Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/28/2010 Hermana Christensen

Christmas Day!!

Digging in to the Presents!
 my sweet family!

MY GOODNESS, HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!!! this past week... my oh my, what love and joy is just bursting out of me for you! everything, all of it! it was PERFECT. i'm sorry i had to rush off the phone; please know that i love you and that was DEFINITELY the best christmas present i received! you are SUCH a priceless bunch of people, and i absolutely second broseph's notion that forever families is what it's all about. ah. i am just transcendentally happy and so grateful for you all. i hope christmas was SO GOOD and that you felt my uber love for you! (ps. so maybe the tradition won't catch on for willy and colby of note writing, i totally feel ya kay, but IIIIII will be doing it. so count on it! :))

okay so let me answer willy's questions. the area where we're at now is la mesa. it's north east of sanD slash mobat slash home and it's pretty rad. yeah, it's called "The Table" but hey, i like it. It's green, hilly, and really palm tree-esque. It's not really uber humble or anything, it'd just... i dunno, it's just normal i guess. the branch is poquita but SOLID. the members are right on and so awesome. it's home. there are so few of us that we all just bond and love each other so dang fast. i dunno, they're awesome.

we've been thinking so much about how we can help fortalecer a la rama. it's been rough because we have so few investigators, and they're basically dead (never answering the phone/door/nada) so we just don't really know how to use our time. but there's a section in pmg about going about and doing GOOD, and we've been trying to prestar servicio and lift where we stand. we helped the rs president, hermana garcia, buy something online and make cookies for christmas, and she was SO GRATEFUL it was unreal. we did service.. and it was FUN for us! ha ha but she was so grateful. we want to build up the members, strengthen them, and help them gain confidence in nosotras para que puedan uhhh so that they'll give us referrals. it's comin. it's slow, but heavenly father is blessing us. it's humbling for sure, but i am SO grateful. honestly. that's all i am these days. my journal is just so full of, "i am just so grateful... so grateful to be here, to be a missionary, to serve here or there and do this or that..." even when it's rough, or even when creepers ask me out at the batallon or when members are WAY RUDE in the battalion--i'm just grateful. hermana adams and i are trying to find joy in journey EVERY MOMENT!!! it's our comp goal for the transfer. so we spend a lot of time laughing. :)

life is beautiful. i am so happy. so agradecida. tan contenta.

les amo mi querida familia. no hay palabras. no puedo expresar como me siento, ni el amor que tengo para todos de ustedes. yo se que esto es donde yo necesito estar, y que este mision es para mi a darme cuento de CUAN MUCHO les amo en realidad. tan agradecida!!!

se que esta es la obra del senor. el esta tan interesado con nosotros. el evangelio es la respuesta a todas las problemas, preguntas etc que tenemos. me encanta a mi padre celestial y a nuestro salvador y por este tiempo del ano para reconocer y recordar que es de lo mas importancia en nuestras vidas... LA FAMILIA Y EL EVANGELIO!!!

i love you all! have a great new years! be safe and drink some bubbly for me!

jk i don't know why i said that. you know what i mean though. maybe have boot reer floats? ( love ya mikie! thanks for the christmas notas!!!)

hermana christensen

ps  i'm sorry this is so lame and short but i have zero time!  i just want to say THANK YOU. for writing. for CHRISTMAS. for all the LOVE, support, help, packages, prayers, emails, ahhh for everything! you two are such great fans! speaking of which, are the shirts too smalll? muscle shirts?! sorry dad they didnt' have xl! but i hope they still sorta work...

it was a great christmas. it made me really think about my family of course, and how much i love you, but i feel so blessed and upheld and focused. it wasn't hard to hang up because things are just so good with us and it was like id talked with you the day before and like i'll talk to you tomorrow. that's practically the case! time doesn't exist! but i'm so thankful to be blessed with you and i'm thankful for all you are and do. i almost feel like that doesn't mean anything to you anymore because i say it so freaking much. ha but i mean it! i'm taken care of here. christams didn't feel like christmas though because it wasn't full of family time. it just felt like i was a missionary spreading the most important message to the world and i happened to get a lot of sweet garby AND i got to talk to you. ;) life is beautiful!

don't worrry. just be happy and live and love and keep going and find joy int he journey! you're both such good examples of that. so just know i love you! smile big! talk to you next week!  tu hija

Tawny & Joan 5/23/2010

PS: JOAN!!!! i sure love you!! i hope your christmas was BEAUTIFUL and that you're loving the gorgeous utah mountains at this time of year! :) i hope you know how much i love you! i've been thinking about you a lot; how is the book coming? i hope you're taking time to breathe and relax and read a good book! and sue, i hope you're doing well, too, and that things are going well! let me know if i can do anything for you two. i loveeeeeeee you!!!!!!!!