Saturday, June 11, 2011

6/11/2011 Elder Christensen "Another one bites the dust!"

Our investigators at Presidents house. Recognize that Moroni in the background? Sick.

Hey thereeeeeeeee! Well. It´s been a very BUSY week you know picking up all the new missionaries and sending some others home. ( ELDER STODDARD ha ). But we are finally starting to get stuff under control. This week we had two interesting experiences. First one came Sunday. We have a little girl named Belen who is getting baptized tomorrow and she came in to get her interview from one of the DL´s. While she was being interviewed, we were talking to her parents named Raul and Ximena. They ROCK. They are super faithful but can´t get baptized due to divorce issues. BLAH. Anyways.... Raul hasn´t come to church for A MONTH (!) What the.....? These people are like SUPER converted though so that´s why its weird.... His dilemma last sunday was his back. He said it was killing him and that he couldn´t even get out of bed. He had to muster up all his strength to walk over for his daughters interview. We offered him a blessing and he accepted. My companion annointed and I blessed..... I could just feel the spirit pulsing in that room it was insane. You could have cut it like hot butter! (Pilch haha) Anyways, we went to his house tuesday night and he was BETTER. He didn´t even need to get a shot or anything. I was like... MIRACLE MUCH!!? Back.. HEALED! Way cool. We also got to go up to Presidents house TWICE on tuesday. Once to train the new missionaries, and the second to eat dinner with President, Raul, Ximena, and Belen. They have been investigating forever and are great friends with the Kings. I´ll attach some pics.

Yesterday we went to a lesson with our convert Ximena. Her aunt and her aunt´s sister were all upset because some of the Elders explained a mission rule for the first time. It was the one about how we can´t go in without a member. Her sister was honestly upset though. She was thinking about NEVER GOING BACK TO CHURCH because of what happened.. I was sad..... honestly I even expressed that I was saddened by that comment. Even the PROPHET talked about that. We cannot be "offended" for any reason nor "taking a break" from the church. It just means that the testimony is weak and that the roots of it were NEVER able to grow deep into the ground. You could even say the foolish man built his house upon the sand! Anyways, we talked about MIT. The most important thing. The gift of the Holy Ghost. I straight out said... Hey you guys the spirit is NOT here right now. You are all members and you have the right to this gift... We also explained how EVERYTHING is related to MIT. Everything. It was interesting to see the difference in when we got there and when we left. We had ALL felt the spirit. Also we all sang the spirit of god and they used their NEW hymn books. (MOM YOU ROCK!) So you could say that we´ve had an excellent week. We also gave the pension a good deep cleaning and its wayyyyy more Homey now. I love it. We even bought a glade plug in! Yeeaaaaa! Proud to be an american! Alright. That´s all for today. I hope you are all finding ways to serve daily. In whatever aspect. Could be something simple. Remember that when you serve others you are serving God. The other day a lady was in the act of falling and my companion CAUGHT her haha. Service right there. We walked away VERY fast though. It was weird. Hope you guys have a great week! Enjoy Elder Stoddards.... urr..... Nathan´s homecoming! SICK! Hope you enjoy the few pics we captured as well. Much love,

Elder Kurtis William Christensen
Why dont you just throw that one on the next Snuggie infomercial...
Wait.. Can you even see me sitting there?

Elder Poulsen and I. We just BARELY took that. It´s hot off the press. You guys rock.

Hey let Troy and Annalee know that Sam and I are stoked to be in here together. 801-802-0409. Haha. Take care ya´ll