Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/7/2010 Elder Christensen

Wow... what another week that has gone by... Its SO hard to be away from you all. I find myself thinking about you ALL the time. Which I know is a very bad thing. I´m trying to let go of home and not be homesick. There are just reminders everywhere. For instance. We´re sitting in a members house who is playing an english radio station. Hahah this made me laugh. The song from Ace Ventura came on the radio. Its the part where he is naked in the shower and burning his clothes. HHahaahah. I LOLed all over the place. (Laughed out Loud for those of you who don´t know.)
Seeing all these troubled people here makes me want to cry. Its not like Utah. EVERYONE has problems. EVERYONE. Some are really bad. Like one lady´s husband pulled a gun on her because he´s a psycho. People just love to sin as well. Drinking and smoking are ridiculous as well as chastity. I´m so thankful to have grown up in a good loving GOSPEL environment. Who knows where I would be without it.
Colby I think of you often here because I can only imagine the struggles with learning Korean. I am dying here. Every day it is so hard to be in a destroyed environment. I am struggling so hard with this language!! I have been told by some including ammon that I will struggle for the first 3 to 4 months with listening and understanding. Which stinks. But I´m gonna do this. I don´t care if juan john and his family all laugh at me. Our country has heating and theirs doesn´t so I´ve been laughing at them for the last 19 years without knowing it. In another two years I´ll yet again be laughing at them when I´m sitting in the warmth of our house. Especially if the AC is broken. Bummer.
I have no time left at all. I have to run. I just wanted to say that in the two weeks I´ve been here, the things I¨ve already seen, have made me love each and every one of you so much. I have truely come to appreciate and be grateful for you all. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. This mission is what I need to grow. I´ve aleady seen the changes in my mind and actions that I¨ve made. Its a growing process. Jeffrey R Holland said that if you only get one convert on your mission it had better be you. This is comforting. Half the time when I look at my numbers I feel like a failure. ANd its stinky. But who cares as long as I´m converted. As long as I¨m trying my best, numbers don´t matter.
As for right now, I´ll continue to struggle. I´ll continue to get laughed at. I´ll continue to shake my head and say yes when I have no idea what the people are saying. I know it will come. Heavenly father hasn´t deserted me, he is just trying me. I can do this. I will do this. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and want you to know that. Keep me in your prayers... Ciao. Elder Christensen
I have no time now for real. I will be sending you two pictures. One of me and my companion last week with our pizza from dominos. Thats our Pday tradition. THE OTHER OF ME IN MY SUIT WITH A TIE ON WAS TAKEN AN HOUR AGO. Look for the pictures I will be sending within the next ten minutes. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH KNOW THAT. I AM WORKING FOR THESE PEOPLE; YOU AND THE LORD!! Family is part of what keeps me going. Although it gets me sad and homesick it pushes me at the same time. Gotta run. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Keep me in your prayers, I´ll talk with you all next monday. Ciao! Your Chile Elder Christensen.. MOM can you send my english hymn book? I believe I sent it home.Just put it in my next care package. Love ya all.