Monday, October 10, 2011

10/10/2011 Elder Christensen

My comp and I... our last pic! Hes OUT!
Whats today? Uh.............. (long pause.) October? It`s PDAY!!! We`ll see who catches that quote :). Wow lets just say it was an INTERESTING week to say the least.. We didn`t actually work a ton in our sector... Like hardly at all. I was doing divisions in other sectors all week long with other missionaries... My companion had to do all kinds of things to get ready to get on the plane. Lots of meetings, trainings, they went to the temple.. etc... But ya. So I don`t really have any miracles to share at the moment haha.. Next week my letter will be a lot more spiritual don`t worry! We did almost get robbed though... I went on divisions with an Elder named Elder Lowry here in our sector... This was... Wednesday.... Ya... We were just contacting this lady and this guy starts yelling at us... Which is normal so we didn`t pay too much attention.. He yelled and said that he wanted to talk to us about Christ and the church and whatnot so we went... He made small talk until there were no people around then he asked for our watches... he told us his 3 friends were gonna put bullets in our backs if we didn`t comply... ya it was definitely scary! Then some more people started to walk by and he changed the subject to Christ... It was obvious that he was alone and had nothing to really threaten us with... So we started walking and went into a bank... Long story short... He ended up just running away and yelling swear words at us..... That is why we don`t carry expensive thingsaround! The funny part is that we were both wearing those 5 dollar wally world watches lol. His is the one with the calculator and mine without.... Here they sell those types of things for drugs. Now we`re definitely walking with our heads up and praying for extra protection! You have no need to worry though honestly I just figured I`d share that haha. Apart from that... We taught some members the plan of salvation with a little puzzle I have.. THat was FUN. This kid named Enso is super smart.... we had previously taught him the Plan and it was touching to watch him re teach the plan to his little brothers. Honestly. Prepare yourselves to SERVE in the Lord`s army! These are the last days! Well... we gotta go to MaipĆ¹ today so that my companion can be on his way... Sorry I can`t write more.. This isn`t my typical letter... I have no real spiritual story nor commitment for you guys this week... But you KNOW where you have to improve and what you have to do it. I`ll let you ponder about your own lives this week. I hope all is well in all of your lives and that you continue strong as examples of the believers.

Much love, Elder Christensen.
Fast and testimony bingo lol. For you mother! 3 bingos!

 Cya guys. Take care.