Monday, August 16, 2010

8/16/10 Elder Christensen

... Us with the President and our investigator after her baptismal interview! SHE PASSED!

Well my world officially has been turned upside down!!! We got called last night with the changes..... Out of our whole zone, I was the only one with changes! AHHHH!!! I have no no no no idea where I´m headed until tomorrow in the early morning. Everyone is throwing all kinds of possibilities at me.. I could go to the Campo and be able to bike in the mountains, or I could head to the coast and preach by the sea, or I could stay in the city like I am....... WHO KNOWS!! But.... as the song says... I´ll go where you want me to go dear lord, over mountain or plain or sea. So... I´m headed somewhere else and I¨ll let you know where in a week.
We just figured out that Richard G Scott is coming here in 5 days to talk to the whole mission!! How AMAZING its going to be. Wow. AN APOSTLE!!!!! I remember how amazing it was to hear from them in the MTC. I can only imagine what this is going to be like. It´s all of our mission and the Roncagua mission. There will be a good 350 elders there. Its like the size of our stake center where we are headed.
Anyways... My schedule is a little jacked up right now... We´re not going to shop today.. Instead we´re gonna head right back to the apartment and PACK PACK PACK!!! Then.... In the night we dont do any proscelyting... We go to the sector yes but I just get to choose who I want to visit and go say bye. Its gonna be sad/cool/Not at all cool/ awesome. I´ll be sure I snap some good pictures.
Its great to hear from you all and I´m glad all is well in good ol UT. I didn´t have time to read any of the emails you sent me plus Im freaking out a little bit still. Hopefully all will go well in the next 24 hours.. Pray pray pray hard for me please.. I´ll need every bit.
I know that the Lord only changes us when we are comfortable... So I´ve heard that I have learned to my capacity here in this sector and change... Which means I need a change to continue progressing. All though I disagree now, I´m sure I´ll see the blessings that come from this sometime here in the near future..
I´m out of time. I love you all so much and I know that the way we live is the right way. The Lord knows each of us personally and what is to come. Keep on keepin on todos. Ustedes son los mejores!! Ciao.... Elder Christensen
... Me and Elder Spencer after Divisions.
Elder Pedraza and I before our service project.