Monday, August 2, 2010

8/2/10 Elder Christensen

Yes it is that cold in the morning. I WAS FREEZING!!! The blanket is sweeeeeeeeet!

Well I have like nooooooooo time at all. My computer shut down and we had to go and straighten some things out downstairs. Lovely! So this will be short and I apologize!!

The work here is going so well. Elder Stoddard and I are rockin it. Yesterday our best investigator named Jean just straight up agreed to live the word of wisdom with his wife. I ASKED HIM FOR HIS TEA AND HE GAVE IT TO ME!!! I gave him in return a coffee substitute powder called Coronado. But WOW what a miracle!!! Progressing so sososososo much!

Its still cold here! We just entered the coldest month.... WOOO. I wonder how it is already month 8. I feel like we just celebrated christmas and I just got my wisdom teeth out on dec 21..... Where does the time all go.

Herm Christensen is ciaowing?? (Chowing) WOW. Only 16 months left on her plate and she won´t even know what happened to it all. Its such a time warp as I have said before. THANKS SO MUCH for the pkg! You guys are awesome. The new gloves are amazing. I´m not freezing all the time anymore! Well, just know that all is well here. This would have been longer but whatever! Its Chilean technology! I will make up for it next week. Much love, Elder Christensen
SWEET new tie in my package.. THANK YOU!!
Me calling a colectivo. These are the little taxis with set routes. SWEET