Saturday, July 30, 2011

7/30/2011 Elder Christensen

Hey everyone,
Well here I sit once again. Writing to all the people I love. I´ve been thinking a lot this week about conversion.. How we are ALL in the process of conversion.. I´ll get back to that one in a sec. This week we had interviews with President and Hermana King. I can honestly say that they were the BEST interviews I´ve had on my mission. THE BEST. I love those people so much honestly. President King is like... The smartest man ever and just makes me feel good as a missionary... When Sister King is just full of love for everyone and everything. What wonderful examples we have as mission presidents. Anyways, Sister King asked me a question that really got me thinking... She said... "What is the greatest lesson you have learned in your mission up to this point, and how is it going to help you to not return to your boat afterwards?" (Parable about returning to fish after Jesus asked the fisherman to leave their nets) I stewed about it.... and stewed about it... and came to this result... One of the greatest things that I have learned is what I call "The vision of constant progression." As missionaries we are ALWAYS supposed to be growing. If we get changed to a different sector, well... Its TIME to grow up and adjust to your surroundings... Or in other words PROGRESS. If we have to be leaders over other missionaries, we not only have to progress, but we have to HELP them progress.. We always have to be progressing and becoming better. That is now my idea on life.. we should ALWAYS have that same vision you know? The problem comes when people take their missionary plaque off. They suddenly think it´s okay to sin?? Or something?? I CANNOT DESCRIBE it. WE as missionaries have taken upon ourselves the higher law. Have have humbled ourselves to the dust. We understand what it is that we need to do to obtain eternal life... SO WHERE IN THE WORLD DOES THE SIN COME FROM. HOW CAN SOMEBODY GO INACTIVE!?!? How can somebody just... Take the plaque off and say... WHAT´RE YOU WAITING FOR? WHERES THE PARTY? It´s something that has never frustrated me more in my life before. I feel like in these modern days, the church is making US true converts to the church. Then, once we understand, we can help the rest of the world understand and pass through the same thing. So... How... having been special witnesses of Jesus Christ in faraway places... do we FORGET that... and better yet.. WHY!?!?!? Anyone who does that simply doesnt understand the doctrine. They just left on a two year vacation and didn´t learn anything. It is so important that we are always progressing... because once we´re not.. we´re either going nowhere or we´re moving backwards. Whichever one, THATS NOT FOR ME. I hope we as members of this marvellous church understand this.. It´s so simple.. You can not get sick of the church.. You can not ever understand all of the scriptures. You can´t EVER get to a point where you are fine. There is ALWAYS something we can do. I want everyone reading this to please just understand it. I mean honestly where in the process of conversion do we stop growing? Is it when we get lazy? Is it when we think we are better than the commandments? Is it when we let the natural man take ahold of us? THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS PEOPLE. You just put your seatbelt on. The rollercoaster ride just started. Why take off the seatbelt when you KNOW whats waiting for you down below? It´s something that I just don´t get... So... The vision of constant progression is for us. We need it to really keep up the momentum that we have gained up to this point. That is what will help me to NOT return to my boat. To NEVER go back to who I was or change for the worse. If we let Christ take ahold of our lives and submit ourselves to his will through our obedience... We already know that that is a sturdy foundation. I could be a bankrupt man with NOTHING and still be happy.. Because I get it. The message is clearrrrrrrrrrrr. Obedience=Blessings. Disobedience=TEMPORAL JOY and false dreams. That is when satan takes ahold of us with his chains and we fall off the rod into the darkness. I honestly feel like I cannot describe myself through words in an email. I can´t. What I feel now is something that no man can give me. What no earthly item can lend me.. It´s a feeling of sadness.. a feeling of... maybe anger I don´t know.. God has granted me knowledge. He has granted me a testimony. He has shown me the way and said... My son..... the path is set.. Follow it and you will surely succeed. To those of you who as well see the path but are choosing to NOT follow it... Shame on you. Understand who you are. Understand WHY you are. The definition of repentance is so amazing and I love it.... " A change made in the heart of a person and their way of thinking. Which entails adopting a new attitude regarding God, ones self, and ones life in general." Think of your weapons of war. Think of something you are doing or maybe that you are NOT doing that is against what the Lord has commanded us to do. Then repent. Make a change. Choose to dedicate yourself to this work and this way of life. I love each and every one of you so much. I want the best for everyone. That is why this MUST be clear. I won´t ever forget what I told Sister King.. Why? Because I am going to be putting it in practice every day for the rest of my life. I want each of you to please do the same. Help those around you to understand the true and full doctrine of Jesus Christ. EVERY member a missionary. The mission is going great. We are still busy and working hard here in the office. We are all just worrying about those around us who are maybe taking the commandments a little lightly. Who are maybe putting themselves in front of God and his commandments. And that........ Scares me. We are the elect. We are members and representatives of Christ´s church. So lets act like it. I love you all and hope you have an excellent week. Until next time,

Elder Christensen

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