Sunday, September 5, 2010

8/31/10 Hermana Christensen

Todd Ulrich, Hermana Christensen & Chase Jesperson's cousin!!

Hiiiii familia! Okay okay okay I feel like an explosion is coming out of my fingertips because i have had to wait dayyyyys but CASF=SFASDJKFHALSKDJFHKLASDFHLKAJSDHFALKJSDHFLAKVNLAKSJCILAWUEHFzkDCZXDJCaCDNJ;klsDJLASKJDFHLKASJEHFKAS;ALKSJ!!!!1!!! CONGRATS KELS!!!!!!! HAHAHAH holy hannah! what in the world! I am SO incredibly excited!!! kels kels kels is coming to this same mission?! heavenly father is so hilarious! tell her i'll be writing to her PROMPTLY! and thank you so much for going to that, seriously. it honestly means a lot to know that you--an extension of me :)-- are still involved with the people i hart so much. seriously, what a blessing you are to rely my love for them. i thank you endlessly.

I never know where to begin, seriously. Well, things are going well! We have had a good week, and we've learned a lot. Zulema didnt' come to church this past week, so we'll have to push her baptism back. But, I was telling bro, it's all good! We need convert baptisms here.. it's not just about gettin her dunked. But she is SOLID and seriously so golden. We have to teach her the law of chastity and the word of wisdom, which is going to literally change her life if she commits to living those laws, but she knows and I think she'll do it. People have such hard lives. Honestly. People are struggling left and right to find happiness and to make it. They think they're too busy, they don't have enough time, or they forget to read/pray/come to church. What? You're forgetting to let God into your life? Ah. The sad thing is that that we all do that to some degree. But for these people, I hate watching them literally flounder with their drugs, their alcohol, their debt and abuse... if only they had the gospel! If only they made the changes now! They would be so happy and Heavenly Father would fight their battles for them. I'm trying to help people see that.

Last week I went on exchanges to an area called Sweet Water with Sister Sherman--she's the cute gal you saw in gpas pictures. Well, one of them, I'm not sure who the other was... I forget. But she's the taller one. Anyways, it was a great time. I won't lie, I was tiiiiired and it was a rough day--lots of rejection and dogs barking at us through screen doors. No one really wanted to hear from us. But, at the end of the day, we found a former investigator who had never been home/answered her phone earlier. We had the most incerdible lesson with her where she literally quoted scripture as she talked about the things she "just knew inside." i bore testimony of the temple. the spirit was sooo strong! at the end she asked, "do you have any literature I could read?" DO WE EVER! Ha. So we gave her a bom, and she raised her hand (like in the temple, seriously, it was so crazy) and basically vowed to read it. what? I was screaming as we got in the car because it was the most amazing lesson and just a miracle to end our day with. We were sooo grateful! I feel like stuff always happens like that in the mission. Seriously. But then you know what else happens? She doesn't answer when we come over the next day. And she still won't answer our calls. What happened? I still don't know. If you do, let me know, because it's killin me. Satan has contact with these people every day. Every moment of every day.

Ah. but all is well.

On another note, people always told me that the craziest crap would also happen to me on my mission. ha. i am MOSDEF trying to record all of these things. two examples: today we heart attacked another sister's door because it's her bday. I took my postits and a bunch of markers bc we did this before exercising. I set them down in old town as i literally ran around the track-like circle. they were stolen. seriously? someone is that desperate to steal my markers and paper when im five feet away? wow. they can have them. that's not even that great of a story actually. a better example of crazy crap was last week when a homeless man counted as i ran laps around old town circle. "you're makin me dizzy you're running so fast!" he said. next time around he said, "you've got nice calves." next time around, "and you're cute." next time, "you do this every day?" YIKES!

well i'm off to read your plentiful emails. wow do i ever lov eyou all. love love love love LOOOOOVE.

hermana c

this work is God's. seriously. I'm trying to align my will with his and be all i can be. I have so far to go, sometimes it's discouraging. but i'm grateful to be so near the spirit because i really can feel how much improvement i need to make, and i can see it. i'm so grateful for these people here, and for this mission and this time of my life. everyone always says its the hardest thing ever--and i agree--but it's also the best--and i agree again. I don't understand it, but I know that things will all work out. This is an individual work because EVERY INDIVIDUAL needs the gospel. I will go to zulemas house EVERY DAY to get that woman to see that her life will be infinity times better with the gospel engrained in her soul. I know that god works with us on an individual basis, so shouldn't we do the same?

all is well! (love that hymn!)