Monday, September 5, 2011

9/5/2011 Elder Christensen "A Busy Week"

My companion Elder Pari and I at Presidents House. SICK!
 Great meeting. Great comp
Hello to all you people out there! Its been a crazy week. Trying to get ready for changes, as well as continuing to train the secretary in the office got me stressed! But hey.... The 180 degree change has been made and here I am. I`ve been called to be a Zone Leader here in the zone La Cisterna. Its city.. Fairly humble.. It reminds me a lot of Carlos Valdovinos actually. We have a lot of good missionaries here and we`re all excited to see what we can do together. My companion`s name is Elder Pari. He is 27 years old and from Peru. Cool guy. We seem to get along well and we have good unity in our teaching methods. We`ve worked like crazy this week! We did tons of contacts, had a couple meetings with missionaries and President, and just been trying to find new people to teach. We went to Presidents house all the ZL`s and had a special little training meeting. SUPER good. The spirit that these missionaries have is honestly so powerful. I loved loved loved the meeting. We learned some new initiatives that we will be teaching in our zone meeting this Wednesday. It`s honestly going to be super sweet. Our house is pretty tiny though! Its a small kitchen, a small bathroom, and one big room upstairs. Definitely the smallest missionary house I`ve seen up til this point. I`ll try and get some pics of it next week. Our neighbors have a German Shepherd that looks a lot like steffi as well. I`ll have to get a pic of her too! Her name is Lyka. Don`t worry shes not as cute but very similiar!

Elder CRIST and I at district meeting!!! SICK!
 He`s a DL in our zone. I`m excited to work with him!
This week I`ve been thinking about love. That may sound weird but as missionaries it is SO important that we love everyone. If I love this person, I am going to do everything I can to get them to listen to this message. I am going to testify like its my job (It is!) right in their faces until they get it. Make sense? Doing our contacts, we have come across a bunch of people who want NOTHING to do with us. Typical missionary treatment haha. Anyways, it really gets me sad when they just flat out reject us. All we can do is testify, love, and share. The frustrating and sad part is that they have their free agency to reject us and keeping wasting time in unbelief. This is religious WAR. I thought that.... we were knocking a door, the testigos de jehovah were behind us doing the same, and the evangelics were yelling over their megaphone. 3 religions in the same block... the only problem is.... only ONE of them is true. EVERYONE needs to know that THIS is Christs restored church. You cant and will not enter into his kingdom without repentance and baptism by someone with the authority... Its our job to love these people. Teach them this simple doctrine... and baptize them if it be our Heavenly Fathers will.. But like I said. If they choose otherwise, so be it. Bueno. I`m about out of time so I`ll have to stop there for now. I`m going to try to get some pics up here to so hold on tight! I love you all so much and I thank you for all that you are constantly doing for me. Your prayers are felt and appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elders Monsen, Spencer and I....well.... You get it haha.
Much love,

Elder Christensen.
Love you guys! Have a great week! Chao!