Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9/20/2011 Hermana Christensen "viva mexico! VIVA! x3 = EL GRITO!"

so we went to a lighthouse. so pretty! 

this past week we celebrated the independencia de mexico y todo latino america. it was SOOOOOOOO sweet! if you can get onto youtube you can watch "el grito" in mexico city. sooo sweet! they do this incredible fireworks show that puts the stadium of fire to SHAME, and the presidente does "el grito" in the middle of the town square... oh my goodness. we watched it in devotional the other day and it gave me the hibbee gibees. so sick. so, to celebrate, we had a fiesta! the rama had a REALLY good party--like it was organized and people came AND brought their friends! it was cool! the last party we had there was rice and fruit (that we brought).. but this one was sooo awesome. and way fun to convivir and get to know everyone better.

this is all of us huddled around the pics in the introduction room listening
i've got big big news for you. yesterday marked a day in history that will never be forgotten. WE GOT THE TOUR IN MANDARIN CHINESE!!!!!!!!! ooooooooooooh my. soo sweet. seriously! and, i'm sure it was just a coincidence, RIGHT as it finished uploading, two asians walked in. :) so they took the tour (with tons of mormon battalion sisters)--the first tour EVER in chinese--and it was SOOOO COOL! it's real quiet in the introduction room, so we were all just peeeeeled the pictures. ah. these two asians just felt so loved! the fact that the tour is now in their language helps them feel ilke we are reaching out to them and embracing their culture. at the end, they both referred, and that was great because they live here in california. so the missionaries can go to them. but for all the mainland china asians that will come through here, they will get this first exposure to the church and when the time is ready and the work opens there... aaaah harvest.

got to see the hepplers the other day! so fun! and jennica! AH!!! love!

district meeting... plus chex mix. SO GOOD!!
welp, zero percent time. the work is going my friends. it's so funny how every area really is way different. we've been able to find and add more people than in la mesa, but i feel like the commitment is wayyy lower. we just cannot get people to leave their babylonian jobs and get to church. seriously. sooo annoying. and HARD to get people to the covenant of baptism! hellooooooo! but it's made me really realize the importance of being led by the spirit to find those who are SEARCHING. and yesterday we found one. so legit. he's the bro of a referral. when he sat down we were like aaaaaw me-an he's totally going to bash us hardcore, but he was way nice and just listened and chimed in some stuff about "albedrio" (no one knows what that word agency means come on! so cool!). it was aweosme. the spirit was way strong and they openly invited us back tonigh. so ballin. and he's got an expedition. so that'll help solve one of our other problems.. not having RIDES. haha. oh boy. and now we're on to using our members and getting them excited... one thing at a time.
we had a mexican independance day CELEBRASH!!!

things are wonderful. i feel so happy and content to be part of the Lords work. i know it's his. we are planting seeds all around the world. i took a choice english couple through the tour last night. they've seen missionaries in liverpool but they wouldn't talk to them, no way no how. but they'll stop and talk to me for an hour and a half because i'm totally nonthreatening, hilarious and in a pioneer dress. mercy! so good. i love it. they totally referred. and, as they left, they said when they see the missionaries next, "we'll have plenty to talk about..." haha. i love it. and this whole tour in chinese thing... come on. the Lord is in charge here. the work is rolling forth and every kindred nation and tongue will confess that Jesus is the Christ. and THIS is His church!

all's well. love you dearly.

hermana christensen

ps. joan and sue. got your note from elder brown! yep! totally made my day! love you twooooooooooooo!