Monday, June 28, 2010

4/23/2010 Elder Christensen

Hey guys! Tawny gave me the idea to write one long email as well as chat! It is going to be a challenge but I will still try to do it! Ya.. It's not going to be that long. Lets face it I can't chat and type too well at the same time especially on these slow computers. Goodness.
Anyways, the language is SO fun. We have opportunities to practice every single day but yesterday we had one really great experience. We got to do a door approach in the "TE". Apparently we did pretty poorly the first try... We were just kind of asking questions because we had to. So she stopped the appointment and made us go back outside and knock again. We did. She wanted us to ask her meaningful questions. Gospel Questions. We were so nervous. We didn't really know how to say those deep soul questions in spanish.. We knocked. It was so intense. Then the spirit took over and it just flowed. We asked some really good questions and the spirit filled our mouths. I asked once. Que piensa que dios ayudo en su vida? ( How do you think god has helped you in your life ) After we left I felt so confident I wanted to hop on the next plane to Santiago. Ya.. you guys chat too fast. I only have 2 minutes left. Consider this your long email. Amo ustedes mucho! Love you guys..
Elder Christensen