Monday, August 23, 2010

8/23/10 Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen saying goodbye to the sector
Hello to all the family and friends back there in Utahhhhh!!! Things in Chile are going great. I just recently got changed to a new sector called... El Conquistador located in the city of Maipu. Its really nice here and I love the people. My new companions name is Elder Salguero. Hes from El Salvador and speaks NO english whatsoever! Thats fine though. I´m here to learn and do the lords work. My Misison President told me that the Lord hand picked my companion for me. I trust in his inspiration and have already noticed my growth.

I´m excited to be able to be in a new place doing the work that is most important for the Lords people. The mission to me is just like the Lord said.... I never said it would be easy..... I only said it would be worth it. Thats my new change in a nutshell. Its hard but its right! I´m very happy and humble to be here and to be doing this work that is SO important.

Keep pushing forward with all that you´re all doing there in Utah. If you´re preparing to serve your mission, GET READY and strap yourself in! Its a wonderful life changing experience that pushes everyone to the limit. Stay happy, live the Gospel, be examples to EVERYONE around you. Every thing that you do.... Every decision that you make... think of Christ. Think of how this decision is going to benefit you and your family sometime in the future. Weigh the possibilities and move on!

I love you all so very much. You´re all in my prayers constantly. I´ll talk to you all next week! Ciao!!!

Elder Christensen