Saturday, July 23, 2011

7/23/2011 Elder Christensen

NEW COMPANION!!!!! Dream completed!
Subject: Letter July 23..

Generic letter subject title? I think so! WHEW so ya.. Changes are oficially OVER. Supppppper stressful and full week that happens every change. This one was by far the most difficult out of all of them though. Every change we have to send home those missionaries who have finished honorably as well as pick up those missionaries arriving. This time, the group leaving was extremely.... Well.... Ready to leave lets say. It made me really sad actually. They always sleep in our apartment the night before just because we have to go to the airport early. But out of the ten missionaries that left, I would very easily say that 6 of the 10 were already there in their minds... One of them was my old companion... To be honest though it drained me. Being around these missionaries who have already forgotten about their SACRED calling. A few have been my leaders as well and the change in them was OBVIOUS. We just had to separate ourselves from them and keep our heads in the game. We got to bed around like 12am.. At 12:30 the assistants got a call because a sister missionary had a seisure and needed to be in the ER immediately. They were gone in a split second and we were all still worried and wide awake. With it all said and done I would say that we were in bed falling asleep at 1am. At 3:30 (!), we got up and got ready to leave. Even the hot water from the shower didn´t seem to wake me up. We were in the airport by about 4:45am waiting in line to both check the missionaries in and weigh their luggage. WOW THIS WAS SICK THOUGH! Elder King (Taylor King mom, The one who went to the Manti Temple with us) is the secretary for the Chile Santiago North Mission. WE RAN INTO EACH OTHER AT THE AIRPORT! Wow... None of us had a camera except for Elder King´s companion. He took a SICK pic of Elder Poulsen, King, and I. I still don´t have it though. I hope he doesn´t forget to get it to me! I just thought that was AMAZING to see a good friend off in the boonies in Chile. After the whole airport shinanigains, we went home and slept for 2 hours before going to the change conference. There, we picked up Elder Monsen and were OFF to the MTC here in Chile to pick up the new missionaries. There are 16 new missionaries total.. Including 3 from the USA. The rest are from various places around the world. These Elders are SO ready to just rip apart the WORLD with this gospel we are sharing! It was such a huge difference the spirit in those leaving the mission from those coming in now. They have the fire and I´m really excited for them. After that, we were OFF once again to President King´s house to train them. All this fancy shmancy stuff about visas and chilean currency. It´s always a blast to be at the mission home though. I love it every time.

Despite our business we managed to get out into the sector a couple times. We had one cita with a family that struggles with the Sabbath Day. They have had some really big trials and they wonder why.... They do many of the things that are hard for any member of the church and they aren´t even MEMBERS! They fast all the time, pray, have FHE, they are SUPER faithful and wonderful people. But the church attendance lesson is what God wants them to learn. We layed it down on the table. IF YOU DON´T GO TO CHURCH, GOD WILL NOT HELP YOU. PERIOD. Done. End of Story. We were all in tears afterwards when we gave them blessings of comfort and left. It was amazing. I don´t know if I´ve ever said this but sometimes when you´ve been in the office for like 3 days straight, you feel spiritually weak.. So it feels AMAZING afterward when the spirit´s presence is obvious. I have learned so much about teaching with power in the office. Your words need to be heartfelt... Since I get out in the sector for like 3 hours at a time, the things I say and the things I do are crucial. I´ve grown to LOVE the power we have as missionaries to just... Call the spirit to where we are. I´ve noticed it recently especially.

Well I have to wrap up so let me finish with some thoughts for YOU mom. About your lesson for RS these upcoming weeks. We just so happened to have a SICK talk in our ward from a member about how to make ourselves true disciples of Christ.. Here are a few little things I jotted down for you. They are in blue.... " The true meaning of conversion is to ACCEPT the will of God in all things and DO it." ....... "The natural man can be put off and born again through Jesus Christ and the principles of his restored gospel"............ "While we become true disciples of Christ our example helps others to do the same.".......... "Those who KEEP MY LAW will be called my servant. Those who are not obedient have no place on my side" ............. John 8:31-32 If you persevere in the word of God, you will be his disciples. You will know the truth and it will set you free.... 3 Simple reasons to become disciples of Christ... 1.) To Change our lives. 2.) To be spiritually healed 3.) To progress and help others achieve eternal life.

This guy gave a KILLER talk. I was so impressed by his power as well as the perfect timing of his topic. I hope these thoughts can help you somewhat in your lesson. Okay everyone. I LOVE YOU tons. Its been a great week. Busy but great. All is well. I couldn´t be happier than I am and I hope that you all feel the same. I only attached two pics but they are SWEET! This... is our NEW addition to the office. ELDER MONSEN. BOOM! So sick. Have a great week.

Elder Christensen