Monday, April 4, 2011

4/1/2011 Elder Christensen's Accident

Hey guys, I know its kinda out of order for me to get on email on friday, but we had special permission to tell you about our pday/general conference situation. Pday has been changed to Monday because of general conference.  Also this week while being forced to play freaking soccer (AGAIN) I got cheap shotted by one of the brown brothers and re-split my collarbone.... Good thing I´m in the office though right? I went to the new mission doctor named Dr. Welch and he explained me the same stuff that I had explained to me a year and a half ago.. I get to sleep sitting up again and all that fun stuff..... Why does this have to happen to me on my mission??? Blahh.. Gotta keep a good attitude though. Anyways, I´ll write more about this on monday. I attached a word document (needs to be opened in word) with a scanned copy of the factura (bill). Since I was playing SOCCER, the bills do not get paid by the mission. Sorry...... I know that SUCKS to receive a bill from your son on a mission but... Thus is life. Thanks for all your help, and don´t worry I´ll be fine.. Just more prayers on my behalf. Elder Christensen
"FRACTURA" bill!!!!!