Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/2012 Elder Christensen "Dios nos da milagritos"

Our zone picture!!
  Okay guys... I have like no time once again. Sorry this always happens. It`s been a week full of adventure and MILAGRITOS...Miracles.... I`ve been able to see God`s hand on various occasions.....

I got to go on divisions with an Elder from Australia this week......It was funny because in the same house that night, we had an Australian, a Canadian, an Argentinian, and an American.. (Me... yours truly.) We all had a bunch of different slang and words we were using at the same time without really even meaning to haha. Anyways.... Our day was pretty frustrating... We got SHUT DOWN a couple times and we had a few lessons that didn`t go well either... On top of that, their baptismal date priscilla stood us up and had some family problems that may impede her from being baptized... After that stand up, we tried to do a contact and once again got SHUT DOWN...... I could tell that my comp was kinda down.... then he started to cry in the street.. Just out of pure frustration... I felt pretty bad to be honest. Horrible...I kinda froze and didn`t know what to do... The first thing that came to my mind was just testify.. I testified of God`s love... and of this mission that we are serving... It turns out that this companionship has been really frustrated because they feel they have been working hard and having very little success....We probably talked for a good ten minutes in the street before working again.... It was POWERFUL.  Maybe one of the most powerful things I`ve lived on my mission. THE VERY NEXT HOUSE we knocked, they let us in and we blessed their house.... Honestly it was pretty amazing. Right when we said amen, one of the guys asked us..... ¿Ustedes pueden regresar cualquier día de la semana? He asked if we could come back ANY day.... then he explained to us that he had just gotten out of jail... and that he wanted to follow the path of Christ... I was honestly blown away. I KNOW that God loves us and blesses us with miracles... Also I saw the BIG smile on that Elders face as we walked out...

Me and the Aussie Elder... SICKEST division ever!
BUT HOLD ON PEOPLE thats not it...... Later on, this random guy started yelling at us and motioning to us... He looked like your typical drunk... so.... we ALMOST didn`t go talk to him... but something told us to.... so we did.. TURNS OUT... he`s an inactive member from the year 1993 who wants to come back to church... Also, he had the missionaries coming over to their home in the south to give his family the lessons so they could be baptized... They are pretty new here to Peñaflor... Anyways, we met his wife, they told us a bit about themselves, and set an appointment for the next day... I didn`t go, but the Elders went and they said the people even have their TEACHING RECORD from the missionaires in the south, and that it`s like all the way full... They just need to go to church and they are ready to get in the water. TWO HUGE miracles in the space of only a few hours. I KNOW that our Heavenly father is aware of us.... He knows how we feel and what our needs are. It was amazing. Honestly...

Me getting my haircut haha. The guy cutting it happens
 to be the... well.. mission leader.
The last thing I`m gonna share... We were doing some SIMI work this week.... looking through ALL the member records and visiting them in their houses... We got to this one, and this lady was MEAN. She just said... I DONT WANT YOU TO EVER COME BACK HERE..... What can I do to get my name off of the church lists FOREVER? Man... it made me so sad... She didn`t even care.. We tried to reason with her and there was no hope.... I was BLOWN AWAY.... How could someone get baptized, and then just completely TURN on their experience? Turn away from their covenants? Turn away from GOD? There are so many people like this that are lost... just lost..... Just please maintain your testimonies.. How hard is it? Read, Pray, go to church.. Pray... repeat.... NEVER be lost. Maintain both hands and all ten fingers on that iron rod... CLING to it. By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass. Remember that.
My comp and I eating Chinese food about an hour
 ago... Ohhhh yeaaa!!

Well.... getting changes tomorrow. I`ll get my last comp and we`ll be ready to rock another change here in Peñaflor. I hope you guys all know I love you tons... Keep up the hard work. Lift where you stand.

Much love, Elder Christensen.

Take care guys. Godspeed.