Monday, March 12, 2012

3/12/2012 Elder Christensen "Here I Am"

My companion and I at church. Know you like the paisley!
Friends and Famliy!!! This has been such a great week here in the work of the Lord. As always, I`m happy to be here working and preaching our fathers eternal gospel. We had some POWERFUL lessons this week.. I had my socks ripped off by the spirit a couple times to be honest... Like wow..

My companion and I in front of a huge fountain!
1.) We had a huge miracle this week. We read the family proclamation to the world with an inactive man and his active family... They have hugeeeeee marital problems and many reasons why not to be happy.... Really sad... Anyways, this was like the 3rd or 4th POWERFUL lesson that we had with them regarding these things.... This time was sick. We talked all about satan... How his goal is to destroy the family and assure that we do not get our goal of eternal life together... The first presidency warns us of this... RIGHT THERE. Its so clear. I love the fam proc.. It`s amazing. We were at church the next day and to my AMAZEMENT, HE WALKED IN.. HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Miracle.. My jaw literally dropped wide open. Super emotional. Kinda sad though because his wife got up and bore her testimony.... really she just ripped him apart along with her kids.... I don`t think she saw him come in the back but I felt..... really bad..

Beasty sombrero much? Know you love that one Sister Tawny!
2.) Had a family home evening with another family that is all active... The 19 year old girl has NO testimony of the church and just goes because her mom obligates her.... She actually doesn`t believe in God at all... We figured that out just BARELY after out appointment had ended.. We taught them this day about the gospel of Jesus Christ. You all know it.. 5 steps, faith, repentance, baptismal, gift of the holy ghost, endure to the end... It was average at best.... We closed as usual and then we noticed that the girl was just laughing and making fun of the lesson.. You could almost say she was mocking God.... I got sick to my stomach and didn`t want to be there but my mouth opened and I asked..... " Usted todavĂ­a cree en Dios?" Do you still believe in God? She laughed and sputtered out a really cocky... NO. I DONT... In my head the entire lesson we had just taught disappeared and we started another one... We asked her about this life on earth... Why are we here? What do you think? She believes that we are all here on a "mission" and that once it is completed, we will all receive our rewards depending on the work that we`ve done on earth... ***The spirit hit me in the face at this point and told me to go to Alma 30... The story of Korihor... I actually had no idea why I was going there apart from the fact that I knew "satans doctrine" appeared there..... President King taught us all about "satans doctrine".... and as the promise is made in the scriptures, it was given to me IN THAT MOMENT what to say... We read from 12 to 18.... I was actually really really really mad... she was just LAUGHING at us... She said... "Oh so now I`m the antichrist like Korihor?" At first she was laughing, but that laugh quickly turned into DUMBSTRUCK. It happen to fall on me to read verse 17... Halfway through I realized that those were her EXACT WORDS.......
  "every man afared in this life according to the management of the creature; therefore every man prospered according to his genius, and that every man conquered according to his strength"

The spirit did some hard hard hard working right there.... Honestly.. God used my companion and I to give a very loud warning cry to one of his daughters here on earth. It was honestly... Insane.... We left her with the strong commitment to pray and ASK God if he existed.... ASK WITH FAITH and you WILL receive an answer.. Simple recipe... and it`ll never change.
My companion Elder Braddy and I in front of a cannon! Ignore the finger tip!

Those were some of our big highlights this week... I would tell more but I`m out of time unfortunately...... I just wanted to leave you with my personal testimony yet again... HE LIVES. I KNOW HE LIVES. I know that his gospel has been restored to the earth in its plentitud and its perfection. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. THIS IS THE WAY. I testify that the Lord really does work through small and simple things.... that he really does teach us LINE UPON LINE... That is how I`ve been built up during this time.. That is how the Lord has changed me. Slowly but surely. I know of a surety that these things are true and that this is the only way that we can actually be happy.... I hope that this week brings the best of results to all of you and that you can continue faithfully serving and building the kingdom of God on the earth.

My last leadership meeting.... Elder Monsen, Elder Lewis, Elder Barrett and I in the hall. SICK! 
 Much love,

Elder Christensen.