Monday, October 3, 2011

10/3/2011 Elder Christensen "Wow!!!!...Conference!!!!"

My companion and I at the top of the fort. Dad you`d LOVE this.
Not a lot of time.... Gotta get right to work! GO! General Conference... Wow... I was definitely on the edge of my chair and just SO excited the whole time while we waited for it to start. While you were in the comfort of your living rooms with blankets and popsicles our zone was in a huge beasty room using primary tables to watch the action. I can`t decide which is better... I honestly think I like it more when I`m in a shirt and tie and I can just write at a table in the stake center! Anyways.....I`m gonna talk about my favs from each session....
1.. Saturday Morning... BOYD K. PACKER!! This man is super old and yet still has like 634 times the power that I do. WOW! Blew my away... He talked about how we are being raised in enemy territory and that the adversary is honestly everywhere. I have no idea how I honestly made it through the labyrinth that those teenage years really are... Its so dangerous to all of us honestly. We are surrounded by those who have lower standards than us! We are surrounded by FILTH and all kinds of other spiritually numbing things... I loved how he talked about being imprisoned by the adversary... Once we slip? We`re cooked. Thats when we get to the other extremity of life and lose all of the spiritual hope we had worked so hard to acquire. Now... I loved how he said.... We have the KEY to unlock the prison cell from the inside.... We have the way out! We just need to decide to stand up, and actually unlock the door. Also his little example of the Crow made me laugh.. So awesome haha.
This is my cannon!

2... Saturday Afternoon... L Tom Perrys talk about sharing the gospel related to a temple open house... EVERYONE can come in and see whats up right? We can get these people comfortable and then start to ease them into the process. They themselves will have curiousity sparked just from what they see and hear. He also talked about being BOLD in our declaration of Christ. I know that there has to be someone in Orem who isn`t a member so get sharing with them! As well we need to be an example... I love that scripture that was repeated 3 times from Timothy... Be an example of the believers... In EVERYTHING you do.... The people will get curious and really have the desire to come to know the gospel for themselves..
Our Zone at the Fort in Santa Lucia.

3... Priesthood session... Okay honestly.. Need I say who? Obviously it was Jeffrey R Hollands talk.. INSANELY sick. He talked about being worthy and really taking this work seriously... The thing I most loved was when he said... You cant sit around with the adversary and then try to put on the armor when its mission and temple time! That hasnt worked and will not work in the future! Sad to say there are lots of people who are actually doing that.... Thats where we need to get better right? The mission is no walk in the park by any means so it`s important that we stay WORTHY and actually prepare ourselves for whats to come. POWERHOUSE. Sign my up Elder Holland.

4... Tad Callister... THERE IS NO MIDDLEGROUND FOR THE BOOK OF MORMON... I liked the little rhyme..... Its the word of god or its a fraud! If this book is true, than JOSEPH WAS A PROPHET!! This IS Gods church on the earth in its restored form.Whats to misinterpret? We can know for ourselves... we can first gain a testimony of that and then maintain that testimony! IT IS.... Or it isn`t.... Loved it.
Elder Guzman and I after our division....
 Mom you like that flag? 

5... Last but not least.. The Prophets closing words.... EVERY calling here on the earth for members is important for the construction of God`s kingdom... I was to send a shout out to all of you reading this that have callings. You make a difference! People look up to you as their teacher and example at church on Sundays. You play a part. Just be sure you LIFT where you stand and really give it all you got. Thats what`s important. YOU. Nice work guys!
With President and Hermana King after my interview. They rock!

Okay.. Thats it. Whew. Now I can breathe a little bit. I hope you can all love General Conference as much as I do.. Honestly. We get to HEAR the living Prophet speak! What could be better than that? Certainly not a sporting event or playing video games! We should take advantage every 6 months to really sit down and look at how we can better ourselves. The mission has really changed my perspective on conference... Its the BOMB! Okay guys. I love you all. As always. You`re the best. Friends and family keep a missionary on his feet. I hope all is well for you and that you continue letting your light shine! Have a
great week! CHAO!

Elder Christensen