Monday, December 5, 2011

12/5/2011 Elder Christensen "Workin Away"

SICK hawaiian tie! Wow... just wow. Great for pday! Hahah
 Hello Friends and Family!

Not sure what happened to this week.... whoops! Just disappeared!

Okay anyways, lets get down to business here. This week was pretty good.. Lots of contacting to be honest. Every spare second we had we were contacting. I think we did 142.... which is a TON at least for our mission. As well we found ourselves talking to several pastors which is always...... well.... you get the point. Its LAME! All they ever want to do is fight and share stupid scriptures nada que ver. Yesterday we ran into some guy from a church I`ve never heard of. They also claim to have a prophet and twelve apostles... It was horrible honestly... we just sat there humbly while he pounded us into the ground with his doctrine.. But you know what? It means NOTHING.... Nothing at all... they were all really deeply analized scriptures with all kinds of deep apostate interpretations..... but whos going to argue that? All we could do was boldly testify of the Book of Mormon... I love that Book.... It is a second witness to the bible. It testifies of the exact same doctrine.... except it is pure because it has only been translated once... I KNOW that Jesus Christ came to the Americas after his resurrection. I know it. In the end we talked about the Priesthood... We testified boldly yet again about how Peter, James, and John came down to confer the priesthood upon Joseph Smith... THAT is how it was restored to the earth... He couldnt tell us where his "Prophet" had received the priesthood... We are 20 years old... We`re not that smart. BUT we DO have the truth of the restored gospel in our lives.. I can recall saying that like 6 times in the contact... The world is lost.... and its up to US to rescue all of those found on the side of the trail. Interesting what things happen when you talk to everyone eh?
The advent, all the presents, and yours truly. You guys truly are amazing.
Thanks! Christmas is gonna be a BLAST!

I`m runnin out of time here so I gotta be quick.. Last week I had the opportunity to do a baptismal interview... Man that is COOL. Knowing that you get to give the green light for somebody to be baptized and in turn, enter into GODS KINGDOM.... Is just a great feeling.. Anyways, she passed no problem and we had a great time during the interview. On Saturday, we were able to go to her baptism only a few minutes away in a taxi.. We showed up and there was NOBODY there except for us 4 missionaries, the lady (Iris), and the bishop from the ward... I had only met this lady once when I interviewed her but I noticed right away that something was wrong.... I sat down and talked to her a little bit. How she was you know... small talk. Then I asked where her NEW husband was.... They had been married 2 days before her baptism..... Turns out, they had gotten in a fight as she was leaving for her baptism, and her husband told her he wasn`t going to go. This is a return missionary we`re talking about here.... just inactive.... She started to cry.... I honestly felt awful for her. Here she was, about to make coventants with her heavenly father, and her own newlywed husband turned his back on her... Not to mention that NOBODY from her family came to support her and nobody from the ward had shown up yet.... I pulled out the scripture 2nd Nephi 2:27.... It shows that satan wants us to be miserable.... Ya we`re free to choose and all but he wants us to be just like he is.... I congratulated her for having come and testified to her that she had beat satan. Honestly it was amazing and the spirit was strong there.... That was a HUGE testimony for me.... It would have been SOoooooo super super duper easy to say.... Nope I`m not gonna get baptized today.... See ya. But no.... she chose to follow through with her commitment and to be baptized. She chose to do what God wanted her to do even though maybe the circumstances in her life weren`t that great in the moment.. Thats how I want to be... We are members of this church and even we aren`t that strong sometimes... Thats my challenge to you guys this week.. CHOOSE GOD. Choose his way. Choose what he wants. No matter what may be your plan... no matter what other thing you might have going on.... Drop it. Make your will and his will be one. Forget yourself and go to work as Gordon B. Hinckley did.... Is my prayer for each and every one of you.

We have an investigator progressing well for his baptism on the 8th of January. Keep praying for him. His name is Eduardo. Every prayer counts. Onward, ever onward, as we glory in his name. Thanks to all of you for everything that you do for me. The church is amazing. I hope you all have a great week!

Chaooo! Elder Christensen.