Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7/6/2010 Hermana Christensen

Highlights of the week:

1:  The time when I was teaching a lesson and I said,  "El evangelium es muy sucio."
Translation: The gospel is very dirty.  Intention: The gospel is very simple.

2:  Or when Elder Rowan was teaching and he said,  "Dios habla con los profetas vaca a vaca."
Translation: God speaks to his prophets cow to cow.  Intention: God speaks to his prohphets mouth to mouth.  (that still sounds weird to me, I'm not sure why he was even tyrying to say that. Maybe "cara a cara" would've been better--face to face? Ha.

3:  the time when president smith was suddenly dressed like angel moroni during a devosh. I literally almost lost control.

4:  sunday night devosh when pamela craig spoke. :) I was mosdef thinkin of my sweet friends, the youngs. tell them i say hi! sure love them. and go on a sick ride for me, will ya? grazi.

It's been a good week.

Hi, everyone!!!

How are things going? How's home?! I hope that everyone is well and healthy and happy! How was the 4th of July? I'd better hear news of a siiiiiiiiick bbq or i'm just going to snap. Just kidding. Tell me about the festivities. Basically we were allowed to break nearly every mtc rule as we stayed OUTSIDE until around 11, taking pictures, singing, laughing, cheering, CLAPPING, and just... watching the fireworks. It was a good time. Usually I'm like whatever about the stadium of fire, but, well, we're starved for activities. I really appreciated them this year. :) I mosdef thought about how we used to go to that field and watch them. That was the life. I sure do love my family.

Okay, since there's no time, I need to just straight up recommend a few of the most hellllllllpful talks ever immediately:

"Consecrate thy performance" by neal a.

"God is the gardner" by hugh b.

Read them. Seriously. They helped me so much this week. Sorry I don't have time to delve into that more. Just know that every day here at the mtc (and may I venture so far as to even say every day on the whole MISSIOn will probably be this way--) is hard. I loved what my branch counselor said though. He said, "You will never have a bad day on your mission. You will have bad MOMENTS, but there is good even in the bad." And I totally agree with that. I can be having an uuuuuuuuuber triste day (love my german, english, spanish combo?), and then i'm somehow exploding in happiness. I don't know. It's like bro bott said and i mentioned last week, "the highs will be high, the lows will be low, and the time in between nearly nonexistent." I'm happy. It's hard, but I'm happy. There is no place else I'd rather be. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing. I'm here, I'm happy,and I'm grateful. thank you for all your love and support!

okay, so i wanted to share some of my findings from "The Tribute Money" this week. There were so many neat things I learned! Basically, Peter was "inconsiderately bold" in pledging that jesus did in fact pay taxes (for the temple? even though he was the son of god?). after this, our lord took him aside, privately, and spoke to him about this. I love that he didn't censure him in problic. Then, he covers Peter in paying for the both of them. James E says, "It doesn't need to be supposed that the fish got the coin by some magical way. The fact that the Lord knew that there even WAS fish swimming around with a coin in its gullet, that was the EXCACT amount for the two men, and that that fish would rise first to peter's hook is as incomprehensible to man's finite understanding as are the means by which any of christ's miracles were wrought." I LOVED this. Christ knew of this fish--however insignificant it was! Christ KNOWS us, personally, individually! He is aware of us and our needs. He is gracious; He will cover us! He already HAS paid the price for us.

Also, in the cursing of the fig tree--so many lessons can be learned, but i looooooved this. "The lord's purpose is of lasting blessing to all who will learn and profit by god's works. this object lesson has proved of greater service to all humanity than all fig orchaards of bethpage. it is an indisputable proof of his power; his jurisdiction over life and death. four days later, vindictive prieists and heartless pagans would take him; if jesus so willed, He could smite His enemies. Not until after His resurrection did even the apostles realize how truly VOLUNTARY His sacrifice had been." He lived and died for us--willingly. What incomprehensible love!

I am so sorry for this scattered email and my awful punctuation, etc. I'm fresh out of time. Just know I love you. I'm thinking of you, I'm praying for you. Thank you ENDLESSLY for your love, your support, your MAIL AND WORDS, and for everything in between. I love you! I hope you have a great day!


hermana christensen

i realize these talks may not be new to you, but still--please read them.

Oh yeah... and we totally love Harry Potter!