Monday, June 28, 2010

5/26/2010 Elder Christensen "I'm Here!"

Hey everyone! I´m safe and sound in Chile at the mission home. Its about noon here and we´re getting ready to eat lunch. We´re going to have a small meeting, receive some things, and be off to proscilyte!!! Wow its an insane feeling. I know that Tawny leaves today tell her I love her and good luck one more time!
Other than that my new Pday is Monday. So this isn´t my real email this is just a little... Hey I´m here safely email. Its going to be a great adventure!!! Its awfully cold in Santiago today but it´ll be a blast. Our trainers are coming to get us here shortly. Love you all so much. Adios. Necesito ir ahorita. Talk to you all Monday. Ciao.
Elder Kurtis Christensen.