Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/14/2010 Elder Christensen

Dear Family and Friends! How is the life in Utah?? Man it sure is different here in South America! Imagine someone taking your life... and just flipping it upside down. Its awesome and I love it but wow what an adjustment! The money system? Straight Crazy status. Pesos are crazy. When I go to an atm I have to enter that I want 50,000 dollars. Its only pesos ya but still what a trip. There is tons of wacky things. Yogurt comes in bags. Milk is not refrigerated. All of you better take a long look at the cereal aisle and realize how blessed you are haha. Pretty much... here they have frosted flakes and cheerios. The rest is trash.
The language is okay actually. I´m speaking most the day in spanish but my comp is from Utah so we have some english as well.
Its cold and rainy here. Freezing. Haha I wake up like every single night at 2 then 5I can´t figure out why. Even with melatonin I still wake up. I don´t get it. The mornings are really garbage here. Freezing. I get like morning sickness. But its great. We have tons of people we´re teaching, I got some great pics, I´m getting more comfortable. I´m slowly learning. I wish I could be smarter and learn faster! But I can read my scrips in spanish and understand almost all of it.
Mom and Dad. There are reminders of you guys everywhere. The main thing is music. Scorpions posters everywhere. Not to mention the american influence here is very strong. Half the music is from america. Like nelly furtado, shakira, that garbage. But lately I´ve heard a lot of Journey and the Eagles. Wow. That made me want to be sitting in the focus with you both listening to it. Music has never sounded so good. Hotel California?? WOW. SO good. Also Seperate Ways I hear alot and I know thats one of your favs mom.
Bottom line. Things are extremely hard here. The people are for the most part very nice. There are some mean people and gangstas who have some Karma coming their way... Or they´ll just be burned when the second coming happens. Haha. Sorry but Joke. I know I´m sorry I put out that depressed vibe but its hard not too.... But its fine I´m adjusting. Pretty soon my mission will all be over and I¨ll be looking back saying... HuH!?!?! Where did that time go. Weird. OH I REMEMBERED SOMETHING. Can you get those stickers with the mission address and my name? I will use that address I gave you last week for my whole mission unless pres king changes the mail system which I doubt. So don´t make a ton just like 50 or something. Incase it changes and they are worthless.
The depression is good though mom. Don´t worry. It just makes me love you all and home that much more. When I return I´ll be a changed person. Heck I´m already a changed person. I have seen things I never would have seen otherwise had I just stayed home and played halo. I´m about to send pics too.
But I´m out of time now. We´re about to go shoppin. Man its freezingggggggggg. I love you all. Stay thankful for what you have and know that this church is true. I see families EVERY SINGLE DAY that are destroyed. Things like Chastity, the word of wisdom, eternal families. This stuff doesn´t exist here. Everyone just smokes drinks and sins. Definately a change from good Ol Orem ut. I love you all and will talk to you next monday. Ciao. Elder Christensen
P.S Me in the TINY shower. I can touch my head to the ceiling with slight tippy toes. Haha. The tag was a funny bonus.

Me standing on the balcony of our apartment. Look at those beautiful mountains! Wooo! Reminds me of UTAH!!