Saturday, June 18, 2011

6/18/2011 Elder Christensen

Hey there everyone. Its been a sweet day here! We got in some great studies, as well as we went on a fun little adventure! We got to go BOWLING again! It´s the second time I´ve been to this place in my mission.. Insaneeee. Last time I was there was around a year ago when I was with Elder Stoddard. Anyways, it was SO fun! Man it´s so weird just to go and do something like that ya know? Afterwards when we went outside it was pouring cats and dogs! Ugh! We walked a bunch in the rain which was fun but my suit and tie hated it the whole time. Okay so let me get organized here. I have two things that I´d really like to share... First.. BOOM!

• Being in the office you kinda see the inner working of things. ESPECIALLY references. How they are handled, how many there are, etc. My companion Elder Speakman is in charge of that. Anyways, a little over a week ago WE got a reference! Wow that NEVER happens! So, two days ago we had no plans... We thought... What can we do now? My companion kinda just blurted out... We could leave that DVD at our reference if you want! So off we went! It was late and freeeeeezing outside when we approached the door. We were about to knock when we saw this guy working on his truck out front. We went to say hi and he immediately recognized us as missionaries! Turns out (of course) that HE was our reference! We left him a copy of Juntos Para Siempre and he totally invited us into his house on the spot! Way sick! We talked for awhile and somehow we figured out that he had been baptized years and years ago into our church. The missionaries must have been suppppper disobedient or something though because he didn´t even know what the Book of Mormon was haha. I just thought it was AMAZING that we got into this guys house from a reference! Work that other missionaries did. We are now starting to work with the family. It´s frustrating too because they are suppperrrr deep in apostasy. The Lord led us there for a reason though! All you missionaries (and members!) Work on those references!
Belen's Baptism last Sunday!!!!

• We taught one of our main investigators, Carlos, this week. He is really receptive and I LOVE to teach him. The return missionary who referred him to us always says... "Golden Elders.. He´s golden." In english and everything haha. Anyways, he has a baptismal date for July 3rd. The appointment we taught this day was the 10 commandments and the Word of Wisdom. We have this way of teaching the commandments with hand signs so that the people can memorize them easier. He loved the lesson and participated the whole time. He even let it be well known that he strongly disagrees with smoking, drinking, and drugs.. I thought to myself... Man this kid really was prepared beforehand for something bigger... Our Heavenly father KNOWS what he´s doing. The golden people are out there. They really are. I was touched by that! Some people we have to work work work and they end up kicking us out. Others, like Carlos, just say YES to everything and LOVE it. Those people really are special... It´s like they´ve known the gospel forever and we´re just giving them a reminder....

No more bullet points. Those were the main things that I really wanted to share with you guys. We´re all getting along, growing, working, progressing, and ready for what the future has in store for us here. The work is great. LAST THING I just remembered... The other day my comp got an email from a mission in Buenos Aires Argentina from their secretary.... "Elder Grover" I thought... NOOOO WAYYYYYY JOSE!!!! I knew that Bryan Grover was in Argentina but I didn´t know where! After a little exchange we put together that yes.... Indeed. BRYAN GROVER. Hahah. Insane. Talk about Elder Grover, Poulsen, and Christensen all in the office?? Huge coincidence. Alrighty. Hope you guys all have a great week. I´m praying and working for ya. Hope those blessings come when you most need them. Keep doing all you can on your half! I know that we are here and prepared for what we are doing right now. It´s OUR time. So lets live up to it okay? Go help everyone! Be a light this week wherever you decide to go. Love you!

P.s.... Ya.. Totally forgot to mention... We are friends with a Seventy here named Elder Nuñez as well as his secretaries... They invited us to lunch... Ya... Ahem.. SICK! (See attached)

Elder Kurtis Christensen

Secretario Del Presidente

Misión Chile Santiago Oeste