Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7/27/10 Hermana Christensen

Hello, all!

Ahhhhh we got back from the temple just a little while ago--what bliss! I literally felt like EXPLODING, the spirit was so strong! Honestly, you forget how incredible the temple is until you don't go for awhile. And it's only been five weeks! Poor bro, I hope you get to go every few months maybe? Word on the street is I'll be hittin up the SD temp every three months. YEAH! Anyways, I'm seriously just so grateful for the temple. It's so clear. I dont' get so muchhhhh of it, but our Heavenly Father's plan is crystal! Last july, I went to my single's ward bishop and asked him what advice he could offer me as I was preparing for my mission, and he advised me to go to the temple and study the temple. This surprised me; I thought he'd tell me to re-read Jesus the Christ or memorize PMG or something, but no. He said that, in essence, the entirrrrrrrre goal of missionary work is to get people into the temple after the waters of baptism so they can be sealed for time and all eternity to their loved ones as they preseverar h asta el fin (endure to the end). How true that is. I can't even imagine the impeccable joy it would be to see converts going through the temple!
God is good.

Whaaaaa! I leave in one week. See ya later. What? Ha. Okay so I got me some travel plans. Ya ready? I'll peace out of the MTC at 5 am on Tuesday Aug 3rd. My flight is from here to Boise, then Boise to LA... haha jk. Direct flight to SD. :) sick. SLC flight leaves at 8:44 and I'll arrive at 9:36. Cute huh? I knew you'd want details like that. And! Yes. I'll be calling... but only if you want me to because that is EARLY!!!!! I'll call only if you want me to!
So the subject line says surprise, you see? Yes, you do. That's because I really do have a surprise for you. On Friday, this friday, I have pday. again. it's because tomorrow I start visitors center training. So! This is what's up. I've decided that, since I've emailed today, lets chat Friday. 11:30? Done and done. We'll chat it up. Yeah?
Ready for the entrenables misericordias? AKA the tms? Okay. So this week we got two new sisters: hermana vela y hermana whittle. hermana vela and I immmmmmmmmediately knew we knew each other, but it took us a minute to place it. HAWAII! we lived in the SAME HOUSE. can you believe that? It was unreal. So on thursday the new districts meet the branch presidency; during the break I was with sisters whittle y vela and hma vela runs into her uncle (tm), who tells her to run into this room real quick to say hi to her aunt who comes out.... Sister Whetton. Dad! You're patient! I was honestly overtook with such emotion; Heavenly Father KNEW that I would be Hermana Vela's makeshift mother when she got here, so He stuck her with me--her old housemate. Whose aunt is then your patient, a woman who made my DAY all those months ago. I have such a testimony that Heavenly father is involved in our lives; they are all SO intertwined, interwoven and interconnected. He is involved, aware, and so gracious. Tms are everywhere. My heart is full.

Are you ready to have your brain boggled? I'm about to tell you a few things that might shock you. In the past week, I have been called both and "early bird" and a "quick-showerer." (!!!!!!!) I wanted to tell my parents ESPECIALLY because, well, my track record. I do shower fast. I destroy showering. That's not super important. I want to tell you that I have had a complete change of heart about mornings. I LOVE THE MORNINGS. I didn't feel like I had enough time to do everything a few weeks ago, so i made a goal to get up earlier for more study time, just to try it out for the week and see how i felt about it. I have gotten up at 5:55 every morning and am seeing miraculous results. I feel SO blessed, so upheld, so full of life and energy, it's unreal. its uncharacteristic of me, really. But there I am, singing on my way to class at 6:55 while everyone else is groggy and grumpy. Its a blessing.
I'm feelin real blessed. Thank you for all your love and support and concern. my prayers are full of gratitude for YOU!

Okay I have a few important things:

1: I haven't printed any pictures because I don't really want to do that. Ma n pa, I neeed to know what you're doing with Kurtis; if I send you my memory card, can you get the pictures off and save them all somewhere? You could maybe use my computer? Or your hard drive, or whatever? I just don't want to print tons of pictures because what will we do with them? I plan on making a digital scrapbook like Lisa made for Jess when I regresar, so we don't really need tons of hard copies. then, if you have the pictures at home on your comp or mine or whatev, you can do whatever you'd like with them. will you respond either trhough mail or on friday about whether something like that might work?

2: Kristen, I have a huuuge favor. I've been digging for info on leather spanish scripture cases. Is there any way you can look online and see if there's any sort of a website that makes sweet leather stuff? there's nada in sd, and i thought there would be. it's cool if not, I could ask bro or something. if there is some sort of a website, i may ask for an early christmas!

3: in my second to top drawer there is a grey shirt with red ribbing that i sewed. its cottony. will you send it? afrter all these clothing reformations, I'm wishing theyd made the changes nine weeks ago.

4: will you PLEASE make a mormon.org profile?!! i keep checking for our names! tell EVERYONE!

5: I LOVE THE CTR RING!! was that from you or jesse? I love love love love love love double love it. thank you SO much, to infinity and back whoever is that kind. love you.

6: thank you for the bookmarks!

thank you for everything. i am so grateful for you all! i hope you feel my prayers and my love for you! i'm learning soooo much about loving through prayers; I pray for you each individually and by name EVERY DAY! thank you for your love and support.
se que dios nos ama y que tenemos la plenitud de la verdad en la tierra otra vez! les amo MUCHISIMO! SIGA FIEL, SIEMPRE!

hermana christensen

postscript, hermana, I hope you're feeling better! praying for you! hope gc is fun! colb and k, have FUN!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!