Saturday, August 6, 2011

8/6/2011 Elder Christensen "The Weekly Goodies!"

An office picture... Mom check that beasty tie out! Nice work!
Hey there everyone. Lets be honest..... we worked supppppppppppppppppppppper diligently this week so as I ponder on what to write I don´t even know how to start.. We had one sweet miracle that I would like to share. Last Saturday it was cold and rainy and we had scheduled to go out with the Obispado (bishopric) to do some divisions. We split up and went on our way. We had a contact named Claudio that we had passed by two weeks ago who seemed partially interested in what we had to say but not really... Anyways, Elder Monsen went with the bishop, I went with the Mission leader, and Elder Speakman went with some teens from our ward. We marched off in our huge beasty ponchos and umbrellas haha. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold you have no idea. Elder Monsen and the bishop decided to visit Claudio the contact, The mission leader and I were headed to 2 inactive families, and Elder Speakman had a huge list of inactives to visit. We didn´t have much luck. Nobody was really home nor wanted to let a bunch of wet servants of the Lord in their house. After about an hour we had to go back to the chapel and finish the division. Elder Monsen told us that he had gone to Claudio´s house and that his wife answered only to say that Claudio wasn´t home and that we should go back some other time... So here we were.. .back in the office all wet when Elder Monsen got a call... from.... wouldn´t you know!! CLAUDIO! Keep in mind this was a CONTACT. Not anybody we had ever met before. He wanted us to come over that instant. So? We did. It was SICK. We shared a little lesson with them about what we do and how it can change peoples lives. We were about to finish when the Grandma said to the Mom... "Hey are you going to tell them?" The mom hesitated... Then she told us about what had happened earlier. She said she was cleaning the family room and was really focused on what she was doing. Just cleaning away when suddenly she saw the curtains GLOWING. She said it looked like somebody was on the other side of the window shining a spotlight on it or something. So, being curious, she opened the curtains up and THERE stood Elder Monsen and our Bishop. She had never heard the doorbell because it was broken, nor did she hear them yelling ALO outside. It was a huge miracle. We sat there in amazement as the spirit filled the room. The grandma then said... "That was the spirit of God Ingrid! He was trying to tell you that you should let these people in our house." We were just... HIT IN THE FACE with a miracle! SOOO SICK honestly! We have an appointment with them tonight and plan to teach them all about the holy ghost. But this is how our lives are honestly. Our Heavenly Father just puts us in the way of these prepared people.

THE COAST!! Beautiful place. The air by the ocean is wonderful!
Tomorrow is our last fast sunday together as a trio here in the office. On Monday there will be some special changes involving Elder Speakman leaving, and my secretary trainee getting here. Can´t lie I am a little nervous! My job responsibilities are arranged by weeks.. Meaning... Right now we are in week 3. The new Elder will get here and I will need to go back over the first 3 weeks of work that is already done, while at the same time teaching and doing the other 3 weeks. A LARGE TASK! I feel like every mission secretary does I think.. I have LOVED my time here. We have had lots of success, I have made a ton of good friends, and it´s overall just a great place. But I am ready just to go out into a sector where I can focus 100% of my efforts on the salvation of souls! Where I can sit down and study without having to worry about this missionary´s visa or that missionary´s flight home.. Just be calm and focused and DO WORK! It´s going to be a great change that we all need.

Well I love you all so much and I thank you all for your support. You really are the best family and friends that I could ask for. I pray that you all have an EXCELLENT week and that you may keep progressing in your daily lives. Les quiero muchísimo,

Elder Kurtis Christensen

Secretario Del Presidente

Misión Chile Santiago Oeste
.) Elder King and I!!!! In the airport, 4am... Ya.... SUPER early!

The OREM gang.... Same place same time