Monday, July 12, 2010

7/12/10 Elder Christensen


Hellooooooooooo from Chile! How in the world is everyone!? I´m loving my mission so much right now! Everything is going so much better. Time in the mission is ridiculous by the way it just movessssss so fast. Tawny can testify of that when she leaves the mtc. Haha. Its a freaking time warp! We´re already a week through the second change. Unreal.

I´ve noticed how the mission is a bunch of small miracles and really no big ones..... Weird little things. People asking us what they can read... people asking us for folletos (Pamphlets), People just inviting us in and spilling their souls, its unreal. Even just someone offering a prayer is a surprise especially when they offer! The Lords work is amazing.

Its still a ridiculous amount of cold. Its very very very cold when it rains. Its amazing. You never realize how much simple rain can affect your life because we live in the USA!! Here, people literally plan their lives around the rain. LITERALLY. No its gonna rain tonight I cant do that, no its gonna rain tomorrow I have to shop today. The rain makes everything freeezeeee. Its colder inside than it is outside half of the time. People are VERY VERY humble. Its amazing. The USA really is the most amazing place in the world!! Imagine having heating inside?? Proper street drainage systems?? The streets here floooooooooooooood bad!

Everything is still great though. The language just flows sometimes its weird.. The Lord really fills my mouth and other times he doesn´t at all. VERY quick to re humble us!! At least the world cup is over so its calmed down a little bit. You should see this place during a soccer game. Its a GHOST TOWN. Empty streets. Closed stores. NOBODY outside. You can here that weird buzzing sound in the background of the game everywhere. Everyone has their tv on. Haha.

Well. Its been another week somehow. Not sure how the time flies so fast. I love you all so much. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Treasure the gospel that you have. You don´t know how fragile it is until you´ve lived elsewhere. Much love from Chile, Elder Christensen.

Yo les prometo que este evangelio is la unica manera que podemos vivir en esta vida y obtener la vida eterna!!!

I promise you all that this gospel is the only way that we can live in this life and obtain eternal life. Siga Fiel!