Monday, July 26, 2010

7/26/10 Elder Christensen

Hello family from Chile! All is well here. Today we got to go bowling as a zone. Its nice to have a little vacation from the work and do something normal! Its so different to be just hanging out throwing a ball down a lane haha. All we do is church things! I practically forgot that bowling existed!
The language is getting so much better! Its just a matter of speaking only spanish. For example. I did splits with a latin for 24 hours and afterwards my spanish was on fire. So fast and it was all just flowing. I could understand EVERYTHING. Then of course Elder Stoddard and I started speaking english again. Its just so much easier to express yourself plus its just a better language. EVERYTHING about our country is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much better! I love america! Call me patriotic but wow you gain an appreciation being NOT there.
Really all is well here. We are teaching a bunch of people right now. We have one guy with a baptismal date. The son in law of the lady we taught named edith. I hope he can make it though. He wants to wait around for an answer even though he knows its true! YOU CAN ONLY GAIN TESTIMONY AFTER the trial of your faith. Let everyone there know I love them so much! The Church is where its at! Gotta run. Much love, Elder Christensen
PS . Love you all so much. I´ll talk to you all next mon. Say hi to friends and PUPS for me. Thanks for all you do! CIAO!!!! Elder Christensen