Monday, September 20, 2010

9/13/10 Elder Christensen

Elders Nyman, Tialeva, Christensen and ?
So. This week was a little different. It turns out that September 11th is a bad day in the whole world haha. Apparently something happened here a long time ago with some president and he died or something? I´m not exactly sure. But every September 11th all the jovenes ( like teenagers ) go out and do all kinds of bad things. People get killed on these days. Tons of vandolism, whats the word I want?? Mischief. There it is. Wow its hard to think of little words like that after 6 months!!!

So anyways. We had to be IN the apartment at 5pm. We played a ton of UNO and ate a bunch of food. It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed a little break!!! We heard explosions or gun shots or something outside at like 12 in the morning! It was crazy! So last week I told you we had two miracles. Lets begin.

1.) We went to this lady´s house where we have NEVER entered. We shouted ALLOOO as always, and some other lady came out. She said that the other lady was tired and had no time. Of course. Then she says... But I´m leaving right now if you want to walk with me! So we walked with her to the corner and then she says.... Why don´t you come to my house and we´ll chat about god!! So at this point we´re SHOCKED... but it gets better. We go, we talked and answered her RANDOM questions. We didn´t really teach a set lesson. But we brought up baptism.. THE FIRST TIME ENTERING HER HOUSE... she says... "When I was little I was going to get baptized but I felt I wasn´t prepared... maybe its time I get thinking about it again" WHATTTT DID YOU SAY??? Then to put the cherry on top of the whole thing... She asks me to pray... AS ALWAYS. They always ask the gringo to pray... And I said... Okay ya I´ll pray but you have to practice tonight!! She changes her mind right there and says... "No I´ll pray right now. I just don´t know if you guys pray in the same form I do"... The prayers other people say are always way crazy by the way.. Nothing like ours. So we were expecting something wacky... Then she puts it in EXACTLY OUR FORM.. She said our dear heavenly father, we thank thee for this this and this and we ask for this this and this. In the name of Jesus Christ amen... I wanted to CRY. This golden lady just came out of nowhere!!
Miracle two.. Much shorter...

We are in church after sacrament meeting and there is just some RANDOM guy there who´we´ve never seen. I didn´t even notice him nor my comp. A member then says.... Thats the first time that guys been to church here. So we went and invited him to the other two hours. He investigated the church 7 years ago and hasn´t attended since. Then one sunday he just decides hes going to come!!! Hes now been two weeks in a row!! FELL OUT OF THE SKY!!!!! We´re going to try and stop by and teach him but its hard. His schedule is not set at all. We gave him a Book of Mormon and we have big things planned there!!

Bottom line. The mission rocks!!! Every single thing here happens for a reason. I love you all so so so much. Those of you who are preparing for the mission, decide to do it and don´t look back!!! Its the HARDEST, but GREATEST thing you will ever do! We are foreordained to be where we are and you cannot change that. Hard to believe 6 months ya se fue! Its hard to believe its already gone!! Wow! I gotta run. Much love, Elder Christensen