Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8/10/10 Hermana Christensen

How nice it truly is to sit down at a computer that doesn't have flashing red numbers. Oh hallelujah!
So the rumor is that I have an hour to email! Crazy! But I just spent the past while reading all of your gracious emails...THANK YOU SO MUCH! Holy hannah, am I blessed or what? Thank you so much! All of you! Thank you! Thank you!

A few things, I can only email immediate family. This is hardcore. So tell my sweetest grandparents that I can't write them anymore. Tell Ikey that I straight up LOVE his emails and that I'm so grateful for his support, humor and prayers. Tell Joan and Sue that I LOVE THEM and am so grateful for them! Did Joan move in with Sue? Tell Sue I love the pictures, and thank her so much. Also tell her I'm sorta in contact with Jennica but that you're going to send me the invite. I can't wait for her! Her wedding is coming so soon! I know it will be beeeeeeautiful; my heart and soul will be there! I love that girl. Thanks ma n pa, for going to her recep for me. Anyways. Immediate fam, only! Sad day, but all is well.

I'm here! Where do I even begin?! Ahh! Okay okay okay. First day. Shoot--you already heard! Yes! My companion is Sister Story, natstar's cousin! AH! Aaaaaand the same gal we saw giving the tour; what an inspiration she truly is for me! Honestly, I don't remember a ton about thost movies that Bro Johnson soooo kindly showed us (mostly because I was horrrrriffied (sp?) by the dresses, ha ha). But Hermana Historia is a POWERHOUSE. That girl knows how to bring the spirit and touch people souls and lives in an incredible way. She relates the gospel to people and gets them interested and involved. I am learning so much from her. We get along incredibly well, too. I think I was overly sensitive with Hermana Livingston, and she's a red personality, so at times I wound up worrying that I was driving her crazy--and I probably was. But with Hermana Historia.. it's just easy. We get along so incredibly well, and we're oftentimes just on the same page. It's miraculous, really. I'm so grateful for her. I was truly worried that I'd get with a trainer who was burnt out and just not feelin it, but it's the complete opposite. She's allllways asking me what she can do better, how she can improve, and what she can do for me. She is the kinda missionary I want to be. She wears her heart on her sleeve and people know she cares! What an amazing force for good!

So. I've been asked about 26 zillion times, ha ha, no I am not in the apartment gparents took that fot of. Naw, I'm across the street in a beat up place. Last night I couldnt' sleep because I was worried those ants that were crawling all over me during planning were with me in my bed. It's pretty nascar, but I plan to do some serious work with it today. Ps, how did you know pday was tuesday? I'm glad you did! I was feeling bad when I found out tuesday was pday because I'd told you I thought it was Monday. Wow bad grammar, sorry gpa! Anyways, tuesdays! And that's a good day. Except for bro! Sad news! Oh well me-an (Anthony Wang), we'll communicate with six day intervals! asldkfjal;skdfj;asljkdf Kkkk so I'm staying in that place. All is well. I'm in the Chula Vista 2nd ward, and, unfortunately, it's an English ward. I've been distressed this past week because of Spanish. I am in the Battalion pretty much errry day either 9-3 or 3-9. Then I'm in the area for the rest of the time. (We also get to work on the temple grounds too, for the next few weeks! I think I'm doing that on Thursday! Soooo excited!) So yes. The thing that's hard is that we're not giving tons of Spanish tours, and the battalion time cuts into Spanish study. I've been distressed about this because it's different than I'd planned, you know? I've actually had less study time in the field than ever before in my life! And I can't wake up early anymore unless my comp wants to! Ah. Luckily Hermana is great, though, and willing, but what happens next transfer? Really, we don't even get to finish personal study, let alone do companion study OR language study. But, I came to the conclusion that it'll ALL WORK OUT. It always does. I was called to speak Spanish, so I'll do what I can. Learning is eternal! And even if I wind up basically serving most of my mission in English, I'm trying to do what I can in Spanish, which will help me be more comfortable with it and more able to learn it later? The Lord knows. He'll prepare away. I'm just jealous of people in South America/Mex/wherev who get their immersion. Luckies. Bro, I love ya.

You know dc 4? El campo blanco esta ya para la siega.. the field is white and ready for the harvest. In the mtc i was sorta doubtful about me, my success and my abilities to have baptisms... I just didn't know what was possible. PFFF. we already have SEVERAL people set for baptism! We have seen MIRACLES. we have seen hearts change. we have cried. we have felt the spirit UNDENIABLY strong. We found/refound this innnnnncredible woman named Zulema. She reminds me of Tina from Brenda's house. We get along great. she has been through some incredibly difficult things--that doesn't even do it justice. I can't fathom what she's been through. But she is willing to change. She has SUCH a heart of gold and loves the Lord. She came to church (!) and lovvvvvvvvved it. The sprit was killlllller and the lessons all pertained to her. And? it was the SAME CHURCH that her sister was married in twenty years ago! same church! Zulema just cried during rs because her sister was murdered three years ago. (one of her manyyyy h ardships.) she's facing some tough opposition. But she's willing. and she's trying to n otice the good things. LIKE the fact that her boyfriends' mom just gave her a $500 plane ticket to visit her sons in texas! (her sons were taken from her. yet another hardship.) There are blessings all around us! We just need to take the time to see them.

I am fresh out of time. I would like you to know that I count YOU as my many blessings. I am so grateful, so blessed, and so happy to come from such a radtizzle family. I love youguys. That doesn't do justice either. Just know that I love you and i'mso gratefu for you!!

Kaylynn, I'm glad to hear things are straightening out. I sure love you!

Colb, I HOPE THE TRIP AND ALL YOUR SECRET PLANS WERE A SUCCESS!!! skydiving anyone? i hope all the treats were alll i told you and more! haha! love!

bro, i don't have time to email you but i LOVE YOU! freakin i miss you too--dog but what an incredible time of our lives. I'll write you first next week!

ma n pa, I LOVE YOU! htanks for all the stuff! especailly the bonus box...i've been so hungry and your food SAVED ME! thank gmanpa for getting it here! you can email or letter but dont' dear elder. its trash.
tell aj/kel/der/jenn sorry i missed them! ah! my one day i was in the field!
Next week will be more solid. Just know that i love you. I'm so grateful for you all. You're in my prayers. Love you!!!!!
hermana christensen