Saturday, August 20, 2011

8/20/2011 Elder Christensen "Not a lot to Say"

Hey everyone. Sadly to say we didn`t get out in sector a ton to work this week. We`ve had some stupid little problems that have kept us from getting out. I`m still training my replacement and he`s learning really fast. I have no doubts that he will be ready to take over entirely in another week and a half. This week we had a SICK conference about the MIT. (The most important thing.) It`s from President Lawrence Corbridge from the area presidency. He`s a seventy if I`m not mistaken. Anyways, it was supperrr awesome. We talked about a couple of the missionary discussions and how EVERY SINGLE PRINCIPLE is related to the Most important thing... Which is... The gift of the holy ghost. Think about it though.. it`s insane... The great apostasy... how does that relate? Well.. during that time people were changing the gospel that Christ had preached so... NOBODY had the power to give the gift of the Holy Ghost to anybody else... Make sense? Anyways, we went through all of lessons one and two, and even some of 3. DO IT. Open your PMG and check it out. It really is insane. I`ve been trying to focus a lot on how to teach with power and authority.. We`ve been doing a lot of contacts and stuff trying to do just that. Well.. My companions are already done with their time and I feel kinda dumb just sitting here while they stand around... So I love you all and I`ll talk to you next week. I promise to send a good email next week with some pictures attached. I love you all. Please send regards to the Stoddards for what`s happened this week. As well as congratulations for the sealing... What a mixture of hard and happy things... Well.. Boring letter but thats it this week! I love you tons. Take care. Elder Christensen