Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/22/10 Hermana Christensen

It's alright. I'm breathing. Retarded computer notwithstanding. I'm really sorry about this broken computer.. Consider long spaces new paragraphs..and don't worry about all the periods.. it does that on its own.. a scripture: "All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness and prayers of faith.." I found this this morning during a particularly difficult companion study.. I don't know what exactly is going on, but things have been a little rough lately.. I'm struggling to know what to do with it.. I'm trying to be faithful, true, honest, and diligent.. I'm trying to keep all the rules, study hard and follow my plans.. I know that things will get better.. It's been another week.. It's unreal how quickly they go! I'm not opposed to it... Unfortunately the temple is close for the next fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive weeks which will be the death of me.. b ut there's a chance we'll be bussed to timp I suppose? Mother? Do you have knowledge of this? I'd love to know that the rumors are true.. classes are going well.. I've hit a plateau that is killin me.. the spanish that was coming so easily has now entirely halted.. i'm not surprised by this because i know i need to now work increasingly hard for that which i wish to obtain.. I feel like I've gotten things I used to know with things I never knew so now I'm just messing up all over the place.. But! Once again, I'm trying.. Ah.. I am trying to do all I can.. We went to the referral center last week and while everyone was making their calls in English I busted into Spanish mode.. I made a legit fool of myself several times, but I AM TRYING.. ha.. i hate caps but i just.... i feel like that's all i can do.. what do i do? ah.. Anyway.. I talked with a super nice man who realized I was a gringo an took the moment to be extra nice to me.. tm.. my very last call of the day was a woman who sounded like she was dying, and after i said "i've seen" instead of "would you like" (to have the missionaries) she somehow understood and said, "si.. quiero encontrar con los representativos.." so basically the missionaries are going to her.. hopefully she doesn't die before they get there.. that was a definite tm.. I know the lord is blessing me and is pushing me forwards in little ways that i'm not aware of.. i know that he's there, that he loves us.. it's so neat how we have all this knowledge that blesses us in such beautiful ways.. we're so blessed.. mom.. you asked about rober d hales' talk.. it was so great.. honestly, sad to say, but we're seeing sooo many firesides and devotionals that it's kinda hard to keep them all straight.. ha.. but i reviewed my journ and i'll just kind go through that.. h e talked about dc 50:24, about how our light groweth brighter and brighter, and he related that to obedience--when we're obedient, we have more light.. to obey is a sacrifice.. he said, "There is nothing you can give up that is of greater importance than what will come in the next 18 or 24 months." serve with all your corazon, alma, mente y fuerza.. ........ in the vieyard we'll get rejected, but we'll see those who KNOW WHO WE ARE because of the light of christ.. and we'll teach them.. he also talked about how interesting it was that the bible begins with a story of light and dark.. when we study we are filled with light and knowledge.. the brightness of hope is the plan of salvation.. we can go to troubled souls and help dispel the darkness... jesus christ came to give light as we sat in darkness.. he also said, "when you feel it, you teach it.." that was super helpful for me to hear because so many people are telling me that i need to teach with a structured plan--but i don't feel right about that.. we are led by the holy spirit as we teach, according to the needs of our investigators.. he also said that when we bear our testimonies, light enters and darkness dispels.. (under the bible dictionary of faith it says that your'e forgiven of your sins and that your testimony grows as you bear your testimony.. i just thought of that.. basically that's the idea--when you do things of the lord, more light enters and it replaces the darkness..) he went on to talk about the way to christ--baptism, and keeping covenants, in a very useful way. it was a great talk.. ma, i hope that helps with your lesson.. i know teaching in rs can be stressful! ui'll pray for you.. the takl from my first counselor about love was so great, was that what you really wanted? he talked about how the lords fight must be our fight.. he talked about the human soul and its capacity to become like god; psalms 82:6, and acts 17:29.. he went onto say that the world is all about copying eternal truths.. like god's love is infathomable and we only get a taste of that with our own children.. or how the greatest minds in the world make computers and telescopes but they "pale" in the comparion to the human eye.. "of all the evidences of god, the greatest is LOVE.. one of the most important lessons we learn in this life is love.. when you hold a child you're given a telestial capacity to feel celesital love.." how BEAUTIFUL.. and true! my goodness.. i'm sorry this is so scattered.. today is not the best day.. but i know things will be okay--probably even in just a few hours.. i love you all.. Dad, i hope father's day was great! it was a tm to run into kerri so she could deliver that message.. ma'n'a, i loooove the hawaiian skirt, seriously.. and i looove all the goodies.. thank you for your love and support. i'm really feeling blessed.. thanks so much.. sorry again this is lame and scattered.. tengo un testimonio que dios nos ama.. estoy muyyyyyyy agradecida.. siga fiel queridas.. hermana christensen