of the church. Because this church was so new, he and the other apostles had a difficult time keeping the doctrine pure and sound. They had to travel a lot and they wrote letters to one another addressing questions that they had.
But, because the church was so new and they traveled so much, before the Gospel could be entrenched, some of the doctrines were not kept pure, and between 60 and 70 A.D. the Apostle Peter was slain by his enemies and soon the rest of the apostles were martyred and the pure doctrine of Christ became polluted.
The pieces of Christianity were preserved after this through individuals like Linus, Anacletus, Clement, and other bishops of Rome. The purposes of the Nicene Creed and the Council of Trent were to argue on the basic argument, on the basic points of doctrine of Christianity. So these people had different ideas on the most basic principles such as the nature of God and after a couple hundred years the Gospel was lost. In the middle ages among the leaders the authority to act in the name of God completely disappeared.
This apostasy was predicted; actually I’d like to read in Our Search for Happiness, Apostle Ballard says: “The beautiful simplicity of Christ’s gospel was under attack by an enemy even more destructive than the scourges and attacks against the church by early Rome. The Gospel was based more on popular belief of uninspired men than upon revelation. After a period of time after the apostles had died, the spiritual ordinations in the time of Christ were lost. In short, the church that Christ organized was lost. Indeed these were dark ages, the authority to act in the name of Christ was gone.”
The apostasy was predicted; as we see in II Timothy 4:3-4: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” Also Amos 8: 11-12 “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord: And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.”
Paul wrote to the Thessalonian Christians who were waiting for the return of the Lord and he informed them that Christ would not return until there had been a falling away first. 2 Thessalonians 2:3: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.”
Legrand Richards said in A Marvelous Work and a Wonder: “This departure from the Gospel of Jesus Christ was to be universal as the prophets were told and this apostasy was confirmed by Jesuss Christ to the Prophet Joseph Smith. It followed that a Restoration would be necessary.
Such a Restoration is the message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Restoration is our message and the peculiar part of our doctrine. The boy Joseph went into the woods having questions of the heart and soul that he couldn’t find answers to: So many sects and so many different beliefs. Joseph Smith was in a time of great religious freedom and confusion, so he petitioned the Lord and was told that a fullness of the Gospel was not yet on the earth. The boy Joseph became the man who restored our Gospel.
When Joseph Smith was ready and when the time was right, he was given the Book of Mormon to translate, and while he and Oliver Cowdery were translating, they repeatedly came across verses that really touched their hearts, and they weren’t certain as to what they were to do. 2 Nephi 31:5, they learned “And now, if the Lamb of God he being holy, should have need to be baptized by water, to fulfill all righteousness, O then, how much more need have we, being unholy, to be baptized, yea, even by water.” Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith knew that they needed to be baptized, but they knew that they didn’t have the authority that they needed; so, on May 15th 1829, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery went to the banks of the Susquehanna River, and they petitioned the Lord.
They humbly poured out the desires of their hearts to God; while they were praying, they were visited by John the Baptist who laid his hands upon their heads and conferred upon them the Aaronic Priesthood, and he also told they that they should baptize one another. Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith were very grateful for the difference they saw in their continuing work after they had the Aaronic Priesthood.
However, it did not take long for them to realize that the Aaronic Priesthood was limited and as Joseph continued in his work of restoring the church, he would need the higher priesthood. Joseph Smith and Oliver again petitioned the Lord; they were so straight forward; they didn’t wait for the Lord. And because they were so faithful, he immediately answered their prayer again. Peter, James, and John—of old—appeared and conferred upon them the Melchizedek Priesthood.
Then Moses, Elias, & Elijah came and gave them keys to further use the priesthood. And because of this our Church is restored: April 6th 1830, and here we all are because these faithful men went and did these things. Every working man in the Church is able to receive this priesthood: the authority to act in God’s will.
I want to reflect a little on the blessings of the priesthood. The Aaronic priesthood blesses us each week as these young men prepare, bless and pass the sacramental emblems—Christ’s flesh and blood during our weekly sacrament meetings. Because of this we are able to renew our baptismal covenants and be made clean. We are able to redirect our minds and become close to Christ. Every week we are able to do that because of the Aaronic Priesthood.
Also because of the Aaronic Priesthood, those that hold it are able to perform baptisms. I want to share a few stories really fast. First related to the sacrament. I have a really good friend who turned 16. He really respected his priesthood; he would go home early on Saturday night to prepare to honor the priesthood. I have always remembered that and am so grateful that he realized what a blessing this was.
Regarding baptism, I have gone many times with my brother and with my friends who hold the priesthood and are able to baptism me, and each time I walk away from the temple, I am so grateful for these men who are so pure and who are striving to be righteous.
Young men of the Aaronic priesthood are able to gather donations to help the poor and to minister to needy members in their homes. We have so many great young men in our ward who sacrifice their time on Sundays---to go home teaching with their fathers and to minister to needs of the ward. They are just young boys, but they hold the Aaronic Priesthood, and for this I am so grateful.
Then there is the Melchezedek Priesthood. We are so blessed, for worlds without end were formed with that power. It is through this power that we were formed. It is through this power that our church was formed and reestablished upon this earth in this dispensation.
This Restoration is so fundamental in each of our testimonies. I am so glad that we have the fundamental knowledge to be members of the Church. In the Melchizedek priesthood there is order that we understand, and there is order from our home teachers to our bishopric through our stake presidency all the way up to our Prophet who receives revelation from God. We are so blessed. The Melchizedek Priesthood blesses each of our lives more than we can realize.
Those who hold the Melchizedek Priesthood are able to confer the Holy Ghost, which was what Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith knew was necessary for restoring the priesthood, in order to bestow the Holy Ghost upon each other.
Those who hold the Melchizedek Priesthood are able to heal the sick and administer to them. The are able to conduct church services and to perform sacred ordinances. My mind goes to the temple where the Priesthood allows us to perform sacred ordinances as proxies for those who are dead. Through the priesthood all of this is made possible.
It is also through this priesthood that we are permitted to have priesthood blessings: physical, emotional and spiritually healing. I am so grateful for all of these things.
I have many stories that I want to share with you. I went to the temple early in March around mid-Term; I had tried to call my home teachers, but they were really busy, but the night before I went through the temple, I knew I needed a blessing, so I called my home teachers, and they were over within five minutes. They left the library early and were wearing clean white shirts. It was just great; they were able to just sit and talk with me before and after the beautiful blessing that made me feel peaceful and gave me comfort about going through the temple. I share these thoughts with you because they are very important to me; it meant so much that these wonderful men were able and willing to drop what they were doing and give a girl they home teach a blessing. I was so grateful for that, and I felt that blessing being fulfilled as I was going through the temple. It was a beautiful experience, and I attribute that in part to the blessing I was given.
Also a few years ago I was involved in an accident where life was lost. While the life flight was going to the hospital, I was taken to the roof of the houseboat and given a blessing that I might have peace and not have guilt. I have reflected on that blessing every day as I have grappled with loss and how I feel about it. Also, that blessing was inspired in seeing what I needed even years down the road. I really respect the power of blessings and the men who hold the sacred power of the priesthood.
In Doctrine and Covenants section 107: 18-19, we read:”The Power and Authority of the higher, or Melchizedek Priesthood, is to hold the keys of all the spiritual blessings of the church. To have the privilege of receiving the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, to have the heavens opened unto them, to commune with the general assembly and church of the Firstborn,and to enjoy the communion and presence of God the Father, and Jesus the mediator of the new covenant. It is through the Melchizedek Priesthood we are able to do that.”
Also in Doctrine and Covenants section 84:20 we read : Therefore in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest.” I know that it is through the Priesthood we see God’s hand as a special blessing in our lives. It is an indescribable blessing to have the blessing of the Priesthood in our lives.
As Apostle Ballard said: “The Latter-day Saints may draw upon the priesthood as a special blessing in their lives. In Man’s Search for Happiness, John Taylor says: “Whether on this earth or in the heavens all things are upheld and sustained by the power of the Priesthood. It governs all things; it directs all things. It governs all things that have to do with God and our association with him.”
I would like to close with a reference to Apostle L. Tom Perry, who said: “We have been blessed by the great power of the priesthood. It blesses the family; it blesses the congregation to which we belong. It even blesses the world in which we live.”
I know that the priesthood is a gift and a blessing from our Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for it. I am so grateful for the righteous men in this ward by whom I have been highly influenced. The blessings of the priesthood are many; I have touched on only a few. We are so blessed to have the priesthood.
I know that as I leave on this mission that it is the priesthood work. I know that as I preach the Gospel it is through the priesthood that those taught will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to be truly converted and to be members of the Church for the rest of their lives as they go through the temple and receive the blessings there.
I am so grateful to be here. I feel I really belong here, and I’m so grateful for the Gospel and for my testimony that this is without a doubt the true church of Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it was translated through the priesthood. It contains the fullness of the Gospel when put with the Bible. And I am so grateful for the privilege of serving the people of San Diego in this sacred work. I’m grateful for all that I have, for my testimony and for this gospel.
I bear this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

5/21/2010 Elder Christensen Emails

What you doin!? I sent off a bunch of pics today. You will love them. I'm gonna be post marting a box or two probably tomorrow or monday. I found my ctr ring in the Lost and Found so I'm gonna send the gold one back home. The way post mart works is I put your cell on it and they call you. So I don't needa tell you when. I'm also gonna use my two regular target towels on tuesday morning and post mart them. So plan to receive some wet towels. Sorry.... I'm gonna send home most of my mail and pictures. Its too much weight and I don't needa be draggin it all around chile! I'm picking my favorite things and sending the rest home. Sound good?

I'm starting to pack up today. Its insane that we are already leaving. Wow.

Well I have one minute left... Expect my call on Tuesday in the evening!! My next Pday will be in Chile. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers. I'll need all the help I can get. I love you all very much

5/14/2010 Elder Christensen

So yesterday I got my travel plans in my mailbox. WE LEAVE MAY 25th from the MTC at 11:30. We leave SLC at 2:45 and arrive in Dallas at 6:25. Then we have a 3 hour layover in Dallas until 9:10. We are on the plane from 9:10 to 7:50am. Awful. But SO SICK! WOOOOOO!!! I'm stoked. Should I call from Dallas? Also. I think I need to purchase a calling card in the bookstore. I think they might be expensive but I'll try to get like 1 and a half to 2 hrs. K? AMERICAN AIRLINES ALL THE WAY!!! YAA BABY!!! SO I can have 50 50 40 lbs for all my bags. Its gonna be perfect

I can call whenever. If I have enough time I'll call you from SLC around like 130. If not then expect my call around like 7 from dallas

Mother's Day Card from Elder Christensen

4/23/2010 Elder Christensen

Hey guys! Tawny gave me the idea to write one long email as well as chat! It is going to be a challenge but I will still try to do it! Ya.. It's not going to be that long. Lets face it I can't chat and type too well at the same time especially on these slow computers. Goodness.
Anyways, the language is SO fun. We have opportunities to practice every single day but yesterday we had one really great experience. We got to do a door approach in the "TE". Apparently we did pretty poorly the first try... We were just kind of asking questions because we had to. So she stopped the appointment and made us go back outside and knock again. We did. She wanted us to ask her meaningful questions. Gospel Questions. We were so nervous. We didn't really know how to say those deep soul questions in spanish.. We knocked. It was so intense. Then the spirit took over and it just flowed. We asked some really good questions and the spirit filled our mouths. I asked once. Que piensa que dios ayudo en su vida? ( How do you think god has helped you in your life ) After we left I felt so confident I wanted to hop on the next plane to Santiago. Ya.. you guys chat too fast. I only have 2 minutes left. Consider this your long email. Amo ustedes mucho! Love you guys..
Elder Christensen


Things are still going great in here! I took pictures of the chip carnage. That was UNREAL! You have no idea how happy I was to score a whole bucket of chips and 4 things of salsa. I wish I would have timed how long it lasted. I let 10 guys in the room and it was gone in around 10-15 minutes. Thank dad so much for me! The Jazz shirt, gummy bears, and LHM pin are SICK!!! That was another great package! Also thanks for the ties!!! Keep looking for me! I can always use more ties haha. But anyways. You just emailed me and I want to wrap this up. Can you send me the following things please?? My Mini Spanish Preach my Gospel. It should be on my headboard. I DO NOT want the english one. Also. I LOVE THE TOWEL jesse sent me. So please. Send the two new ones!! And guess what?? You were right. I want my watch haha. Can you send it? it's in the case on my cabinet in my room. The black Suunto. I only have one minute as of right now. Time just goes so fast I hate it. Let me just say that I love you all so much! This opportunity to serve has already changed me so much! I can't wait to get out and serve in Chile! Thanks for all your love, support, packages, and prayers! Trust me your prayers are felt. I need all the help I can get. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! -Elder Christensen

Monday, June 21, 2010

4/9/2010 Elder Christensen Emails

I'm known as the happy "Smiley" elder. They always tell me to stop smiling hah. Except my ZL tells me to hold on to that smile as long as I can.

Hug received! I love it how when we have the chance to talk live we have nothing to say. Haha. You dont have to get me ties but if you do get plaid or striped. Some rougher material. Rough material ties better knots than soft silk! I'm sending you a bunch of pics now in the mail!

I have 30 seconds left! I'll talk to you next friday. I love you very much. Thanks for all the support. I'm trying my best. Farewell!