Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/8/10 Hermana Christensen


hello hello my dear family!

okay so this pday is MUCH better. i'm not spending a third of my minutes logging on! :) yay.

but hi everyone! can i just say WOW and thank you soooo soo osooooo much for all the love? all the PACKAGES? all the prayers? all the support?! my goodnes. i am so incredibly blessed to have you all behind me on this! it is unreal. my words fall so short!

i'm sorry i have no time in the world, so i'm just going to have to combine emails here. please know that i REALLY appreciate you and your emails individually!


HOW WAS HAWAII?!!! ahhh such a blasty blast? jealous. but so happy for you! especially the hammock and book part. my goodness.
lake powell: GET REAL! i'm so happy that is happening! please feel my love and my spirit there with you all! and be safe.
thank you for telling me about nicole. mom, did you happen to get her the journal, note, and sunglasses i left for her on the floor? i hope she got those. that poor poor girl. i hope she can get things sorted out. i will ABSOLUTELY keep her in my prayers. i'm so glad that brent and stacie are taking this leap of faith. ah. wow. please give stac and brent a huge hug from me. things will work out. things HAVE to work out!
how are things looking with at&t? do you need my missionary booklet thing? let me know!
father, you asked about my car preferences. ha ha, to be honest, that is a generous question we can address in maybe like twelve months. i'm not entirely certain. i was totally gungho for the subaru outback, but i don't love the body of the new models, and i'm mostly opposed to getting a used car. i am sincerely interested in something a little more gas friendly, aka a natural gas car perchance, but i need to do a TON of research when i get home on that because i'm just not really sure how legit that is. you know.
okay so can i request a few things from home? 1. perfume. i thought it was verboten but it's not! can i possibly get the clinique stuff on my dresser? it's happy or something? not the rose stuff. i just can't handle that right now. 2. in my middle drawer i belieeeeeeve i have a white shade tank top. heavens! i need it! 3. earplugs perchance? i'm sleeping in the same room as a bunch of natives and they don't worry about snorin, no they do not! 4. can you please print out the second to last post on my blog for me? i've had multiple people tell me it made them cry... i'd like to reference that real fastlike.
mom, any luck with the blog? ask kels! she's great. also allie, talley's allie, is a computer GENIUS. get her to come around and i'm sure she'd solve anyyyy problem you have.
father, my goodness. the pen? don't even apologize because "everyone" else is giving me a pen. yours is wayyyy different from the others i've gotten and it's PERFECT. i keep it hooked onto my journal because it's small enough to do so, and it's black. and i take my journal everywhere, so basically.... it's very useful. i love it. i couldn't have asked for anythhing better and i promise that!
can i perchance request white choco mac nut cookies? but only a small portion. maybe use carol's recipe and make some choco chips ones for those sickos who like those. i've had a craving!
THANK YOU FOR THE INCREDIBLY AMOUNTS OF GENEROSITY WITH THE PACKAGES! i am so so so so so appreciateive. but i also don't want to become gorda so be sparing. :)
you asked about a grey turtleneck that i left. i left it on purpose. no need to send that! thanks though.
oh hey, mom, will you please tell stacie that i wear the necklace she gave me for my birthday EVERYDAY? i literally wear it everywhere. and i feel like it is quiiiiite appropriate because it's v for virtue. :)


get out. you two. honestly?! that package was UNREAL. did i mention that i needed flip flops or did you just do that? seriously, what was suuuuch a godsend. did i mention that i literally cried the first night when i went in the bathroom to shower? ha ha. true story. the flip flips are perrrrrrrrrfect. the purple is perfect. it is exactly as i would've chosen. :) thank you so much for the goodies, the goodness and the thoughtfulness! it means a lot.
kaylynn! you're outta school! how's swim?
colb, your email just made me tear up a little bit. seriously, thank you for those kind, generous words. en serio. i kinda felt like my setting apart was possibly slightly generic (don't worry, i know it wasn't!), but it's really neat to hear that it stood out to you for some reason. i think i needed to hear that to answer some of my own questions. so thank you. and hey, would it be too much to ask you to print that out and maybe send it to me? i would be ever grateful seen as how printers here are about as easy to locate as is thirty minutes and a dang computer to email the family. thanks ever so much!
i'm so excited for your hawaiian adventure. i expect fotografias OR ELSE! beware of my wrath. i don't sleep.
kaylynn, can i ask a HUUUGE favor of you? will you please get onto my stupid facebook and become a fan of me? jk. ha ha. but will you seriously get on it (i left alllll my password info on a lined paper on my desk!) and sign in on my thing and change my address? i'm box # 95 now CA-SD 0727. so i depart july 27th. if you do this maybe i'll send you somethign SICK for your bday from sanD. cross your fingers. thank you! also, will you tell katie pannelley...peterson? that i am SO sorry i never called her! i totally ran out of time to be her model, but i would looooove to in 18 months. seriously. i love that girl.

well, my time is nonexistent. sorry this is lame and SCATTERED! but i'd like to say a few things..

i love my new district. i freakin miss my old one like nutsos--we got so close that first week--but i know this is right. i'm being challengbed. i'm being humbled. i'm working. i'm memorizing scriptures like it aint no biznass. i'm speakin spanish like a nutso and i'm teaching lessons on the daily. it's way hard, but it's my life for the next 18 months. i know its right.

i am in the right place. that is hard to take it, considering the level of difficulty, but i know it.

i have a testimony. wow. i want to share it with the world. i know, without a shadow of a doubt that this is the true church. it is the only true church. god is our loving heavenly father and he sent his only begotten son to live, die, and live again so we can return to him. there is a PLAN. we need to that plan. we can have peace i knowing that we are known. we are numbered. i know the book of mormon is true. i know that joseph smith is a prophet of god, and that we have a prophet on the earth today. i love the temple and am so grateful for the ennabling ordinances we take part in there. there is a way. it's jesus christ! i say this in His name, amen.

i'm sorry this is so crazy! i have two seconds. know that i love you. wow. i love you alll soooooo much! and i hope you're happy and healthy and doing well. :) feel my love!

hermana christensen
My new district!!!