Monday, December 27, 2010

12/27/2010 Elder Christensen

Christmas Lunch

Santa delivers in Chile!
Hello Family and Friends...

Christmas Breakfast!
I find that yet again some how we´ve been shortchanged on our email time... However thats okay. We were able to talk for an hour on the phone yesterday so I´m satisfied. Its been a great P day. We didn´t play soccer because my comp doesn´t have money to get to the plaza of Maipu. I was content to FINALLY just sit around all day and write... Listen to music... Hang out!! Enjoy my DESCANSO!! My REST!! Man it was really so nice yesterday to hear all of your voices! I can´t lie after 7 months of nothing verbal it was kinda weird to hear my own mom say.. HELLO. I´m also so happy that you guys got my package and that its all in decent shape! I know you love that marker on the back of the ties!! Just know that mine says the same! Merry Christmas tie 1 of 3! ;)

Its been a great Christmas.. When I started the mission I figured that Christmas here would be bland..Sad... Terrible... Yet... I LOVED IT!! I had my family in my heart the whole time.. I made our traditional breakfast too! Of course it didn´t turn out as good... I don´t have Dad´s talent to make hash browns and eggs or moms talent to burn the bacon... But hey it was still really good! Actually... A couple of times I FORGOT it was Christmas... I don´t really know how to explain it... You just get LOST in the work.. You start visiting people and you listen with love... You end up Forgetting that its the 25th of December... But I enjoyed it. I listen to SO much Mannheim Steamroller and Amy Grant that I´m sure even Dad would have been sick of it haha.

Mom remember what Hermana King said? About a white Christmas? We had one too! That Baptism we had on Sunday was SUCH a miracle... He just fell out of the sky one day and showed up at church... Now? He´s made covenants with our Father in Heaven and is on the happiest path that a person can find. THE TRUE PATH! I wanted to give you guys a challenge this week... I know you share about the gospel.... You´re all so smart! But... This week.. Share about the atonement... Share that there are 3 parts... The suffering in the Garden of Getsemaní ( I forgot how its spelled in english) The death on the cross, and the resurrection. Share with them... Mosiah 16:5... THERE IS NO REDEMPTION for the person who doesn´t take hold of the atonement........... Because our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ conquered death, EVERY SINGLE person here on this earth will too.. However.. If they do not accept the gospel, they will have NO redemption and will have to suffer for themselves what he suffered for us.. I know this gospel is true!! I know that the teachings we have... The principles and the ordinances we apply... HELP US! They keep us safe from satans fiery darts... And most of all.. I KNOW THAT I¨M DOING WHAT I NEED TO DO TO LIVE WITH MY FAMILY FOREVER. I´m so happy that we don´t have these problems like the people here in the mission do. I´m so grateful for Orem Utah. That I was able to start in the gospel and to get going early on in life... I love you guys so much. My family means the whole world to me. Thank you so much for the best Christmas ever. Keep on keepin on. Much Love, Elder Christensen