Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/10 Hermana Christensen


hello hello all my wonderful queridas!

Oooooooookay i am so happy to be here writing you all! Thank you--I mean--THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! ...for all of your love, support, packages, prayers... ah! All of it! You are all such unreal supports and I am so grateful! Seriously. Thank you so so much! you wanted me to answer a few questions, let me do it to it.
     a. the strawberries. EXITO! aka SUCCESS! what a win!! Thank you so so much! They were amaaaaaaaaaazing and we ate them all in one sitting.
     b. the red velv. it was gone in one sitting. and a great party favor slash saver because my blasted teacher is leaving, curse him.
     c. everything. i've gotten it all and i'm so grateful.
     d. ma you asked who i can email slash who can email me. anyone can email me but i can only email immediate family. pri-tty ridic. but hey! whatev! they keep telling me these rules set me free! ha. so I can't email mikie or gma--who have both been so wonderful at writing me! will you please send me mikies address? jk. i'll send the letter home and let yall mail it. for accurate postage purposes. but yes, anyone can email me. but, to be honest, i'd maybe even think that it would be better if they just lettered or dear eldered or whatev, just because i've already used ten minutes somehow. time FLIES. so yeah. does that answer your question?
     e. yes! I saw the kings multiple times! they are WONDERFUL. so so so great! they are excited! and sister king says thank you SO much for sending her baby some food. :) she says that was so dang thoughtful of you. and i comopletely agree! i can't wait for bro to be with them! what aweesomes.

okay. enough useless garbo. (ps. see how i keep messing things up? thats because my nails are so long. ha! i am cutting down on bad habits like you wouldn't believe! i'm working on not popping my knucks... maaaa.)

It has been a GOOD week. it has been a HARD week. it has been another week at the mtc. i am happy. i am fortunate. i am blessed. brother bott always said that a mission is like 40 years of church service--the highs are high, the lows are low and the space in between is almost nonexistent. I have been here for freakin minimal weeks and i can already see that truthfulness in that statement. and i'm in the mtc. ha ha.

Last week i was uber discouraged. Sorry about that. My companion is pretty dang amazing; she's studied spanish for seven years. it's been about five for me, not to mention the german, so i know that I shouldn't compare myself to her perfection... but satan weasles his way in wherever he can and he goes CRAZY. teaching in spanish with hermana livingston is challenging. but only when i have THAT kind of an attitude! when i can breathe, be patient, say a couple thousand prayers, be humble and realize that she is an increeeeedible resource--it's alright. last week we taught the mission presidents, more like we taught each other, and i had this experience where the president said something to me that really offended me. i literally started crying as i sat there. i couldn't help it. but i KNEW it was my own pride. I read the talk by bednar about being offended that night because i knew i couldn't go on feeling sad and offended. trillions of tms later, i came around. geeze folks. heavenly father answers our prayers. the gospel is so real and simple and easy and RIGHT. it's amazing. we can be lifted above and beyond our hardships. this was NOTHIGN but i learned a lot from it.

we're into teaching all our lessons in spanish and incorporating the wow. palabra de sabaduria. basicamente, m y teacher was talking to us about it last week and he said we don't even need to go into all the, "it's much better for your body...it's cheaper..you'll live longer../.' etc, because that's not the timportant part. if we have faith in jesus christ, we want to obey him--and ALL his commandments. If we have faith that book fo mormom is true and the prophet joseph was called of god, then we should be filled with the desire to obey any commandment--especially one that is given to our dispensation in specific! It's so simple.

I am falling in LOVE with the scriptures. I cannot get ENOUGH personal study time. everyone says that on a mission, but DANG it is true! i have always thiristed after the word, but this is NOTHING. last night i laid (layed? i hate the verb to lay.) awake until 1230 just giddy about all the new subjects i want to study. it's wonderful! i have a post it by my bed because i seem to have the best ideas laaaaaaaate at night. hma L and i have been INTRIGUIED by Paul. We decided to go in depth into his life and teachings. what an incredible! baaaaaasically he wrote 14 of the books in the nt. he is UNREAL. i can't wait for more study time. please. we're also studying patience as our c hristlike attriburte, which i'm LOVING. basically, can i recommend some scripts? oh, my heart is full!
romans ch 5, 8
philip 4:13
romans 5:14
col. 3:17
dc 103:36
dc 68:6
(the last three i just have written down from last week. i think i already recommended them?)
wow and so many more. i am dying here as i fail to describe all i'm learning and share it.
that is the hardest part about spanish. just not being able to say what i feeeeeeeel and want to say oh so badly! but it'll come. :)

sooooo basically last week we had a fireside with dh oaks. i wasn't a liar, i just had bad timing. ha. he came during the mprez trainging with about...eveyrone. hahah. unreal!
were alllllll there in one meeting. on sunday the prophet got into his car right in front of my building. what is going on? so cool. so blessed.

OKAY i have to share this. rs on sunday was BOMB. susan c jones from the general rs board spoke. it was unreal. she was ADORABLE! i'm pretty sure she's pam's twin--which m ade it all the more enjoyable for me. :) she talked about moses 7:18 and had three different points--becoming a zion missionary, become a holy person, and seeing that there were no poor among us. i felt like it was such an answer to my prayers. she talked about making t6he m ost of our missions--t6hat the time will fly. she said we need to have a mission motto to ensure that we give our all; in that moment, i knew exactly what my motto was. our stake president really came through for me.

the numbers are flashing and my hands are shaking. i hope everyone is happy and well. i hope you all know how much i love you. i cannot say the least part of which i feel! ah! i feel like, no matter how sad or hard or long or whatever a day is, by the time i get into bed, i am so happy i can't stop smiling. I. AM. SO. HAPPY. TO. BE. HERE. this is hard, i won't deny, but i love it. i am so grateful for this opportunity. the the gospel is everyyyyyything. we are so blessed toh ave it! people NEED IT.

i'm sorry this is scattered. i don't do well with timers. just know i love you! thank you for everything!

hermana christensen

dad--yay! the heater is fixed!! i mean ac! haha. love you. hope work is going well. any chance you could get tiffany slash natasha's address?
ps i saw jenny here today!


siga fiel!