Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/28/2010 Elder Christensen

Hello to all from freezing cold soccer crazy Santiago Chile. Well everything is closed today. Ridiculous. Stores, half of the metro trains, collectivos, busses, pretty much all the things we need to use haha. We get free Burger King again. Gotta love our investigator Jonathan. He does maintenance for like 50 BKs so thats how we get it free. Its weird to eat greasy flavorful food. Most food here is bland but really good at the same time.... Chileans!

All is going pretty great here. The work is still slow but we have appointments. ITS IMPOSSIBLE to get into a house where there is a soccer game on. I´m not sure why we even leave during a soccer game. You would think that some tradgedy just happened every time there is a game. Horns are honking for 3 hours before the game even starts, then its silent during the game unless of course theres a goal(GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) Haha. Then again after the game.... Horns for hours. Everyones all dressed up. People have flags hanging from their cars that are bigger than their whole cars. Some people drape it over the back window. Makes for safe driving.
Its ridiculous how much american music there is here. EVERYWHERE we go. Nelly furtado has been playing like all day. Its amazing how much the mission makes you forget the world. All these songs are coming on right now in the little net cafe and I can´t remember like 3/4s the artists. Thats not the point though eh? Here to do Christs work no more than that.
Spanish......... Flowing! I´m to the point where I can feel somewhat comfortable just being with someone who speaks spanish. We did divisions yesterday because another latin elder and I are both sick and had to stay home. It went fine and it was a great chance to practice the spanish. Coming coming coming. I find that when I speak all day in spanish its easier when I need it. God can humble us immeadiately thought. One day I get everything the next day my comp has to translate. The Lord makes me rely on him and I DO.
Another song I heard recently was Rock you Like a Hurricane... Of course. Of all the bands in the world, of all the songs by that band, why dont you just pick one of my family´s favorites. Satan is far too good at his job. WOW Dave Matthews just came on. Gah.. He tries so hard to make me lose focus. Satan. Toy Story 3 advertisements are EVERYWHERE. I hope is is good. You can´t ruin Toy Story.... or can you? Oh hey I meant to ask. When I send you guys pics can you save them? Im sure you already are but just figured I´d ask. Well we´re like out of time for the day sad to say. That rhymed. Love you all so much. You´re prayers and thoughts surely are felt. Has it been 3 months already???? Wowwwwwwwwwww. Ridiculous. Before we know it it´ll be Christmas. Welp. Gotta run. CIAOOOOO Love Elder C

Well my pictures are takin forever to download. So I can just finish this little session off by saying I´m thankful to have been born of goodly parents. Youre honestly the best parents and family anyone could ask for. Miss you all so much. Hope all is going well at works, schools, houses haha. I still need freaking info about toy story 3. Kaylynn where art thou?? About two minutes.....hmm........ Also enjoy having cars. The metro is sweet here! like 343 times better than new york city. It doesn´t all smell like urine hahaha. Well I gotta really run now. I love you all so sososososososososo much. Keep truckin in utah. Until next pday.... Elder Christensen..
Okay.... a song by linkin park just came on... Wheeeewwww.... Satan you clever dog.

MY LONG LOST AMIGO ELDER POULSEN!!!!!!!!!!! What a sick balla