Friday, April 15, 2011

4/9/2010 Elder Christensen

Hey everyone! Its been another insanely awesome week here in la esquina blanca. We´ve worked really hard this week both in the office as well as in our sector. We´ve taught several really powerful lessons including one to our fecha bautismal Ximena... President Eyring once said..."You will meet people who are prepared to receive the restored gospel" SHE is a perfect example of that statement. After ONE lesson she agreed to be baptized. Then, she went to conference!! AMAZING! She said it was different.. We told her to go with a question and she did. She explained to us that it wasn´t something that just happened but that by the end of the meeting she knew the answer! This was the best part though.,.., Elder Cummings was like her favorite... so when he left she was really sad.. But then she said.. "Well, its not that big of a deal I guess. I know this is true and this is what I want in my life, even if he´s not here I can still do it." We were BLOWN AWAY!

Did you know that the new Joseph Smith movie came out on DVD!?!?!??! Its only like the greatest movie EVER. I need you go to buy it and watch it and feel the spirit testify to you because its so amazing. Do it for family home evening or something! We bought it already and are watching it as we do our internet.. I almost feel spoiled in the office haha! Its sweet though. But I´ve explained to you how it normally is! Normally you´re in a tiny little cafe with slowwwwwwwwww internet and a bunch of angry people. But here we can just be tranquilo and enjoy the movie.

The rest of our time has been spent in the office! I would feel weird doing this kind of stuff in english in my own house haha. Let alone in spanish and for like 150 missionaries. I feel really bad because there is one Elder who´s about to go home that has a huge problem. He was living illegally in Venezuela before he came on the mission.. Now that we are purchasing airline tickets and stuff, we have found that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get him back home to Venezuela.. So he´s gonna hve to go to Colombia then immigrate illegally home.. Horrible situation... Elder Cummings worked way hard on this case too. Even calling the embassy... But this is the kind of stuff that we deal with here in the office! Complicated legal stuff that we simply don´t know how to solve at first.. I kinda like it! It´s the side to missionary work that you would NEVER know unless you had experienced it.

Two things.. First.. Wow my niece might be the cutest thing alive. Period. Point made. Is it the baby or is it my ridiculously creative sister? Haha! I felt so bad when you said she cried like crazy while having her ears pierced. I pictured it and everything. But they look tight! Also mom nice job making those blankets! Tons and tons and tons of talent.... Man that blanket makes me want mine though! How awful! SO COMFY! Second... Wow Dad you look SICK in that P-51!! I´ll bet you were as giddy as a 7 year old school girl though. Would have been a great filming moment. I´ll bet it was super loud. Remember when I had aviation class at UVU and we got to fly that Katana for extra credit? It was supperrrrrr loud in that thing.. I bet that the P51 was like a million times louder though. I´m happy for you. I´ve heard about that dream for years!

Santiago Temple--MORONI!!!
Alright. I´ve gotta wrap up. Solo quiero que ustedes sepan algunas cositas. El amor que tengo para ustedes ha crecido tanto durante este tiempo. Ahora yo entiendo lo que es mi proposito en esta tierra y el papel que tiene la familia en nuestras vidas. Entiendo las cosas que yo tengo que hacer para lograr la vida eterna.. Yo se que El Evangelio de Jesucristo ha sido restaurado... Tambien que Thomas S. Monson es un profeta viviente y que el tiene las llaves necesarias para poder guiarnos.. Como yo he dicho antes, el evangelio es tan claro y sencillo. Nosotros ya tenemos los principios y las enseñanzas que necesitamos..: Ahora se depende de Nosotros perseverar. Yo les amo a ustedes y tambien a todos mis amigos. Me guiaron y me ayudaron a llegar a este punto de mi vida. Somos felices. Somos en el mundo pero no del mundo. Yo soy muy orgulloso ser mormón. Estoy tan contento con mi vida y por las cosas que han sucedido a mi y a mi familia. Sorry I got carried away.. But I love the gospel. Its seriously the best. Why would you want anything else? I will NEVER change ever. I am 200% converted to this work. Theres a saying here.... Its easy to be mormon, but it´s very difficult to be a latter-day saint. Anyone can be mormon... But not everyone works on it all the time. To work hard and consecrate ourselves is what differenciates us. YOU ALL NEED TO SET GOALS. If I had the chance right now, I would go to the temple EVERY SINGLE DAY. I would do endowments and initiatory one day. The next day I would dedicate to doing confirmations and baptisms for the dead. YOU HONESTLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU HAVE. Put yourself in my shoes. I´ve been to the temple ONCE in 13 months!!! AGHHHHHHHHH!!! You have a temple 15 minutes away in like 5 directions. Please take advantage of it. Its the BEST. Just put down your homework, turn off your iPod, and GOOOOOO NOWWWW!! Don´t think about it! Don´t think about the time either! The Lord will make up the time and you will have MORE! It seems backwards but God has different time tables than us right? My eyes are opened... and they will stay open forever. I want you to experience the same. Everyone go out of your way to better yourself this week. Find a way to serve. Find some bad habit you have and change it. Become more like the Savior. I love you all! You can do it! Just set your priorities straight. I promise promise promise that your understanding will be illuminated and you can grow closer to our Heavenly Father. Have a great week.

Much Love,

Elder Kurtis Christensen

Secretario Del Presidente

Misión Chile Santiago Oeste

Last thing. There is a musical on my computer that I enjoy listening to. Have you heard of it? It´s called The Garden. It´s super good. GO. LISTEN.