Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/21/2010 Elder Christensen

Well todays been a great day so far. We got up early and went and played basketball. Let me just say right now I cant do any symbols or anything on this computer so thats why this sounds lifeless haha. The latins are.......... not too good at basketball to say the least. It was fun until the ball popped when it hit the ground haha. It was a piece of garbage.
Things are really going great now that Ive got my feet on the ground a little bit. We have SO many cool people that live around us and treat us well. We eat lunch at a members house every single day except mondays. I havent told you like anything about my area yet.

Everything is fenced. Every single house has a fence around it. We dont really knock doors unless we are in an apartment complex. Instead we stand in front of the fence and yell..... ALOOOOOOOO. Kind of a special sounding hello. Haha dad its just like you said. ITS SO OBVIOUS when people are inside and just dont want to let you in. You see them in the windows, they have ALL their lights on, or better yet you see them looking through the peephole. They just dont realize what they are missing. The excuses are usually horrible as well... No Im sweeping right now. No we have guests here. No Im catholic. WOW the other day was my first official door slam. A lady with a walker came to the door. We said... Hola somos misioneros de la iglesia de Jesucristo. IMMEDIATELY she cuts us off and says... You made me get up for this. Then she slammed the door as hard as she could. Sorry I cant use symbols. Its bugging me. Then we had another guy.... We ALWAYS say hi to everyone. Just a simple... Hola. This guy says... WHY ARE YOU SAYING HI TO ME I DONT ****************** KNOW YOU. Im not sure the word that those stars represent but its not a good one haha.

Mom-- To answer your questions about my cases. THEY ARE GONNA BE SWEEEEEEET. The Front of the Bible I got a picture of Jesus holding a little lamb... Then it says.. Behold the lamb of god that taketh away the sins of the world. Then on the back is the Lamb with the Lion for the Millenium with my mission symbol. Its sweet. On the spine... I got Elder Kurtis Christensen, with a snake and a staff. Like Moses. Thats the Bible.... Then the book of mormon case is sweet too. The front is the first vision with the father pointing to the son. The back is Capt Moroni holding a flag. The spine is country of Chile with my name and the names of the books. Im gonna call him today and see if he can put my plaque scripture on the inside. Itll be sweeeeeeeet.

I GOT YOUR SWEET PACKAGE. Wow that stuff is all dank. Chips cookies chocolates and beef jerky hardly exist in this place... If you want chips they have... REGULAR LAYS. Thats it. Those hawaiian chips are really good and way too greasy haha. Sadly to say some hawaiian must have left it in the sun because everything melted together... BUT its all still deliciousª... That A is an exclamation mark okay. Wow beef jerky has never ever ever tasted so good. Like wow.

HEY MOM LISTEN TO THESE SONGS. They are my favorite and you will LOVE THEM. First...... Brother James*s Air.. Mormon tab. SO GOOD. That * is an apostrophe. Second... My heavenly father loves me.... Lyle Hadlock. Youll probably cry knowing that I listen to them every day here. BUT LISTEN TO THOSE HONESTLY they are my very very very favorite. 3 to 4 times daily. they make me think of you guys. Bring tears to my eyes.
Also.. how was fathers day? I sent dad another quote. It says... mi papa es y sera el mejor del mundo. My father is and always will be the best in the world... Hope he doesnt cry at work ahaha
Anyways Im about out of time... I have 15 minutes left but well use that to chat okay. Let everyone know that I love and miss them all so much. This place is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Everyone is going nuts over the world cup... definately makes the work harder. But I gotta run. Ciao Love you all. Elder C
Just gotta send one last email to everyone. I have 4 mins left. I love you all so much. I know I say that a ton but its true. Youre all so awesome. GO See toy story everyone and tell me how it is. I see pictures all day long and its torturous. I also want you to know that your prayers are felt. Love you all. Ciao until next week. Love Elder C

........The closest I´ll get to Toy Story 3.