Monday, September 12, 2011

9/12/2011 Elder Christensen

Okay... Let me break it down.. This week was all around awesome. It was a bit insane as well! I know that 9/11 is important in the states but here as well its a little different. Its like rebellious teenager day... So every year they just go crazy. Last night we were in the house at 6pm because it wasn`t safe enough for us to be out. We heard tons of gunshots, car alarms, as well as they cut our power. It was definitely interesting haha. We just hung out, read a little bit, and rested. We made french toast as well. Super good!
At our converts SEALING!
Our Zone meeting.
 Also had our Zone meeting, which was wayyyyy good. We had a total of 5 classes. Me, my comp, and the DL`s. As well we had a leadership meeting with President King and the assistants. Mom you`ll love this part. SURPRISE! My converts went to the temple to be SEALED. What happened??? That was a YEAR ago??? I really was baffled by that. So I got PERMISSION to go! On Saturday, I went with an Elder from barcelona named Elder Lacambra to the session and sealing afterward... Man.. I`ll tell you that place is amazing. AMAZING. There is nothing like seeing some people you helped learn the gospel take such great and eternal steps. I had a funny thought as well as a sweet revelation Id like to share. First the funny ish one. Its amazing how we find these people... right.. and in the moment they have NOTHING. THey dont really have any spiritual goals, nor do they have any idea about God and his mysteries. After a few short discussions they get baptized. They make covenants. Then a year later, they get SEALED. Suddenly.... WHOOPS 180 degree flip flop now they are one step ahead of me! Isnt that weird? They go from having nothing to being ahead of us! I sat there as a WITNESS to the sealing thinking.... Wow... these are wonderful people and they really are an example to me... Now I look up to them and not the other way around. Super cool I think. Now the cool thought... As one of our initiatives here in the mission we taught a principle called... "El ojo de la fe." It just means.. the Eye of faith. What the heck is that?? Think about it. What do you think it means? Now... Go and read Ether 12:19. The basic message of the scripture is that these people saw brought to pass what they had already envisioned previously with the eye of faith. Make sense? Its like seeing the end from the beginning. We can always have joy when we look through the eye of faith right? As well it helps us see the end result of a goal that we want before you have even done anything to achieve that goal.. As missionaries we should try and see people already dressed in white entering the waters of baptism. That is how we can see with the eye of faith. Now... All of you should have other goals. The goal of eternal life and exhaltation maybe? I tried to think of this life as a compass. We have our North... which is our goal. It is an EXACT degree, or, an exact goal. Think of moving a compass.. You move even JUST a little bit and whoops there went the needle a few degrees. Now remember what President Uchtdorf said about that... What happens when we are off even just by a few degrees? We end up in a completely different place then we originally wanted. There was even one plane that hit a mountain just because they were off a couple degrees! Us, as human beings, need to be right on course. If we are watching too many rated R movies that are full of vulgar materials, or listening to spirit numbing music, then we are most definitely putting ourselves off the course a couple degrees. In the end, we will not become what we had originally visioned. We will end up far below our original potential and end up in some other place. Everything that we do differently than what the scriptures and the prophets have said, puts us off course even if only by a few degrees. That is why we MUST be careful with what we do and how we use our agency. I invite you all to envision with the eye of faith your final destination. See YOU in the end.. See what it is that you want to become.. Then to think of your life as a compass and follow it PRECISELY. I know that by doing so we will see miracles in our lives. Honestly. Then once you reach the goal, like in ether, you will see what YOU had seen with the eye of faith brought to pass. I as well am trying to apply this every day. We NEED to baptize! I know that we can do it here, and that you can do it there. I love you all so much and I hope that you have another great week wherever you may be. Take care! Much


Elder Christensen.
Elder Monsen and I with pretty ties!