Saturday, July 16, 2011

7/16/2011 Elder Christensen

Captain Moroni balla!
This week I don´t feel like I have a ton to say... Kinda like Hermana said last week. I have one really great experience to share though.. GO!

Yesterday night Elder Speakman and I only had one cita planned. It was with an investigator that we´ve had for awhile now. They have had various doubts but up til now they have been resolved. Yesterday we planned briefly and decided that we would teach them about la vida eterna. Just something short and simple you know.. We started out talking about that... the lady began to launch all kinds of questions at us. She had read all of 2 Nefi 9 and really wanted answers about that.. After awhile we got over to the topic repentance.. How it is SO necessary... We had to explain really what it was and how one can actually DO IT. I prayed in my head several times during that cita that we could have the spirit with us... That we could teach with unity... That SHE could understand and really feel the truth of what we were teaching. After that we got over to baptism.. She started asking about other churches... as well as talking about tons of other forms of baptism. So, RIGHT THERE we cut from baptism to authority... We talked all about the Priesthood.. What it is. Who has it. Why we have it. How we can use it. After thoroughly explaining all of that, we jumped RIGHT back to baptism.. After talking for about ten seconds, she cut us off.. She said that she understood it all perfectly. My companion put her to the test and said... "Alright then, if you understand, how many baptisms are there?" She thought... then she said. Well.. There are many baptisms.. But there is only ONE that is correct. Oh it felt so good to hear those words. SO good. I just wanted to share that because it was honestly one of the best lessons I´ve been able to be a part of.. At first it seemed rocky.. the spirit really wasn´t there.. but then we just hit a home run honestly. I loved the feeling we had leaving that house. Honestly amazing. The spirit lead us to all those different topics and FILLED our mouths.. This person was touched by the spirit and in turn understood what she needs to do. She still cant be baptized because she isn´t married... But at least now she knows without doubt.

I´m runnin out of time. It´s been a great pday. The mission is honestly the best thing ever. I feel like the Lord continues to mold me and help me to see even more clear with every day that goes by. The path is set. It´s now up to us to use our agency and follow it. Its a SUPER easy principle to understand but it´s really hard to apply. Lets make ourselves more like the savior. Lets become his disciples. I´ve got so much animo and I´m looking forward to another week of hard work here in Santiago. I hope you can all find something in your lives to better. To build up. There HAS to be something. Nobody is perfect. Remember the basics... Scriptures.. Prayer... Service... Journal Writing... Church attendance... You fill in the gaps with other things that make you become more like Jesus Christ. Before you know it you will be changed. That´s how it works. There are changes this week so we´re gonna be busy bees!! I´ll talk to you all next Saturday. Thanks for everything! Much love,

Elder Christensen