Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17/2011 Elder Christensen "50 Years of Chilean goodness"

Elder Poulsen and I before he left..

Elder KING and I at the stadium! SICK ONE! OREMITES!
Okay so this week was officially lights out. Way cool. As some of you know we celebrated 50 years of the LDS mission in Chile. SO COOL. The first missionaries in Chile had a little clip where they talked.. how are those guys even still alive?!? We went to a stadium called... El estadio Santa Laura... Kinda far away from where we live but hey we liked it! We went on friday to "Practice" singing a hymn... "I`ll go where you want me to go". Then we actually went on Saturday to the real thing. The Area Presidency spoke which was pretty cool although lets be honest it was hard to focus on that.... WAY COOL thing though I ran into tons of members from El Conquistador my second sector! Man I LOVE that place! I`ll send you a pic maybe you`ll recognize them.... They built a little temple that looks like where Christ came down in the Americas.. They reinacted that whole scene as well... Really really really cool.. They also had 2000 teenagers dress up in loin cloths and stuff and sing on the field... Whats that called in english... To bring the world his truth? The armies of helaman? Something like that... But anyways it was SICK! I have it recorded... The coolest part I think was when they let us sing. We sang at like 9:45 but it was a POWERHOUSE. Our mission, the north mission, the east mission, the Viña del Mar mission, and half of the Rancagua mission. LOTS of power! The echo of our singing was superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr loud. It had to have been heard for several blocks... OH YA! I also bumped in to Elder King again. Talk about a huge baller. OREM POWER! Hahah. We had a blast.

Kinda blurry but its the 2,000 stripling warriors!

Elder Speakman and I at the stadium.. needs a haircut!
The work is going well too. My new companion is from Ogden. His name is Elder Higgs and he`s got about 16 months in the mission up til now. We`re brainstorming some ideas to try and lift up our zone a little bit. We`re all in kind of a weird funk.... But hey, as Joseph Smith said to Brigham young, the Lord takes raw material and molds it to make what he wants... We`re in the molding process right now and we know the future is a bright one. Referring back to the stadium and the event we had... It was cool to think that just 50 years ago these first missionaries had arrived and there were no members or anything.... Now we can FILL a stadium with members.. We have tons of stakes and wards. It`s like Daniels interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzars dream that was talked about in conference..... The rock that broke and FILLED the earth. The gospel as well is filling the earth at this very moment. Think of ALL the converts in ALL the world each month... There are LOTS of people making covenants each month..It`s moving slow but it`s definitely MOVING. We`re here to gather the wheats from the midst of the tares... Theres just a TON of tares to sort through in order to find that wheat. Hahah. They are there though. I know they are there. It`s up to us to find them as well. This is Gods Church. People always say that they want the church that applies "The bible". Thats when I`m like... Hellllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooo... listen to us! Then they go off about how we don`t apply the bible because we worship Joseph Smith... ¿Mas ignorante? Ignorance. IGNORANCE and STUBBORNNESS are what prevent the work from going forward at times. People don`t know what we preach... they have heard rumors... and they are too stubborn to actually open their hearts and hear the truth. WE declare the word as the sound of a trumpet. (DyC 42:6) We`re bold in our teaching. We know what will happen and when. THOMAS S. MONSON IS a prophet of god. How can you know of a true prophet? By his fruits. The church is true. Let it be known. Joseph Smith is it`s restorer..... Remember that! If you`ve fallen off the path and let go of the rod...well... ITS STILL THERE! The rod hasn`t moved! YOU HAVE. The Iron rod is the word of God. Let us read the scriptures DAILY and grow closer to our heavenly father. As nephi said its for our benefit! We should constantly be meditating their teachings passages in our lives. I`m converted. I´M CONVERTED. If you`re not.... GET CONVERTED! You live in UTAH for crying out loud!! What in the world is your opposition there? The majority of the problems are from poor use of agency... Here in Chile it`s people that are lost because they have never found the way. They have never found the rod. We have to DRAG them out of that great and spacious building and put their hands on the rod... Once they find it, they LOVE IT! However... in Utah it`s backwards.. Members who have CHOSEN (Poor use of agency) to let go of the rod and what they know is true so that they can party in that same building. Obviously I know this doesn`t apply to everyone but you have all the tools in the world to get yourself converted in Utah. Get to seminary. Get to mutual. Get to Scouts. Get to institute. GET TO CHURCH! Conversion... Get on it. Thats my challenge this time. Find your weak points. You know what they are. Pray about it. Pray for help. Change little things. By small and simple things great things are brought to pass..... so work on the small things and I promise you that you will all be more converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will literally become more like him and grow in ways you never thought you could. Turn of that Rap, turn off that rated R movie, get your scriptures out and learn about what really matters! I love you all so much. There is no greater work than this. I wish you all an excellent week.

 Much love, Elder Christensen.

Front of my Triple.  Thought you'd like that.