Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/21/2010 Hermana Christensen

Hermanas Park & Christensen

i literally cried yesterday morning when i opened up day 20. hermana adams and i just sat there crying, thinking of all the good we could do with that. we went to wally world (ha bro) today and got stuff for a family we dearly love. unbelievable. you are unbelievable.

and the headbands? i highly doubt i could've chosen better myself. NO JOKE! call kaylynn master!!
but seriously. thank you SO much. i cannot even... wow. i do not have words. i love you all so much. so so so much! i love my family! holy hannah!

what a week! yeah, dad you're right on. 75 year round in san diego my EYE. we literally cross a river to get the battalion. ha. it's been so dang rainy here but i have LOVED it! this morning we were soaked from head to toe as we ran around the state park and i looooooooooved it. half of me wanted to just lay down in the road and feel the water run over me... oh man, staish and i did that once, but we weren't missionaries then. gotta represent! anyway, it's been a straight up solid legit bomb week. ha, it's actually been pretty rough, but i mostly just remember having a dang good time. we had mte--aka president did a mini mind blowing sesh and then i got to go to our area with a trainer and let me tellllllll you--hands down the funnest day of my mission so far. i have a six pack from laughing so hard. and we saw TONS of miracles!! what in the world! heavenly father just loves His children. hardcore. so many miracles and little tender mercies all over the place. we've been caroling lots, and believe me when i say that caroling in spanish in the rain is the BEST. our himnos are all watery but we love it. we are happy! and let me tell you--i love the rama. i love them SO DANG MUCH! oh hey uber tm--a family in my ward (the marquez family) have a son serving in vegas... she showed me a picture of petie and i flipped. she was all teary; in sacrament they announced it and said (basically), "we send one missionary out and we get another one back!" or something, and everyone was just so touched by heavenly father's love in this small and simple yet telling way. how neat. anyway! tell peter to take GOOD care of him! what a stud. the world is so small! ------- i feel like i'm just exclaiming randomness (there's that word again! haha) all over this email and maybe you all have headaches now but that is partly because i am SO happy, another part because i get to talk to you in like .26 seconds, and i am SERIOUSLY JUST SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU. in all seriousness, i want you to know that i am seriously so thankful for where we are all and where we've all b3een and where/what we've come from. our family is where it is today because of the things we've faced and overcome. my heart is just so full of gratitude for you all! i love you so much!

(i know it's not reading. i love words but sometimes they just fall short. just know i love you!)

i hope this email has made even a poquito of sense. i'm sorry if my last week's email was uber triste aka desanimado what? i mean sad. ha! it's been a hard change, but it's been SO good and i already love the rama muchisimo. it's the best. i know heavenly father's got a plan for it and for us and that this just a little snippet of it. its neat being in such a fun little branch because we get to know everyone personally and deeply because EACH PERSON is important and plays a special role. but in reality, that's how it is everywhere--even in a ward of 900 people. i've been pulled in and filled up with love so fast there. i'm so grateful!

la vida. estoy tan agradecida. se que estoy donde Dios quiere que este y que El tiene planes para TODOS INDIVIDUALMENTE y que podemos tener toda la felicidad! yo se que nuestro salvador vive. ah, este tiempo del ano is BIEN HERMOSO! tengo tanto amor en mi corazon para ustedes y mi padre celestial.

les amo MUCHISIMO! hasta.... DOMINGO!! HOOORAH!

hermana christensen

ps thank the ward UBER! from hermana christensen. today my mail consisted of: gordy, heinz, johnson, holts. i have SO many people behind me and so much support. tell them thanks so much!!