Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9/21/10 Elder Christensen

 Elders Christensen & Butron (the ZL) on Chile's Bicentennial Holiday!
Hello to the friends and family!! This is gonna be short because I have very little time. This week was crazy time. The 4 day holiday was insane. I had so many people yell... HELLO WHATS YOUR NAME!! Or their new favorite rhyms with HELLO MOTHER FATHER. Ya... Usually I just keep walking or I say something simple that they don´t understand... For example... Would you like to have a converstaion in english with me? Hahah usually they just put their heads down after that one! Or even a simple... Hey how are you? Fast enough sounds weird to them!! There were tons of people outside grilling, thousands of chile flags EVERYWHERE, we had a ward activity as well that was great.

We had some interesting things too! We had a baptism!!! WOOO!!! This guy has been ready forever! His name is JoseLuis!!! I´ll send you pics after this! We had the ward party right after he got dunked. It was a nice way to celebrate! Then I had some lady tell me she hated the church and she burned her book of mormon... all kinds of things you wouldn´t believe or do normally....

But through all the things I did I learned more! The church is so so so true. Although its very hard, the thought of what I am doing keeps me going. The thought of my loving family keeps me going! The thought of my friends who are doing the EXACT same thing I am right now keeps me going! I love it here. I progress more every day and do the best that I can with what I´m given. I gotta run. Much love, Elder Christensen

Baptism of JoseLuis!