Saturday, April 23, 2011

4/23/2011 Elder Christensen

Subject: Milagritos!

Buenas tardes mis queridos! Okay... So I do NOT know what happened with this week..... or this change.... or this year?? There just isn´t time.... I don´t really get it... How is it already almost mothers day?? Whatever. Moving on!

Let me first start this letter off with 3 congratulations... One... Congratulations to my sister Tawny for her Birthday this Tuesday!!!! Thats so awesome! Enjoy it!! Two and Three..... Ashton Roney and Aaron Latham for getting their mission calls!! Thats SOOOO AMAZING!! Its such an awesome feeling to see someone else making the right decisions.. I don´t know how to explain it. It just excites me to know that they have so many amazing experiences in front of them! Its a wonderful Journey and I know that they will enjoy it!

So you may be asking yourself... Why on earth is this email titled Milagritos and what the freak is a milagrito?? Its a little miracle!! Its one of our mission iniciatives to find milagritos. I have a hugeeeeeeee testimony of that. Sometimes you have a huge miracle... Other times its just a couple milagritos. We had TWO sweet milagritos this week!! Wow! Milagrito 1 Lets begin at the first of the week. Elder Stoddard and I went to take out the trash one day.... Some random member pulls up in his car and ask us to open up the gate to the church. (Remember everything in Chile is gated) So we let him in and he starts talking to us... Then out of NOWHERE walks this crazy crazy crazy guy up to us... He asked us.... Are you guys Jewish?? We looked at each other... shocked by ignorance.... and then he started to read our plaques... Quietly he says... OHHH PUEDO ENTRAR!!! Then he ran into the gate.... We were laughing SO HARD. We went and started talking to him and it was so difficult.. I couldn´t even look at him without bursting into laughter again... He was so crazy. He wanted to come to our meeting... But as most of you know our meetings are only on Sundays... So we had to explain that to him.... After that we asked if he lived close by.. He started pacing around and counting his paces... Inevitably we started laughing again. Then he stops and asks us... Do you guys know the times table for 12?? Whats 12x12??? Uhh....144... Okay so I live one minute and 44 seconds that way!! We then told him to come back on Sunday and got him out of the gates... I NEVER THOUGHT I would see him again... When was the next time I saw him??? AT CHURCH!!!! I could NOT believe it... Then he left and I thought once again... Naaa I´ll never see him again.. Then we run into him at the store!! Then I said... Wow maybe God is trying to tell me something?? I then promised myself that if I saw him again I would GET HIS ADDRESS regardless of anything else.... We were here during mutual one day leaving the office..... he showed up for an activity here at the chapel WITH his mom... MIRACLE!!!!! We have a cita with them tonight!! I´m SO excited.

Milagrito 2.. Two days ago we were walking home to go to sleep and we get a call from some random guy named Hermano Garcia.. He is an inactive member who I´ve never met. He proceeded to tell us that he had someone that he wanted us to teach and that we HAD to go over there to teach him... Anyways, we went yesterday and we found out that the WHOLE family is inactive and the daughters boyfriend is the one person who wants to be taught.. I KNOW that Heavenly Father loves and watches out for us.. That he is watching out for this family and wants them to come back... That is why this kid just shows up and starts asking questions. We taught the restoration yesterday and he had all kinds of questions! He also stated that he disagrees entirely with idolatry and feels weird doing any kind of prayer to the Virgin Mary... I loved loved loved the lesson. The spirit just wrapped around us... Like honestly amazing. At the end we asked when we could come back and guess what they said??!?! "Could you come tomorrow?.... would that be okay?" YES WE CAN COME AND HELP YOU LOGRAR SALVACION every day of the week if you´d like! So we have our two MIRACLE citas tonight! Pray for us!!

I just wanted to close with an I LOVE YOU!!! Each and every one of my friends and family members has impacted me in some way and helped me realize that they molded me even if just a little bit. I am a working of what everyone else made me. Life is great. I love it. The mission is the greatest. I hope you all have an excellent week and that you think about all the blessings that we have. ¿Where would we be without the church? Absolutely nowhere. Work hard!!

Much love,

Elder Kurtis Christensen

Secretario Del Presidente

MisiĆ³n Chile Santiago Oeste